Top Conferences to Attend in 2022

Do you want to stay ahead of industry trends while making the most out of your time?
While the last two years overburdened all of us in so many ways, one good thing that has happened is the evolution of the virtual era.

This virtual adoption is not limited to just work and meetings but is spanning over all industries including the event management industry. Now you can attend any kind of event including conferences online and save much of your travel cost and time. Let us make it even simpler for you by providing you with a list of the top conferences to attend in 2022.

See the list of 2022 best conferences and find conferences of your interest to participate in.
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2022 Top Conferences

December 2022

  • Name
  • Palomar Health Conference
  • Start Date
  • 12/1/22
  • Description
  • Join the Palomar Health Conference to learn how Palomar Health is continuing with its mission to heal, comfort, and promote health in the communities it serves. This conference will also give you the New Caregiver Onboarding Experience which takes approximately 6 hours to complete.


November 2022

  • Name
  • Drop Conference
  • 2022 MLT Conference
  • Evolve 2022 | Traumasoft Technology & User Conference
  • ISA’s Automation Leadership Conference (ALC)
  • 2022 Diabetes Canada/CSEM Professional Conference
  • Start Date
  • 11/1/22
  • 11/4/22
  • 11/7/22
  • 11/8/22
  • 11/9/22
  • Description
  • All diabetes patients, their families, and medical professionals can join the Drop Conference to learn from world-renowned thinkers and innovators who are in the fight against diabetes and obesity. Join in spreading awareness to build a diabetic-free world.
  • 2022 MLT Conference is organized to provide professional and leadership training and learning opportunities for the members of The Alabama Education Association. Join the 3-day conference to get training in social-emotional learning, social justice in education, cultural competence, PLU sessions, leadership, teaching and learning, a mock delegate assembly, and other areas of interest.
  • Be a part of the inaugural Traumasoft Technology and User Conference at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center. This is an amazing chance for you to connect with industry experts, innovators, and the Traumasoft team to learn about optimizing your system and what future developments hold.
  • Join the automation event of the year with the global audience of automation managers, engineers, and technicians to stay updated about trending industry topics focused on digital transformation, cybersecurity, IIoT, smart manufacturing, and process automation.
  • Let’s build a world free from the effects of diabetes by joining the 2022 Diabetes Canada/CSEM Professional Conference at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre. The conference will discuss, provide awareness, and share research and information to lead to a solution for a diabetic-free world.


October 2022

  • Name
  • Old Republic Title`s 2022 Virtual Agent Conference
  • ISA Digital Transformation Conference Malaysia
  • Governor-General’s Youth Consultative Conference
  • LEAD Network Conference 2022
  • 2022 School District of Palm Beach County Technology Conference
  • Start Date
  • 10/4/22
  • 10/5/22
  • 10/6/22
  • 10/13/22
  • 10/14/22
  • Description
  • Are you an A-list agent of Florida or want to become one? Then book your seats for a virtual gathering and get the opportunity to earn CE/CLE credits with the feature-length sessions at the Old Republic Title’s 2022 Virtual Agent Conference.
  • This conference will be joined by hundreds of participants from across the globe to explore how PETRONAS and other oil companies take benefit from machine learning, data analytics, and IIoT technologies to create effective operations to improve life-of-field production and increase HSSE across the region.
  • The Governor-General’s Youth Consultative Conference (YCC) is gathering the youth across Jamaica for a meaningful dialogue on youth development. Join the platform which is enabled for a discussion on policies, a showcase of collective ideas, solutions, and innovations, address young people’s priorities, needs & rights, and participate in monitoring and evaluating the execution of Jamaica’s Vision 2030 Agenda.
  • Join the LEAD Network Conference 2022, the largest Diversity & Inclusion event of the year for the European FMCG & retail sector with a unique focus on gender equality. Be among 800+ leaders from the industry and connect with them in Paris or join them virtually.
  • Resilience in Education: Looking Beyond the Horizon, a theme followed in the 23rd Annual Conference hosted by The Department of Educational Technology. Register for it to listen to the students as they will be sharing their input in a special round table session at the conference.


