Showcase Your Products and Services to Potential Customers at a Virtual Food Show

Engage with foodservice operators and hospitality experts from all over for unparalleled networking and sales opportunities.

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Deliver an Interactive 3D Experience for Retailers and Restaurateurs to Shop Your Complete Catalog

Leverage a gorgeous virtual space with customizable booths, on-the-spot order placement, expert webinars, and live chat tools.

Recreate the Live Food Show Experience With a Vivid 3D Environment

Welcome restaurant operators and other foodservice experts to a fully realized virtual event hall, with lifelike avatars and rich details throughout.

Impress Top-Class Customers with Eye-Catching, Easily Customizable Virtual Booths

Highlight your unique brand identity and offerings (e.g. produce, meat, kitchen equipment) and design booths for optimal engagement among attendees.

Share Content That Educates Attendees and Builds Interest

  • Show Attendees What You Have to Offer

    Your booth operators can provide helpful collateral such as nutrition information, business history, pricing charts, and competitor analysis to assist with purchasing decisions.

  • Provide a Virtual Briefcase to Prospects

    Restaurant operators and retailers can take content with them using an intuitive briefcase tool, which saves collateral to their device for easy reference after the event.

Create Lasting Connections With Leads and Purchasers Using Live Chat Tools

  • Offer Multiple Chat Options

    Enable real-time conversations at virtual booths using text, audio, and video chat. Answer questions about products and nurture interest en route to follow-ups and closed deals.

  • Book Appointments for Targeted Networking

    Allow interested foodservice operators to pre-book a time to chat with sales reps, and similarly, search for and invite high-potential prospects to talk at a scheduled time.

Direct Purchasing of Goods and Services at the Virtual Food Show

Interested attendees can conveniently browse your different catalogs and fill virtual carts to purchase at any time (e.g. bulk food orders, seasonal specials, etc.). You will receive real-time updates on purchases to streamline order fulfillment and engage with customers in the moment.

Seamless Order Fulfillment Flows to Build Long-Lasting Relationships

Platform integrations with CRM and other tools allow for convenient tracking of buyer intent and in-event purchases, so sales reps can follow up and turn new restaurant and retail customers into lifelong partnerships.

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Host Valuable Talks and Webinars with Food Industry Experts

Schedule a lineup of speakers to talk on relevant topics in the food industry, and promote your own live or on-demand webinars on best practices, cooking tips, and other industry- or product-specific subject matter. Presenters can also engage with attendees in real-time Q&A sessions.

Gain Valuable Insights Into Your Food Show’s Success with Robust Analytics

Our virtual food show software offers detailed reports to help your business understand its audience and the event as a whole. Metrics include:

  • Number and types of products sold
  • Engagement levels with different departments and booths
  • Breakdown of attendee demographics and behavior

Gamify Your Event to Boost Engagement and Visitor Experience

  • Trivia Quizzes

    Help attendees retain knowledge from your event with custom trivia challenges, then save their answers to review later on.

  • Leaderboards

    Promote engagement at your event by rewarding points to attendees for favorable actions, with end-of-day rewards for point leaders.

  • Scavenger Hunt

    Keep visitors on their toes and maximize interactions with the environment through cleverly hidden objects and corresponding prizes.

Leverage vFairs’ World-Class Support Team to Maximize Results and Eliminate Stress

Our customer service and event management teams are raved about by customers around the world. Service agents are available 24/7 to answer questions, resolve issues, and bring the best out of your Virtual Food Show.


  • What kind of technology is required to run a Virtual Trade Show?

    vFairs runs on the cloud so you or your participants don’t need to install software to access the online Trade Show. All you need is a standard web browser and a stable internet connection.

  • How many visitors and exhibiotrs can the Virtual Trade Show host?

    The Virtual Trade Show can have an unlimited number of exhibitor booths and can sustain thousands of visitors at any given time.

  • How can the event participation be monetized?

    Exhibitors can be charged for virtual booth space and for branding across the virtual landscape. You can also charge attendees for entrance by either requesting them to purchase an online ticket or pay a participation fee at the time of login.

  • What kind of lead generation and lead qualification tools are available?

    Lead management is as important as the event itself. vFairs has multiple ways to help you capture, track, and optimize leads. You can use automatic lead scoring and lead source tracking. You can also export survey and registration information to your customer relationship management and marketing automation databases.

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