10 Best Virtual Career Fair Platforms [+How to Choose One]

Remote work has encouraged companies to go borderless when it comes to recruiting. However, accessibility to source the finest talent from across the globe is a challenge. For most, career fairs are a way to introduce their company to job seekers looking to take the next step in their careers. Companies look for ways to make online career fairs interactive, provide Facetime with the company reps, and collect resumes of interested candidates. To extend their reach globally in an efficient manner, companies have restored to virtual mediums. 

Virtual career fairs have garnered massive traction over the years as they help employers increase talent reach, improve connectivity, and market their brand to potential employees. All of this is nearly impossible without a comprehensive virtual events solution. Unlike video conferencing via Zoom, virtual career fair platforms create an interactive virtual journey that humanizes the experience for the attendees.

For several professionals, the career fair is possibly the first interaction they’ll have with your company. Plan out the event in a way that represents the employer brand in a positive light. This will encourage attendees to engage within the event and reconnect with the company at a later date as well. Therefore, employers must make it memorable for the attendees. There are several platforms available today that you can partner with. The variety can make it challenging for you to choose the best virtual career fair platform. It is always best to do thorough research to understand the features, pricing, and tech stack you need to orchestrate a successful event.

Best Virtual Career Fair Platforms for 2023

We have curated a list of 10 best virtual career fair platforms catering to varying demographics with specialized solutions. Let’s get started.

1. vFairs vfairs-logo

As an all-in-one platform for virtual, hybrid and in-person events, vFairs offers an immersive experience to the attendees. Candidates interested in getting information can be referred to exhibit halls where they fetch information through downloadable content or connect with booth reps.

The platform offers advanced networking features like networking lounges encouraging maximum attendee participation. With functions like resume upload, user search and job application functions, you can save time and connect with candidates who are the right fit. Features like spatial chat and matchmaking are intended to help break the ice and initiate conversations among attendees and exhibitors. 

Essential vFairs Features for Your Next Virtual Career Fair 

vFairs prides itself in helping you create the ultimate event experience for the attendees. The variety of features offered ensures enhanced connectivity and engagement throughout the event. Let’s have a look at some of the key features that are crucial drivers of your event’s success:

Personalized Virtual Booths

Exhibitors at the event expect visibility and authority while creating booths. You can assign booths to various departments. You can provide a candidate with an in-let into your company’s mission, products and the impact it is creating within the industry. You can provide them with valuable information in the form of downloadable PDFs. The booths also come with animated avatars for the booth reps offering attendees an interactive experience from the get-go. Attendees can request chats, Q&A or sessions with booth reps in case they want to inquire further about open roles or the hiring process.

virtual exhibit booths by vFairs

Job Application and Resume Search

You can put up a live job board allowing attendees to search for open roles and apply for jobs they see fit. You can filter resumes submitted against a vacancy during the event to find the most relevant ones. With these features, it becomes easier to shortlist candidates and conduct initial screening at the event. If you don’t have any specific openings, you can still encourage candidates to upload resumes. You can review them using the search function or download them and refer at a later date.

User Search

Owing to the magnitude of events, attendees often get overwhelmed by the number of people they connect with. Our networking features help prioritize networking at an event and make the experience more intimate for you. Chat rooms, 1-1 chats, and audio/video conferencing offer next-level connectivity to users logged into the event. As an exhibitor, you can also search for users based on specific criteria (experience, profession, company, or education). You can search for specific keywords to filter the suitable candidates within a specific department.

Attendee Engagement

Although getting maximum attendance at the event is a feat in itself, driving attendee engagement is crucial for an event’s success. With vFairs, you can get as creative as you like. Features like scavenger hunt and leaderboard are great ways to incentivize attendees to get proactive during the event. Whatever swag they collect during these activities is an effective way to re-engage with them after the event has ended. 

3D Environment

An immersive virtual experience is possible only with captivating visuals and a realistic 3D environment. With vFairs, you can easily customize each booth by adding logos, choosing varying color schemes to maintain synergy with the brand and placing clickable links on the images. 

Emulating the experience and environment of an in-person career fair is essential to create a familiar feeling for the attendees. It helps them get engrossed in the event and get encouraged to interact with company reps. You can also personalize the experience further by transporting attendees into a virtual office setting through striking 3D visuals replicating your onsite office. 