September 2022

  • Name
  • Asia Investment & Banking Conference 2022
  • Strategic Management Conference: Humanity. Resilience. This is HR.
  • 19th Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference
  • Tri-County Culturally Responsive Fall Conference
  • Start Date
  • 9/5/22
  • 9/12/22
  • 9/15/22
  • 9/19/22
  • 9/22/22
  • Description
  • Asia Investment & Banking Conference 2022 is the largest student-run conference in Asia focused on corporate advisory and financial services. Each year the conference attracts more than 300 brightest and most talented students from approximately 66 renowned universities across the globe.
  • Build your confidence and discover strategies that help define your organization in this year’s Strategic Management Conference. This hybrid conference aims to help you learn how your role can contribute to transforming the world of work and retaining resilience in people in your organization.
  • The Caribbean Public Health Agency is welcoming you to the 66th Annual Health Research Conference under the theme COVID-19 and Digital Health: Transforming, Connecting, Informing Public Health. This conference is organized to gather and disseminate the latest knowledge, thus allowing the delegates to exchange ideas, network, and jointly explore the current and future research directions.
  • The 19th Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference is organized to bring together diverse voices including legislative and executive branches, attorneys and law students, service providers, advocates, journalists, and others in and out of government for a thoughtful analysis in hopes of bringing new understanding to some of the most consequential immigration legal and policy developments.
  • This conference is an opportunity for educators across Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne County to learn how to engage students in culturally responsive mathematics to increase relevance among them.


August 2022

  • Name
  • Silver State Self Advocacy Conference 2022
  • STAC: Sage X3 & Third-Party Applications Conference
  • 2022 Hybrid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Conference
  • Pheo Para Phearless Virtual Conference
  • 2022 IHS Virtual Partnership Conference
  • Start Date
  • 8/2/22
  • 8/4/22
  • 8/13/22
  • 8/21/22
  • 8/29/22
  • Description
  • The Nevada Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities invites you to attend the Silver State Self-Advocacy Conference 2022, a conference designed by and for the intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) community. This conference will discuss the opportunities, support, and personal and professional development of the I/DD community.
  • All business professionals and individuals can join the STAC: Sage X3 & Third-Party Applications Conference, a virtual event to discuss the innovative & tech solutions, security, growth, and management of small businesses or giant enterprises. This a must-attend event to get complete guidance on how to build and scale a business from scratch.
  • Advancing States is bringing its national Hybrid Home and Community-Based Services Conferences to convene state, federal, and local policymakers; leaders who administer, manage, and deliver waiver and other HCBS programs; as well as all those who share an interest in improving state systems to serve all ages and abilities with long-term services and support.
  • Join the world-renowned experts in pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma at PheoPara Phearless Virtual Conference and get a chance to learn about these tumors and other related illnesses. The sessions at this conference will be conducted by a patient or caregiver who will speak on how you can unleash your inner fearless superhero with a focus on mind/body wellness.
  • The Indian Health Service (IHS) Virtual Partnership Conference is an amazing event to advance your knowledge about the role in the provision of healthcare, how you can support today’s Indian Healthcare, and what is the role of Information Technology (IT) and Health IT in delivering quality healthcare and managing resources efficiently. Attend this valuable session of information with practical learning.


July 2022

  • Name
  • Nestlé Nutrition Conference
  • ACRC 66th Annual Conference
  • National Urban League Virtual Conference 2022
  • 2nd National Conference on American Indian and Alaska Native Injury and Violence Prevention
  • Courage Conference
  • Start Date
  • 7/4/22
  • 7/11/22
  • 7/20/22
  • 7/26/22
  • 7/29/22
  • Description
  • Nestlé Nutrition Conference is driving a commitment to protect children against allergies and support their immunity and healthy growth, today and for the future. This exclusive conference is an opportunity for you to join the commitment by learning prevention, risk reduction, and future directions at this conference.
  • Are you a victim of social isolation? Well, ACRC 66th Annual Conference is here to get everyone back together. The conference aimed to uplift voices of lived experiences. Join to engage with fellow providers to listen to the quality of the speech in policy, advocacy, research, and program agendas.
  • Join the National Urban League Virtual Conference 2022 to listen to the sessions on empowerment, and growth. Not only the sessions but you will get a chance to attend the urban league expo, connect with leaders, executives, and fellow attendees, and enjoy the dance party.
  • Are you a professional who works on injury and violence prevention in tribal and urban Indian communities? If yes, then join the discussion on health equity, suicide prevention, missing and murdered indigenous people, substance use & drug overdose, transportation safety, drowning, and older adult falls at the conference.
  • The Indian Health Service (IHS) Virtual Partnership Conference is an amazing event to advance your knowledge about the role in the provision of healthcare, how you can support today’s Indian Healthcare, and what is the role of Information Technology (IT) and Health IT in delivering quality healthcare and managing resources efficiently. Attend this valuable session of information with practical learning.


