What’s one key element of academic and medical research conferences? Research posters, of course! Virtual events have exploded in the past year, especially for medical and research virtual conferences. As attendance rates for virtual conferences increase, the need to accommodate the specific requirements of the research community also increases. As a response, vFairs now offers custom virtual poster halls. 

What is a virtual poster hall?

A virtual poster hall is an easily navigable dedicated space within your event where research teams can share their research poster and link to supplementary resources. It’s more than just a space to showcase posters. It offers multiple functionalities that allow attendees to learn about your research in multiple ways. Let’s look more closely at some of the features. 


Publish your research posters

You guessed it — there is a space for your exhibitors to publish their research poster, and it’s laid out in a way that’s easy to navigate. Either feature a link to your poster hall right from your event’s navigation menu or from within the virtual lobby. 

Link to a pre-recorded poster presentation

Embed a popup video to share more information about your poster. Just as you’d present your poster at a live event, this video popup lets you pre-record and upload your poster presentation within the virtual event space. 

Offer a downloadable PDF

Attendees can click to download or email themselves a virtual copy of your research poster. Your content is then easily-accessible to delegates long after the event is over. This is a great alternative to the printed handouts you would share at an in-person event.

gif of virtual poster hall link to PDF version of research poster

Host a Q&A 

Attendees have the option to submit questions that you can moderate and publish answers to, right within your poster hall. When the document is clicked, attendees will be able to view all the questions and answers you’ve published, and submit questions of their own.

gif of virtual poster hall's Q&A section

Offer a poster agenda 

Outline each of your presenters and give a short overview of their research with a poster agenda document. Link to this at the top of the poster hall page so any attendees can easily reference and find what they’re most interested in. 

poster hall agenda

Our virtual poster halls are available on-demand, so speak with your vFairs rep to see how to include research posters in your next virtual conference!

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