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Access Global Buyers & Suppliers at a Virtual Food Show

Provide food service vendors, distributors, buyers a feature-packed platform to reach a larger audience, amplify branding, and build sales volume.

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Why Host a Virtual Food Show?

Use vFairs virtual food show to connect food manufacturers, vendors, distributors, suppliers and buyers. Help companies access new markets, build connections and sell more products.

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Virtual Food Show Features

Features that win your sponsors, prospects and attendees and help you drive leads and build your sales pipeline.

Top Features of a Virtual Food Show

Here are our most sought after vFairs features that can help you deliver an impactful virtual food show.

Showcase Products

Share downloadable documents, video files, and links to your landing pages to help generate interest in your offerings.

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Collect Orders

Close deals faster by processing orders right at your virtual event. Our shopping cart helps your virtual food show see an instant ROI.

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Captivate Your Audience

Draw in and excite your audience with the best-in-class virtual environment. Our 3D designs, self-select animated avatars and interactive exhibit booths create a lasting impression.

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Host Interactive Presentations

Host live, semi-live, and pre-recorded webinars in our virtual auditorium. Discuss trends, issues, and topics concerning the industry.

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Connect with Prospects

Use the 1:1 or group chat, audio and video features to engage leads and develop relationships. Request meetings, and demo your products through the event platform.

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Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Food Show

Global Accessibility

Take your products to a global audience

Generate Leads

Access new markets and identify new prospects

Network and Connect

Start conversations and book meetings with key contacts

Demo Your Offerings

Meet with prospects to demo your products and discuss services

Measure Success

Measure event attendance, engagement and ROI with reports

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