To further enhance the ease of use, vFairs offers numerous integrations to automate workflows and make the event experience seamless. Our platform supports several apps from CRMs to video conferencing. Here are some that can come in handy during a career fair:

  • Social media walls with walls.io: Link your social media feeds allowing attendees to stay updated about the happenings at the career fair
  • Video streaming and conferencing: YouTube, Zoom and WebEx
  • Payments: PayPal and Stripe
  • Automation: Hubspot, Zapier and Salesforce
  • Polling, trivia or Q&A: Slido and Kahoot


Event Reporting

The experience doesn’t have to end because the event did. You can gauge the value of your virtual event. Post-event, you can find out the ROI of your exhibit through event reports. You can get insights about individual user journeys to interpret attendee behavior. You can also download the resumes submitted by candidates. 

Event reporting

Attendee Engagement

Although getting maximum attendance at the event is a feat in itself, driving attendee engagement is crucial for an event’s success. With vFairs, you can get as creative as you like. Features like scavenger hunt and leaderboard are great ways to incentivize attendees to get proactive during the event. Whatever swag they collect during these activities is an effective way to re-engage with them after the event has ended. 


We maintain transparency in terms of our pricing, features and customization. Our aim is to help you get the best value from your event. Starting from event registration to post-event analytics, you are in charge all the while our team guides you through each step. You can book a free demo to understand how the product works and get answers to any queries you might have. For detailed information on pricing, get in touch with us today.

Pros & Cons

Our customer support and project management services dedicated to each project are unmatched. Here is what our customers say about their event experience with vFairs.


Every aspect of the vFairs platform impressed me. The sleek graphics, the simple build process and the round the clock support from a dedicated Project Manager made the entire process easy to navigate and so enjoyable.” – Leaane M. Training Coordinator.

“vFairs offers an account manager to assist you with customizing your event. They are patient and listen to what your needs are to make [sure] your event reflects your mission.” – Lauran N. – Director of Community Relations.


“The only downside is that we can’t celebrate the event’s completion in person with the vFairs team.” – Kjestine W. – Program Officer.

“Overall, on the expensive side of the platforms available in the market.” – Samantha D. – Marketing Manager.
See a Personalized Demo

2. EasyVirtualFairlogo-easyvirtualfair

EasyVirtualFair is a platform that lays emphasis on customizable events allowing exhibitors to make the event their own. The customization options include landing page design and booth designs. The platform caters mostly to trade shows and career fairs. 

Although it offers various features for executing a virtual event, setup requires manual work. Automating registration and email invites helps you focus on other event planning. Unlike vFairs, EasyVirtualFair does not have this feature – adding a tedious task to the to-do list of the exhibitors. 

EasyVirtualFair’s Key Features

Besides bridging the gap between candidates and recruiters, EasyVirtualFair offers event support with various features. Here are a few worth mentioning:


The company assures compatibility of its software across devices including smartphones and tablets. It is unclear if they have a mobile app or if the candidate needs to use a browser.

Event Marketing & Customer Support

You can take help from EasyVirtualFair to reach more customers through their online marketing efforts. Their team can devise strategies and create content to promote your career fair. They can promote it through social media and email marketing campaigns. 

Metrics and Tracking

You can also easily track and manage your event. To understand the performance of your event, you can generate a visual report measuring the attendance and participation of candidates.


EasyVirtualFair has not disclosed its pricing plans. You can contact them to take the process further. 

Pros & Cons

Here is what people say about their experience with EasyVirtualFair:


“Setting up booths is easy, and I appreciate how they have made tweaks to the system to better fit our event. Good customer service and support from the EVF team. Love the fact that they are always upgrading to add more features.” – Katie I. – Founder.


“The lack of automation when it comes to invites and registrations.” – Tanner R – Job Fair Lead.

No way to save chat messages, when either the exhibitors or participant logs out, they lose their message.” – Verified User.

3. Hallo hallo-logo

Hallo claims to be a digital events platform specifically designed for engaging and hiring talent virtually instead of on campus. You can create an event by providing relevant information about your company. Once the event is approved, you can host it for students on the platform.

While the platform is simple and straightforward to use, it is in its infancy. From a user’s perspective, there is much to be desired. Hallo does not cater to any specific industry which can be a major downside for those looking to connect within a niche.

Hallo’s Key Features

Here are some key features that Hallo has to offer:

Event Reporting

Hallo offers analytics reports detailing the performance of the session and attendee information. You can get an attendee list that can provide further details about the candidates which you can add to your database. However, per reviews, users recommend improvements to make it more useful.

