vFairs has launched our new integration with Zapier! Now, virtual event hosts can easily migrate data from vFairs to other online applications and vice versa, streamlining event data collection.

This new integration will help you link your vFairs events data with over 3000 applications that integrate with Zapier. By building these links between apps, you’ll enable them to talk to one another, triggering automated actions and automating entire workflows. 

What is Zapier?

Zapier enables companies to connect different applications being used in a single workflow. In this way, two different applications can ‘talk’ together and trigger actions without you having to step in. 

When you create a Zap between two applications, data from one application can be sent to another application. This exchange of data triggers actions that you’d otherwise have to do manually.

With the vFairs platform, you can migrate data in two ways. You can:

  • share data from your vFairs event to your existing software or,
  • import data from your existing software to your vFairs event

What Types of Event Data Can I Share?

Here are a few popular ways you can use the Zapier integration with vFairs.

Zap new registrant data to your contact database

You can connect your vFairs event to your contact database to migrate new contact data. Set up a trigger for every new registration, and Zapier will automatically share the contact info with your contact database. No more manual contact creation!

Migrate your own registrants to the vFairs platform

Collecting registrations on your own platform? Connect your registration page with the vFairs event! Set up a trigger that migrates new registrations to the vFairs platform automatically, so your users are instantly created within the event. Truly seamless!

Export event data to enrich your marketing reports

You can connect your vFairs event with your marketing dashboard to enrich your marketing reports. vFairs offers robust event data, including attendance, booth traffic, and even individual user journeys. All this data will give you a more clear snapshot of your target audience. 

How to Set Up The Zapier Integration

Your account manager can help you set up your Zapier integration. Just share what types of data you want to migrate, which platforms you’d like to connect to, and what each trigger should be!

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