Engage prospects across the globe with a virtual auto show

Monetize the vast reach and potential of a virtual platform by taking your auto show online.

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Showcase the best automobiles out there with an intuitive virtual auto show

Boost engagement, monetize participation and simply real-time conversations with a functional virtual event that enables companies to show their best offerings to car enthusiasts from around the world.


Enable worldwide audiences to learn about your products via any device.


Ease visitors' access to automobile dealers through chat and webinar tools operating in real-time.


Increase revenues by charging car dealers for virtual booth space.


Track the performance of your auto show & keep improving content through detailed reporting.

Engage prospects with an easy to navigate virtual environment.

With help-desks and booths placed all across the virtual auto show, allow your visitors to easily navigate and choose the booths that carry automobiles of their interest.

Allow agents to utilize the Online Auto Show to upload listings and promote their offerings at custom virtual booths.

Use our highly configurable booths to enable exhibiting dealers to customize their space and showcase their mix of automobile models, classics, debuts and concept cars.

Empower exhibitors at your Virtual Auto Show to promote their offerings via engaging Webinars and Chat Tools.

Resolve your visitors’ concerns instantaneously through online Q&A tools that connect them directly with the exhibitors through chat forums within the virtual auto show. Allow these interactions to take place on a one-on-one or group forum to enhance user convenience and engagement.

Incorporate rich content formats at your Online Auto Show and help prospects reach relevant information easily through:

  • Video vault carrying a host of product videos
  • Application forms
  • Discount coupons
  • Product photos

Supercharge the whole Online Auto Show experience by enabling visitors to search through & save listings in their briefcase.

Don’t lose a single a passive buyer at your virtual car show by offering a ‘wish cart’ to visitors. Enable prospects to store listings of choice for future reference or to ease the sharing of your content.

Allow visitors to submit forms and inquiries directly at the Online Auto Show.

Bring visitors a step closer to conversion by allowing them to fill forms and place bids over displayed automobiles at the virtual car show. Use this information to aid your exhibitors in carrying out a stronger follow up with interested prospects.

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Kick your Virtual Auto Show up a notch by letting exhibitors conduct stellar Webinars with:

  • No Flash plug-in requirement for a more secure and convenient interaction
  • Interactive panels
  • Live video conferencing

Measure your Event’s ROI with detailed reports.

Gauge your event’s success through detailed executive reports that provide statistics like:

  • Number of visitors
  • Number of chat room interactions
  • Number of downloads and views

Your Virtual Auto Show is in good hands with a dedicated Event Manager & a super responsive Customer Service team

Take your next event to a virtual space with the comfort of having our reliable round-the-clock Customer Service team ready to accommodate your requests and concerns prior to, during and after the event.

Organizations that trust vFairs to power their Virtual Auto Shows


  • What kind of technology is required to run a Virtual Auto Show?

    vFairs runs on the cloud so you or your participants don’t need to install software to access the online Auto Show. All you need is a standard web browser and a stable internet connection.

  • How can the event participation be monetized?

    Exhibitors can be charged for virtual booth space and for branding across the virtual landscape. You can also charged attendees for entrance by either requesting them to purchase an online ticket or pay a participation fee at the time of login.

  • How many visitors and exhibiotrs can the Virtual Auto Show host?

    The Virtual Auto Show can have an unlimited number of exhibitor booths and can sustain thousands of visitors at any given time.

  • What kind of lead generation and lead qualification tools are available?

    Lead management is as important as the event itself. vFairs has multiple ways to help you capture, track, and optimize leads. You can use automatic lead scoring and lead source tracking. You can also export survey and registration information to your customer relationship management and marketing automation databases.

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