Information Dissemination

One of the most popular uses of the platform is the Q&A sessions where students can ask company reps questions. It is a great way to inform talent about the company culture and the opportunities it offers. Other than that, the platform allows one-on-one chats and live broadcasts.

Event Marketing 

Arranging an event is a hassle but promoting is far more taxing. You can outsource your event marketing and promotion to Hallo.


Hallo can offer unlimited platform access and unlimited attendees to users. You can reach out to the platform for details about the pricing plans. 

Pros & Cons

Here is what users have to say about their experience with Hallo:


“Useful question answering session.” – Verified User in Accounting.

“I like that I’m able to browse different programs on Hallo to see which companies are hiring, and especially which are offering informational sessions.” – Verified User in Higher Education.


“During the presentation, it seemed like there were some technical difficulties. At times one of the presenters might be dropped, or I would see the count for people in the call drop to zero.” – Verified User in Information Technology and Services.

“I felt that the Hallo user interface/interaction still has a ways to go. While providing good content, the presentation of it can feel kind of bland and not too different when comparing the platform with other websites aimed at hosting events/meetings.” – Verified User in Information Technology and Services.

4. Talentspace talentspace-logo

Built as a video-first platform, Talentspace offers recruiters real-time video conferencing opportunities for effective communication and efficient hiring. You can organize a multi-company online career fair platform or a single-company recruitment drive depending on your needs. It also supports in-person and hybrid events.

The platform claims a highly customizable experience for the organizers. However, one key feature you will miss out on with Talentspace is streaming recorded content (presentations/videos). Additionally, this platform is not for everybody. It is popular amongst students as opposed to mid-career or executive-level professionals. Therefore, only companies looking for entry-level candidates can make the most of it.

Talentspace’s Key Features

Here are the key features offered by Talentspace:


You do not need a third-party integration for video meetings as Talentspace has its native video solution. This makes the experience more convenient for attendees especially those who are not tech-savvy. You can host webinars and workshops with up to 10 speakers. Participants can also speak during video presentations.

Talent Engagement

Talentspace offers a variety of networking and engagement tools. You can host group presentations for the talent pool, initiate 1-1 chats or connect at company booths. You can schedule interviews, respond to questions in real time and receive resumes during the event. 

Event Management

You can manage the event on your own. Input details, create the event schedule, send invites to attendees and launch the event on the same platform. Build a landing page to get started. You can get guidance from the customer support team throughout the planning and execution of the event. You can also measure the success of the event and track individual candidates after the events using analytics. 


Talentspace does not reveal its prices on the website, however, you can contact them through the form available on the pricing page.

Pros & Cons

Here is what customers have to say about the virtual event experience with Talentspace:


The platform is easy to parameter. All is made very simple to interact during the event, feeling like you are part of the event!” – Julie S. – Head of Career Service.

“I like the clear categories and the smooth scrolling.” – Verified User. 


The landing page should have more options to customize.” – Verified User in Education Management. 

“The talent base overview could be easier to filter. Some bugs with speeches planning happened.” – Dorota Z. – Corporate Relationship Manager.

5. Career Eco careereco-logo

Another virtual events platform dedicated to recruitment and career events for over a decade is Career Eco. It is suitable for companies hosting university online career fairs or small-scale events across school districts. The company considers its solution as a highly sustainable alternative to physical events. While this is a plus, it is worth considering that the technology offered by the platform is dated with limited features.

Career Eco’s Key Features

Here are some of the key features of Career Eco:

Company Chat Rooms

Career Eco claims to be the first platform to have introduced live video chat within the platform without the need for any third-party apps. The service primarily offers company chat rooms that help job seekers connect with companies. Recruiters can engage multiple candidates during a group chat and break into 1:1 conversations (audio/video).

Customer Service

The virtual platform offers customer support to customers throughout the process. From setting up the event to providing training and relevant resources, you can rely on the platform. 


Career Eco works on a per event basis instead of a yearly contract. They also offer volume discounts. They do not charge extra for additional features, the quoted price is the final amount that you have to pay. You can inquire about their pricing through their sales team.

Pros & Cons

Here is what customers have to say about Career Eco:


“The staff was very patient and helpful. They reached out to all our consortium participants to help make this an excellent event.” – Kathleen L. – Director

“The staff at CareerEco! They are so kind, understanding, attentive, and helpful. Working with them is truly a joy!” – Ryan B. – Director.


“While presenting I could not really see the candidates’ responses.” Genelle K. – Director.

