We’re pleased to announce that we’re making your vFairs events more secure! You now have the option to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) upon virtual event login, in order to tighten event security and improve event privacy. You can request that attendees, sponsors & exhibitors logging in to your virtual events verify their account with a one-time password (OTP).

How to use it

It’s easy. Just select ‘Enable two-factor authentication’ from your vFairs event backend during setup.

Once enabled, all user logins will have to be verified with an OTP sent via SMS or email. They can log in with one of the following ways:

  1. Provide email, password, and the OTP sent to them via SMS or email. This offers the best security.
  2. Provide email and OTP sent to them via SMS or email. This offers high security but also makes logging in simpler for attendees.
  3. Save email and password during a login instance, and select the ‘Remember Me’ checkbox to speed up logging in. This offers substantial security and speeds up logging in for attendees. 

To make it even more secure, when using any 2FA options the OTPs reset after 60 seconds. If users fail to use the code within that time, they’ll have to request for a new one. 

Why use two-factor authentication?

Sometimes your events are open to anyone. Sometimes they address highly sensitive information. With our flexible security options, you get complete control over how easily audiences can access information you’re sharing at your event.

Two-factor authentication is just one of the many features vFairs offers to help you host highly customized, unforgettable virtual events.

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