Every business aspires to be a marketing juggernaut with ample influence over its target market. Some succeed at this mission, others not so much- and it all comes down to the combination of marketing tools being used to uplift the brand, its products, and its overall market presence. Whether you’re running engaging blogs, creating video content, or actively trying to expand your audience through social media channels, there’s a lot to be done to build the right connections. This is why our focus today will be on webinars- the rising marketing channel taking the online world by storm.

Read our guide on How to Deliver a Winning Webinar Experience for a comprehensive overview of the channel and how it can contribute ample value to your brand.

We’re already convinced that webinars are a great marketing tool- one of the core reasons we encourage all our clients to make use of our virtual auditorium technology. By hosting exciting discussions, and in turn, add tremendous value to the visitor’s overall event experience, you can add new fans, prospects, and customers to your list of connections without huge financial investments- if that isn’t impressive, we don’t know what is. Ready to learn more about why you should use webinars to uplift your marketing strategy in 2021? Let’s get to it:

1) Easy and Cost-Effective Hosting

Gone are the days of renting physical venues, audio/video equipment, guesstimating audience numbers, and fearing your guest speaker’s last-minute cancellation. Webinars have streamlined the entire process so you can promote your new products, highlight upcoming projects, bring in expert speakers to lead insightful discussions, or use the platform to virtually emphasize anything of value to your organization.

Taking away the stress and panic, companies prefer using real-time and pre-recorded webinars to gather leads, build connections and enhance their visibility in competitive market conditions. Having access to content that can be easily recorded, replayed, and reused across various platforms at different dates and times, webinars give businesses an opportunity to cater to their target market’s busy work schedules and lifestyles.

Also, pre-recorded webinars give you the benefit of “evergreen” content with long-lasting value as it keeps delivering prospects with minimal additional effort spent. P.S. Hosting webinars will make your digital assets grow, and make your content library more exciting- hashtag goals. AICPA Webinar AICPA Webinar Presentation

2) Start Targeting a Broader Audience

Physical events such as expos, conferences, and product launches are limited in terms of the audience they are able to reach. Mostly attracting local attendees, securing the attention of targeted audiences from across the city or country is really not quite possible without incurring expensive travel costs.

This translates into lost marketing, lead generation, and prospect building chances for the hosts, consequently driving down event ROI, yikes. Webinars spearhead marketing objectives seamlessly, in fact, a recent study concluded that video content increases people’s understanding of your product or service by 74%.

Ability to reach local and international audiences? Check. Allowing guests to conveniently log in to the webinar from the comfort of their home? Check. A fixed webinar hosting cost despite the volume of attendees? Check. Ability to monitor results and even host Q&A sessions to keep all communication two-way and interactive? Check.

3) Educate Your Prospects

An estimated 32% of businesses agree that webinar marketing will be critical to their success this year. This is one of the many reasons that utilizing this medium to educate and inform audiences has gained significant momentum lately. Using “how-to” video content to demonstrate product utility, showcase upgrades, and exhibit functionality boosts an understanding of your products, and what makes them different from your competitor’s offerings.   Moreover, being able to gather instant feedback from audiences and address concerns on the spot plays a key role in eliminating confusion, and improving your brand’s messaging success. Quick fact: Did you know that customers are 4x more likely to watch a video about a product instead of reading about it.

4) High-Quality Lead Generation

Businesses want their precious marketing budget to be used towards securing valuable leads with a high likelihood of conversion of actual customers. Webinars help in supporting this objective; it’s only the genuinely interested prospects that will register, share their information, and log in to the webinar.

Thus, by having access to attendees with a clear need for the solutions you’re offering, the qualified leads will help your sales team in closing deals faster.

5) Engage & Excite Your Existing and Future Buyer

Your online audience today doesn’t like being linked to detailed handbooks and pages of text to influence their buying decisions. Strapped for time, there’s a tiny window of opportunity that businesses have to build intrigue and spark interest- an area where webinar marketing is your new ally.

Enabling you to speak with your prospects on a personal level, webinar marketing is visually more engaging, entertaining, and a sure shot way to capture attention. Also spearheading accessibility, adding captions to your webinars helps ensure you’re also catering to guests with special needs further giving your brand a bump as a true customer-centric visionary and leader.

Key Takeaways Making webinars a prominent pillar of your 2020 marketing strategy is crucial to keep up with evolving buyer behavior. With a proven need for more video content, and a preference for visually exciting communication channels that inform, entertain and educate (while building your digital assets), it’s easy to see why webinars are a fast-rising star.

Cost-effective, engaging, and easily accessible- ask our team how vFairs can help you emerge as a marketing success story in your industry.

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