“I would like more information and access to information on the training and support available to organizations and job seekers.” – Pedro C. – Recruiter.

6. Handshakehandshake-logo

Handshake is a career services management center providing a consolidated platform to companies for university recruiting events. However, the company doesn’t cater to all universities which limit the talent pool for companies hiring or posting about an opening. For smaller companies, the experience can also be overwhelming, considering the countless emails sent by the platform.

Handshake’s Key Features

Here are some primary features of Handshake:


Companies can conduct group chats or schedule 1-1 chats with students who enter an event. There is also a community tab where students can connect with peers and those in other colleges. 

Post Jobs & Download Resumes

You can find upcoming career fairs at several colleges, find candidates by adding filters on the platform and collect resumes based on your requirements. You can also send job posts to schools you are interested in. Handshake gives flexibility to recruiters looking for qualified candidates.


Understand how your event performed such as the number of views on job posts, applications received, or page views – all in one place.


You can contact the sales team to learn about their pricing.

Pros & Cons

Here is what users have shared about their event experience with Handshake:


“The segmentation tool for messaging students is extremely helpful. You can reach out to a diverse group of students that meet your criteria upfront, resulting in more applicants that are highly qualified.”Allie R. –Recruiter.

“I like the fact that Handshake connects me with hundreds of potential matches and that I can limit the schools or locations I want to pull from.” – Kelly W. – HR.


“What I don’t like about Handshake is that it happens to be very confusing to use from the point of view of the job poster. I found that it had way too many options for this and that. Seemed to send me way too many emails.” – Verified User.

“Not all schools are included in Handshake (ex. University of Southern California) and sometimes when student apply their resume doesn’t come through.” – Verified User.

7. RingCentral Events

ringcentral logoRingCentral is an all-in-one event platform that simplifies the process of planning, creating, and attending virtual, hybrid, and onsite events. It offers a cloud-based phone system and video conferencing tools that make connecting with colleagues and customers efficient. The platform’s dashboard is user-friendly, and new users can quickly learn to navigate it.

However, users feel that their customer support can be improved. There isn’t any technical support during live events as reported by some of their customers.  

RingCentral’s Key Features

RingCentral offers the following features:

Video Conferencing

RingCentral uses AI to enhance video meetings with real-time transcriptions, closed captions, and post-meeting summaries. Attendees can join from any device and collaborate using whiteboards and meeting notes. It allows users to switch between devices and convert phone calls to video conferences. There is end-to-end encryption and host controls, including waiting rooms.


RingCentral offers webinars that participants can join with any browser without downloading additional apps. AI integration eliminates manual setup tasks and assists with Q&A sessions by crafting answers. Their platform offers an all-in-one solution for branded webinars, enabling lead capture. 


RingCentral offers a detailed reporting dashboard and analytics to track the performance of an event. It displays participant statistics and gives insights into host panels. 


RingCentral offers several pricing options: RingCentral Events offers three different pricing packages that are: 

  • Core (Annually: $20/user/mo, Monthly: $30/user/mo
  • Advanced (Annually: $25/user/mo, Monthly: $35/user/mo)
  • Ultra (Annually: $35/user/mo, Monthly: $45/user/mo)

Pros & Cons

This is what users have to say about their experience with RingCentral Events:


“Overall experience was good. Easy to use and fast to set up. The users also enjoyed the platform.” – Jaoa H. – Marketer and Investor.

“Simple structure and easy way to create a professional feeling event.” – Verified User


RingCentral Events does not have the ability to host documents for attendees to download, which is also standard on other platforms.” – Verified User.

“I wish all the branding and marketing elements were located together on the platform as you need to click in and out of several locations to brand the front end of the event and to create & send emails.” – Elizabeth S. – Digital Marketing & Design.

8. Whovawhova-logo

As an all-in-one event management platform, Whova offers support for virtual, hybrid and in-person events. Host live sessions or play recorded videos to maximize attendee engagement. The platform also offers a community board where attendees can initiate discussions which can lead to individual conversations and new connections. The platform has a mobile app for ease of access but some users have faced problems with notifications and UI.

Whova’s Key features

Here are some of the features available on Whova:

Built-in Webcasting

Instead of relying on any third-party integrations, you can host webinars and sessions virtually using Whova’s webcasting tool. On this virtual hiring event platform, Hiring managers can conduct interviews on the spot, inform candidates about the best virtual job fair platforms and talk about your company.