June 2022

  • Name
  • Foster Youth Post-Secondary Education Conference
  • 2022 SWTest Conference
  • DiscoverNext 2022 | vFairs User Conference
  • NJPN Annual Addiction Conference 2022: Blueprints for Success
  • CRMSDC Super Matchmaker Conference
  • Start Date
  • 6/1/22
  • 6/6/22
  • 6/15/22
  • 6/23/22
  • 6/29/22
  • Description
  • Join the virtual Foster Youth Post-Secondary Education Conference to learn how you can pursue pursuing higher education at any college in or out of Alaska. It's a great chance of learning everything about admissions, degree and certificate programs, financial aid, campus life, and understanding their role as a student.
  • The SWTest 2022 is a 4-day hybrid conference that will take place at the Omni Resorts La Costa in Carlsbad. This industry conference focuses on all aspects of semiconductor wafer and die-level probe testing. Join the perfect mixture of manufacturer and vendor presentations and learn in a virtual or in-person setting.
  • Learn the new and effective technologies and eco-friendly approaches that help make your hybrid and in-person events simpler, more dynamic, and more engaging at DiscoverNext 2022. The event also helps you learn how you can help contribute to climate safety by going Green and Global while hosting an event.
  • Are you a prevention, treatment, or recovery support professional? If yes, then join the NJPN Annual Addiction Conference 2022: BLUEPRINTS for SUCCESS to educate yourself about the issues critical to substance use disorders. The forum is designed to spread awareness and provide you with addiction training opportunities to become a professional alcohol and drug counselor, social worker, or any licensed clinician.
  • Join the CRMSDC Super Matchmaker Conference to connect, learn, and get help in solving the need for supplier diversity in your business. Meet the corporates and government agencies, and supplier of the year winners to learn from their experiences and strategies needed for the transition in your business.


May 2022

  • Name
  • 2022 NASW-NJ Virtual Annual Conference
  • MISSION: POSSIBLE Inclusion Conference
  • International Society for Respiratory Protection 20th Conference (ISRP2022)
  • O Bee Conference
  • PMU Conference on Conflict Prevention and Resolution: New Perspectives on Competence-Based Education, Law, and Sustainability
  • Start Date
  • 5/1/22
  • 5/4/22
  • 5/6/22
  • 5/7/22
  • 5/10/22
  • Description
  • Don’t miss the chance to attend this year’s NASW-NJ Virtual Conference. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) invites you to the 2-day event to discuss the Future of Social Work industry professionals. At this event, you will learn about vitality, energy, resources, and speed
  • Are you inclined to close the gap of inequalities and discrimination against children with mental and physical disabilities? Mission Possible Inclusion Conference is organized with the same purpose. The conference caters to a discussion and makes strategies to understand the rights and needs of children with disabilities. Join to learn how you can help them succeed in school and life by putting inclusive practices into action.
  • The International Society for Respiratory Protection (ISRP) is hosting its 20th ISRPC conference to address the health issues that are caused by a disturbance in the respiratory system. Don’t miss this conference if you are actively involved in any aspect of respiratory protection as a researcher, manufacturer, supplier, designer, or regulator.
  • All O Bee Credit Union members are welcome to attend O Bee Conference to hear from the CEO, the Board, and other keynote speakers on the state of the credit union and exciting plans for the future The conference features sessions on brewery history, buying a home, avoiding fraud and more. Not only this, but you will also get a chance to win amazing cash prizes in a raffle. Don't miss out on this golden chance of learning and winning together.
  • Prince Muhammad Bin Fahad University welcomes you to the PMU Conference on Conflict, Prevention, and Resolution. This conference is a must-attend to learn different ways to solve conflicts and build new perspectives on competence-based education, law, and sustainability. So, don't forget to register.


