vFairs Monthly Product Updates: September 2023

Get ready for an exciting journey into the world of event planning! This month, we’ve introduced a range of new features and customizations to make event management more effective and enjoyable. From seamless job application integrations to the convenience of group meetings, offline access, new payment options, and improved AI tools – we’re taking event planning to the next level. Join us on this tech-driven adventure to make your events even better!

Mobile Updates

Enhance Your Accessibility with Offline Mode

Attendees can now access your mobile app, even when they’re offline! The offline mode will help you enhance your event experience on vFairs’ mobile app, providing uninterrupted access to the agenda and QR code screen even without an internet connection. This feature ensures that attendees can confidently navigate the event venue or virtual platform, saving on data usage and reducing the frustration of network issues. 

Enhance Accessibility
Access Data in Offline Mode

Plan Group Meetings for Seamless Collaboration

Discover the key to effortless event networking! Simplify event networking with the group meeting feature, where users can schedule gatherings with multiple guests and send them invitations, whether it’s for a virtual meetup or an in-person event. Group meetings help you initiate efficient collaboration, enhance networking opportunities, and ensure a smoother event experience for all attendees.

Group Chats In The Mobile App
Host Group Discussions in the Mobile App

Personalize Your Schedule By Tracking Event Sessions

Ready to take your event sessions scheduling to the next level? In response to the growing demand for on-site event session listings, we’ve introduced a game-changing feature. Now, you can effortlessly schedule sessions with the ‘Add to Schedule’ option, customizing on-site sessions in the app to suit your preferences. Say goodbye to event planning hassles!

Personalized Event Schedule
Tracking and Scheduling of Event Sessions

Display User-Friendly Tile Menus

Discover a more engaging and intuitive navigation experience with our ‘Sub Menus as Tile Menu’ feature. Now, sub-menus are displayed as an appealing tile menu, replacing the traditional list format, and enhancing your event exploration.

Sub Menus as Tile Menu

Create High-Quality Attendee Badges with Direct PVC Printing

Get ready to enhance your attendees’ experience and make them feel valued by providing them with high-quality badges that reflect the professionalism of your event. Our newly integrated printer ensures a seamless and efficient badge printing process for your events, so you can focus on what matters most.

Synchronize Event and Booth Management with Ease

Automate the transfer of event details and booth information from vFairs event to the Lead Capture app. Our powerful tool simplifies the process by automatically pulling event information and booth details from your vFairs event into the Lead Capture app. This eliminates the need for duplicate efforts and streamlines your event synchronization process.

Virtual Platform Updates

Introducing AI-Powered Webinar Summary & Chapter Breakdown

We’re excited to introduce the latest addition to vFairs AI Assistant: “Webinar Summary and Chapterization”. This feature will help you upgrade your webinar engagement, save time, and streamline content creation. Let’s dive into the capabilities that this feature brings to the table:

Key Capabilities:

Transcribe with Ease: Our AI Assistant seamlessly transcribes webinars and sessions directly from the video library at Vimeo.

Download Transcripts: Users can easily download webinar transcripts straight from the AI Assistant interface.

Enhanced Content Creation: Besides transcription, you can choose to utilize additional use cases such as webinar summaries and chapterization based on topics, speakers, and more.

Diversified Distribution: Leverage the generated content for various purposes including emails, social media posts, newsletters, and blog posts.

Parallel Processing: Generate multiple transcription requests simultaneously. 

Easy Retrieval: Access previously generated transcripts and use cases through the AI Assistant panel.

AI-Powered Webinars
AI-Powered Webinars Summary & Chapterization

Enhance Your Event Networking with Larger Roundtables

Enjoy the freedom of hosting larger roundtables with ease! To make your events even more collaborative for everyone, we’ve boosted the seating capacity to accommodate up to 40 participants. This change brings ease and convenience to both organizers and attendees, facilitating bigger discussions, fostering more connections, and providing a richer networking experience. 

Larger Roundtables
Enhanced Roundtable Experiences

Simplify Job Applicant Management with Custom Tags

Track and categorize applications keeping your hiring experience in order. We are making it easy for hiring managers/recruiters to make the job application process simpler by tagging job applicants who have applied for their jobs with customizable tags. Recruiters can assign these custom tags (for example “shortlisted” or “rejected”) to the applicants who have applied to track all the applications easily. You can simply add tags and assign any color to find out the applicants in one category.

Custom Tags
Job Applicant Management with Custom Tags

UI/UX Updates

Simplified UI for Easier Event Ticketing

Explore the enhanced ticketing experience offered by vFairs! We’re excited to introduce a brand-new look and improved user interface in our ticketing system. Now, you can manage ticketing for your events with enhanced capabilities. Our updated ticketing UI makes it easier than ever to configure and customize tickets, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your attendees.

A Fresh Look for the Chat Platform

Get ready to completely elevate your chat experience! Our chat platform has undergone a complete makeover, emerging sleeker, smarter, and more user-friendly than ever before. We’re introducing a range of exciting features and enhancements that will transform your chatting experience, making it more enjoyable and productive at events.

Revamped Header: No clutter! We’ve tidied up the header, making it super organized. Now, you’ll find all your important content neatly arranged in the top left corner of the UI. 

Streamlined Tab Structure: The chat rooms now have their dedicated tab. Booth chat rooms display booth logos, and ad-hoc chat rooms display a unique default icon. Plus, you can easily differentiate between joined and unjoined rooms.

Enhanced User Profiles: We’ve reimagined user profiles to make accessing information, tags, and notes a piece of cake. No more endless clicking – everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Messages Made Better: We’ve enhanced the Messages tab, allowing you to preview the last message and see the timestamp directly in the list. Also, default images are applied to the profiles having no display image.

Improved Message Templating: Our message templating has had a facelift, ensuring your conversations look sleek and organized. Threaded replies are now more user-friendly too and you can now share image previews seamlessly.

All New Popups: All popups, from inviting users to creating chat rooms, have received a fresh look and feel, making your interactions smoother and more intuitive.

Feature Updates: We didn’t stop there. Every feature UI has been revamped, including contact cards, broadcast messages, sticky notes, and more!

Enhanced Chat UI
A New & Improved Interface of Chat Platform

We added some additional features to the chat platform: 

Emojis in Chat Platform

Add a dash of fun to your conversations with emojis now available in messages, threads, and replies. Express yourself better and liven up your chats with a wide range of emojis to choose from!

Group Calling in Chat Platform

Enjoy more interactive conversations with a group calling along with 1-1 calls, enhancing your chat experience. When you’re in an ad-hoc chatroom, you’ll see audio and video call options, and all group members can join in with a simple notification. 

Payment Updates

Introducing SensePass: Simplify Payments for Israel Marketplace

Have the freedom to make payments a breeze! With the introduction of SensePass, vFairs is bringing you a convenient and secure payment gateway designed exclusively for the Israel marketplace. Just like Stripe, SensePass offers a reliable and straightforward payment experience.

Now, during the registration process, you can simply choose SensePass as your payment method, making payments smoother and more accessible than ever before. 

Enhanced Payment Monitoring and Reporting

Access comprehensive payment details through our user-friendly reporting and monitoring system. This new feature simplifies your payment management process, providing you with a seamless way to monitor payment success and failure. It streamlines issue resolution for smoother event registration. 

Ready to see these enhancements in action? Schedule a demo with us now!

vFairs Monthly Product Updates: September 2023

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