6 Things Organizers Should Know Before Hosting a Virtual Trade Show

Trade shows are an effective way of showcasing products to potential buyers. They are a good branding opportunity for businesses as well. With virtual trade shows, these benefits get amplified.  A research study showed that people who attend virtual events once are 51% more likely to attend another one. Hence, virtual events are not a fad. They are here to stay. Virtual trade shows allow organizers to leverage technology and take their events online. That not only lowers the cost of the event but also saves the organizers from a lot of hassle. Online trade show platforms like vFairs are bringing convenience to trade show organizers by providing end-to-end event organization and management services.  Here’s a video to help you understand the significance of virtual trade shows. https://vimeo.com/211307444 To organize a successful virtual trade show, there are certain things to know before hosting them. We have prepared a list to make it easier for you to host a trade show online.

1. Technical Know-how

Virtual events are heavily dependent on technology. For the trade show organizers, it is imperative to get familiarized with the technical landscape of the service provider. The best way to proceed is to ask the vendor for a demo to experience the look and feel of the event. A demo is also helpful in understanding how attendees and exhibitors would interact with the platform during the virtual trade show. 

2. Strategy Development

We all know that virtual events are trending nowadays but that does not mean organizers have to sign up for them without having a proper plan. The organizers must understand why they need a virtual trade show and how it would help them in achieving their goals. This will enable them to jot down their expectations from the event. Virtual trade show platforms like vFairs can then easily customize the event based on the needs of the organizers. 

3. Marketing Plan

Virtual trade shows are no different than traditional trade shows when it comes to attracting participants. Since the target audience is present online for virtual trade shows, the marketing message can be communicated to a large number of them based on the (demographic and other) needs of the host. Hence, it is necessary to have an actionable marketing plan in place to make the most of the reach and scalability benefits of an online trade show. 

“Some people don’t spend as much on promoting their virtual event as they would the in-person. But you have to go after where your audience already lives. So try buying lists or using Facebook advertising or LinkedIn ads,” says Eric Vidal, the Director of Product Marketing at InterCall.

Since the event is to be organized online, remember that the target audience of the event exists online as well. Therefore, leverage online platforms like social media to attract the right audience.

4. Attendees and Exhibitors

It is necessary to keep the attendees and exhibitors in mind when planning a virtual trade show. Not many people have attended virtual events which makes it necessary for the event host to prepare educational content to bring them on board easily. Same is the case for exhibitors. Hence, trade show organizers need to prepare relevant content for both attendees and exhibitors to enhance their experience and make the event a success. 

5. Event Schedule

Keeping the audience engaged during the virtual trade show is the key to a successful event. How can that be done? The answer is simple. Prepare an event schedule. For example:

  • When will the event start?
  • How long will it be live?
  • Will there be speaker sessions? If yes, when?
  • When will webinars and presentations happen?
  • When can the attendees interact with the exhibitors through live video, audio, and text chat?

Answers to such questions will help in preparing an event catered to your needs. 

6. Measurability

A virtual trade show generates a lot of credible data. Since it is managed online, data for everything from the number of attendees and exhibitors to the total sales conducted to the exhibitors that attracted the least number of attendees can be easily accessed. These insights can be used to organize better and more effective events in the future. Virtual trade shows are a great way to reach a global audience. They are a win-win for the trade show organizers, attendees, and exhibitors if conducted the right way. Want to host a Virtual Trade Show? Get in touch now to know how it can be done in a hassle-free way. 


6 Things Organizers Should Know Before Hosting a Virtual Trade Show

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