April 2022

  • Name
  • Women Claiming Wealth National Conference
  • Distinguished Leadership and Innovation Conference 2022
  • 2022 Virtual Kentucky Tobacco Control Conference
  • Redi To Lead Virtual Conference
  • WBW 2022 Virtual Career Conference
  • Start Date
  • 4/6/22
  • 4/8/22
  • 4/14/22
  • 4/25/22
  • 4/28/22
  • Description
  • Women Claiming Wealth National Conference is a way to find your financial freedom. It’s a chance to reenvision your career and build empathetic relations while breaking generational misconceptions and false beliefs about creating wealth, for you and your family, by creating the prosperity that lasts. Attend this one-day conference to take control of your finances and build a strong future.
  • Join the Distinguished Leadership and Innovation Conference (DLIC), a flagship event of the UWI Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business. All Caribbean leaders are welcome to attend this online conference and seek the opportunity to access world-renowned speakers, update their knowledge, and network with their peers.
  • Join the annual 2022 Kentucky Tobacco Control Conference virtually to create more smoke-free communities at the state level. The topics of discussion include FDA regulation of e-cigarettes, tobacco industry tactics, adult mentoring to engage youth in public health, and coalition building.
  • Racial Equity, Diversity + Inclusion (REDI) brings you a platform to discuss racial equity, financial stability, and freedom while pursuing personal/professional opportunities in black communities. Join the conference to highlight topics including inclusive workplace culture, diverse talent pipeline development & advancement, supplier diversity promoting equitable purchasing, and equitable community investment.
  • Women Back to Work WBW is a virtual conference happening for all women who want to join their professional careers after a gap. This virtual conference will provide those women with tips and tools that can ignite their superpowers, give them insights that will create the biggest influence in creating the future through innovation and technology, and help them make an exceptional return.


March 2022

  • Name
  • Virtual 2022 New Horizons' International Conference: LEARN WHAT EARNS
  • Maputo 2022 - Rotary International Presidential Conference
  • 8th Annual Sequential Intercept Mapping Model (SIM) Conference
  • Oxford and Cambridge Virtual Student Conference
  • 10th International Health Humanities Consortium Conference
  • Start Date
  • 3/2/22
  • 3/4/22
  • 3/4/22
  • 3/14/22
  • 3/25/22
  • Description
  • All the franchises, their teams and their headquarters employees of New Horizons are welcome to this year’s International Conference with the theme of Learn What Earns. This year, the aim is to provide a cultural shift among the HQ, CSO, and the franchise network. You will get a chance to hear from the prominent figures of the industry explaining innovative strategies that helped them move forward in their businesses. Join your team and get involved to change your company’s future.
  • The 2022 Rotary International President Conference is Africa’s largest international conference to be held where Rotarians and their partners connect and reflect on their commitment to Rotary’s seven focus areas. It is a great chance to learn from thought leaders and network with Rotarians, people of action, leading businesses, NGOs, and Government organizations around the world.
  • The Sequential Intercept Mapping Model (SIM) Conference is organized to discuss mental and substance use disorders issues in individuals that move through the criminal justice system. Through this event, SIM aims to help communities identify resources and gaps in services at each intercept (0 - 5) and develop local strategic action plans. Join the conference to help identify strategies to divert people from mental and substance use disorders and bring them for treatment.
  • Oxford and Cambridge Virtual Student Conference is organized for Year 12 students who have already completed their GCSEs (or equivalent) to consider their options for study beyond the sixth form. Join this amazing virtual conference to gain a deeper insight into the studies and life of Oxford and Cambridge, how both universities assess student applications and any other related questions you may have.
  • The pandemic has overburdened the healthcare system and imposed so many bans physically. This raises the question that how we create accessible and equitable spaces literally and metaphorically. Join the 10th International Health Humanities Consortium Conference, a platform to discuss how these spaces can be created for engagement to move forward.


