‘Matchmaking’ helps connect like-minded people with one another. Matchmaking in a virtual event is no different. The vFairs matchmaking tool expedites networking among your participants, in addition to providing a personalized experience for your attendees and exhibitors and saving them precious time. 

How you may ask? 

Your participants no longer have to spend hours scrolling through other profiles manually. They can be matched based on different skills, interests or areas of expertise. Users can fill in various form fields within the registration form, or fill in their user profile within the event to be more accurately matched with the right types of people.

Attendees and exhibitors can simply drop in hello and network with compatible attendees with a click. They can easily network with each other through a video chat based on random selection during the event.

Benefits of vFairs Matchmaking Tool

Networking in a virtual event is possible but can be tricky if not executed efficiently. It gets challenging when your attendees keep reaching out to the wrong people. It wastes their time, and they might lose out on leads and meaningful connections as a result. 

The vFairs matchmaking tool, however, can match serendipitously. 

This ‘random’ matching is what makes it all the more unique. This makes it exciting for the attendees as they don’t know who exactly they will be matched with. However, they can be assured of being matched with someone who shares their interests. This helps them engage in meaningful conversations regardless of whether it’s a trade show or a career fair.

Saves Valuable Time on Manual Processes

As the saying goes “Time is of the essence”. Speaking of which, vFairs matchmaking tool offers many advantages. One of which is – saving valuable time for your attendees at the event. 

How? By automating manual processes. Attendees’ profiles are full of data and information – from their names to their job titles and interests.

Imagine the amount of time your participants have to spend going through each detail to see if the individual is compatible to network with. This also includes processing all the available data as a real effort.

It might take hours for your attendees to get their heads around it. The vFairs matchmaking tool simplifies the entire process. Once your attendees have entered the event using their login details, they can then select a 1:1 networking option to randomly connect with people – whoever is available at that time.

vFairs matchmaking tool

Personalized Conversations for Higher ROI

During trade shows, your exhibitors can increase their ROI through personalized conversations. vFairs matchmaking tool can make your exhibitors and sponsors highly visible among your audience.

Potential customers nowadays gravitate towards brands that understand and connect with them. But most importantly brands pay attention to their needs and offer personalized solutions. Personalized conversations can come in handy if you want attendees to engage with you through a video call.

Suppose, your attendees are randomly connected with a brand, and they do not know what to say. This is where they will get automatically generated ice-breaking questions to ask right away. Hence breaking the awkward silence.

ice breaker questions

Also, the tool gives a prompt to attendees asking them if they would like to join the room. This particularly helps when an attendee changes their mind about joining.

vFairs matchmaking tool

Efficient Networking for Long Lasting Relationships

Networking is of utmost importance during virtual events.

It is also one of the most important use cases of vFairs’ matchmaking tool. Are you wondering if you can network throughout the event through matchmaking or not? A) You can and B) It is so simple.

Organizers can decide on a ‘networking hour’ and mention it in their agenda for everyone to know. Once the networking hours start, attendees will get a notification. After which they will be able to network through random matchmaking and video calls.

vFairs matchmaking tool

It is up to you to decide the optimal time for networking. Other than that, users can network throughout the event using public and private chat rooms.

You can embed the networking room inside the vFair’s platform as well.

Through this, you can reach out to your potential audience in a wider scope. You will be able to build better relationships through directed communication. This can also get both your attendees and exhibitors intrigued.

A Wholesome & Fun Way to Engage Your Audience

Last but not least, the serendipitous matchmaking option makes communication more fun and also boosts audience engagement

Your attendees can use settings to mute, unmute the mic, and even share a PDF document. Additionally, if attendees are not getting much use out of the conversation they can simply leave. In case they clicked the ‘leave’ button by mistake, they will get a prompt.  The prompt will give them options to stay or leave – this way nothing gets lost.

After one session ends, the tool automatically starts matching with another person. There’s a whole series of people that are matching with each other for a quick 5-minute catch-up. Like in a physical setting you talk to one person, then you bump into another.

vFairs matchmaking tool

When it comes to 1:1 private chat – in private chat you’re not even sure if the other person wants to chat with you. Whereas through matchmaking you can see that your attendees are enjoying a random conversation.

How Does vFairs Matchmaking Tool Work?

  • The organizer embeds a networking room inside the vFair’s platform with the help of one of our project managers.
  • They then decide on the ‘Networking hour’. Either at the start of the event, end or middle.
  • The attendees will get a notification when the networking hour starts.
  • The attendees then click on the ‘1:1 networking’ option, given at the top navigation bar to enter the networking room
  • Once they have entered, they make sure that their mic is working fine.
  • After which, they hit the ‘I’m ready’ button.

vFairs matchmaking tool

  • The tool automatically starts matching the person with a random attendee or exhibitor to network. 
  • They are all set to chat and have fun. 

vFairs matchmaking tool

vFairs Matchmaking Tool: Key Takeaway

Providing an elevated experience to your virtual event attendees is powerful. In today’s times, everything is being built around virtual events. With virtual events comes the challenge of helping people find a connection miles apart. vFairs matchmaking tool solves that problem, helping attendees break ice and get comfortable with fellow participants. 

People are embracing this digital change. Since they are shifting from physical to digital – they also expect memorable event experiences. The vFairs matchmaking tool also creates opportunities for networking that become much more important. Not only for exhilarating experiences, but also for higher engagement rates.

To sum up, vFairs Matchmaking tool allows you to:

  • Easily join the networking room and get matched right away.
  • Build new contacts in timed networking sessions.
  • Connect seamlessly over one-on-one over video chat. 
  • Receive cues and prompts to break the ice. 
  • Share contact information with the click of a button.
  • Get automatically matched with a new attendee, when the timer is up!

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