February 2022

  • Name
  • 2022 BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition
  • 2022 BEYA STEM Conference
  • ABI Annual Conference 2022
  • U.S. AutoForce Business Conference 2022
  • Start Date
  • 2/1/22
  • 2/18/22
  • 2/22/22
  • 2/24/22
  • 2/26/22
  • Description
  • This hybrid conference and exhibition is bringing top experts and industry leaders to learn, network, and provide a chance to look at today’s new and emerging information & communications technology (ICT) innovations. Join to discuss the current and future of technology and its transformation in coming years.
  • The 2022 BEYA STEM conference is organized by the BEYA STEM Community that serves over 10,000 K-12 students, college students, corporate, government, and military professionals, and STEM employers. This 3-day conference brings you the opportunity of learning, network, celebrate excellence, showcase career opportunities, and much more. So, don’t miss it!
  • The standout insurance event of 2022 brings you, industry leaders, politicians, and regulators together to debate the major issues affecting the insurance and long-term financial savings industry. This is a must-attend event as it is a stepping stone to the new digital direction for insurance and long-term savings providers and their customers.
  • US AutoForce has organized U.S. AutoForce Business Conference 2022 to increase the effort of providing you with the automobile products and support you need. With the help of technology, the company is leading the way in developing digital tools to give you a competitive edge. This conference is a platform that helps you drive sales, and customer retention, and maximize margins through emerging technologies, data-driven strategies, and innovations in your business.
  • Join the Christians In Action Trade Show, a Business Expo that is bringing hundreds of businesses, entrepreneurs, and ministries to network and promote their goods and services. This event is a great chance for you to network and gains information on industry trends, sales & marketing strategies, and innovative ideas. Join the well-equipped platform to not only learn and connect but also take benefit from the job fair, enjoy the concert, and win prizes.


January 2022

  • Name
  • 2022 Parliamentary Services Conference
  • 2022 TRS / ERS Emerging Manager Conference
  • British Canoeing Delivery Partner Conference 2022
  • British Canoeing Delivery Partner Conference 2022
  • Start Date
  • 1/17/22
  • 1/19/22
  • 1/27/22
  • 1/31/22
  • Description
  • This year, the 2022 Parliamentary Services Conference brings the theme of Powering Parliament of the Future to explore the global trends impacting Parliaments and the corporate services innovations that will prepare Parliaments for tomorrow. Register to engage, learn and discuss the future of Parliaments with your peer in other Parliaments.
  • The Teacher Retirement of Texas (TRS) and Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS) are hosting the 17th annual Emerging Manager Conference that will showcase the 3rd annual Allocator Hall, giving GPs direct access to asset allocators. Join the learning and takeaways on industry-leading insights and best practices for the small and diverse Emerging Manager community.
  • Kickstart your year with the celebration of the British Canoeing Delivery Partner Conference 2022. Join the virtual conference virtually to learn and deliver your experience if you are a coach, instructor, leader, or guide. Not only the useful delivery benefits but you will also be able to hear about the exclusive announcements, offers, and prizes that you can get.
  • The National Community Action Partnership (NCAP) welcomes all the emerging and current leaders at Community Action Agencies to its virtual Management and Leadership Training Conference. The conference provides workshop sessions for attendees to deepen their knowledge on topics of importance to Community Action and gain new skills to assist their agency in increasing its impact and operations.


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Top Conferences to Attend in 2022

Afrah Saleem

Afrah Saleem is a content writer at vFairs and has been creating content for over 5 years in multiple niches. vFairs excites her as she loves working with her first SaaS Product that makes her feel more connected to the world. When she’s not writing, she tries new recipes, makes DIY products, spends time with books, and nature, or volunteers in tech communities.


Top Conferences to Attend in 2022

Afrah Saleem

Afrah Saleem is a content writer at vFairs and has been creating content for over 5 years in multiple niches. vFairs excites her as she loves working with her first SaaS Product that makes her feel more connected to the world. When she’s not writing, she tries new recipes, makes DIY products, spends time with books, and nature, or volunteers in tech communities.
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