Networking with Candidates

You can also collect resumes of qualified candidates for upcoming jobs at the company booth. Share resources and brochures with interested candidates, walk them through the hiring process and answer any questions. You can also conduct 1:1 on video or text chats. To keep energy levels up during the event, you can engage attendees through gamification, polls and giveaways.

Mobile App

The platform’s mobile app offers multifaceted functionalities. You can send reminders to attendees about sessions and activities happening through in-app notifications. Attendees can build an agenda to easily track various sessions. The map feature can help attendees navigate during the event however, some users shared they still faced confusion. 


You can request a quote from the company by filling out your details on the pricing page.

Pros & Cons

Here is what customers say about Whova:


Live streaming of sessions worked efficiently for me. Being able to connect with other participants and comment in the chat made the online conference experience valuable.” Natalie A – Founder. 

“I was able to quickly review the workshops to create my personal agenda. The best feature was the participant feature, which allowed me to meet new people.” – Iliana P. – Director


“The interface feels a little outdated, and I couldn’t send notifications from my iPad or iPhone. I had to pull out my laptop if we needed to send notifications on-site. I hope mobile app support of notifications is coming!” – Linden T.  Executive Director.

“The only negative for me was when breakout session room numbers were not updated in the app prior to the sessions.” – Verified User in Education Management

9. Radancy (previously Brazen)

radancy logo Radancy is a cloud-based talent acquisition software that acquired Brazen’s event platform to expand its talent acquisition offering in 2023. The online hiring events platform helps you hire the right candidates and simplify talent acquisition with a single, AI-powered platform designed to maximize your ROI. Although, it might not be the most user-friendly platform you encounter.

Radancy’s Key Features

Let’s have a look at some of the main features Radancy has to offer:

End-to-End Event Management

Radancy provides an event management solution that integrates with your overall recruitment strategy. This includes automation of candidate routing, intuitive interview scheduling, and simplified event setup. This makes the process efficient for recruiters and engaging for candidates. There are automated pre-qualification, interview scheduling, and communication via video, audio, or text chat.

Event Promotion

You can create online event pages to manage candidates. These microsites offer content, live and automated chat, and scheduling functionalities. The chat plugins and targeted advertising strategies across various channels, including job boards and your Talent Community help career fair organizers promote their events.

Data-Driven Intelligence

It provides valuable insights and data analysis, helping businesses make informed decisions. They turn data into actionable intelligence, enabling companies to optimize their talent acquisition strategies.


The platform does not reveal pricing on its website. Radancy categorizes itself as a mid-tier solution (not too expensive or cheap). You can fill out a form on their website to inquire about the pricing plans.

Pros & Cons

Before deciding on a solution it is advisable to check what customers are saying:


Radancy helped our company to digitize our paper-trail process for employee referrals. It offers an array of useful features, such as leader boards, job notifications, reward shops and a variety of reports for administrators.” – Verified User in Information Technology and Services

Data driven and the most career centric data” –Tinku H.


“No built-in solution for talent scouts to order rewards.” – Verified User in Information Technology and Services

“I wish there were more options for advertising on the AdTech platform. When we have an issue and a lack of applications we ask for additional ideas and we get presented with the same options vs. more out of the box ideas/options. I wish more channels/options were included in the AdTech software.” – Verified User in Entertainment

10. HubiloHubilo Logo

The platform conducts virtual, hybrid and in-person events in general. Although Hubilo does not specify the industries it serves, it offers several similar features to the platforms mentioned above. The mobile app makes it easier for online job fair organizers and attendees to register and follow the event on the go. Users get flexibility in terms of payments and ticketing which can be a plus for companies planning to monetize from the event. However, features like studio used for webinars comes with a bit of a learning curve. It can create friction between the presenters and attendees during the event.

Hubilo’s Key Features

Here are some of the useful features of Hubilo:


Users can build a registration page within the Hubilo app. Organizers can offer tiered pricing, discounts and bulk deals to reach a diverse set of customers. Attendees or exhibitors joining the event can pay with multiple currencies through payment solutions including Stripe and Chargebee. You can also keep a track of registrations and ticket sales to align with your revenue goals. 


Hubilo offers several integrations for automation and improves attendee engagement. Some helpful integrations include Hubspot, Mailchimp, Microsoft Dynamics, Typeform, Interprefy, Kahoot and Slido.


Besides tracking registrations and sales, you can determine attendee patterns as well. The analytics report provided by Hubilo can help organizations understand user engagement and extract necessary information about attendees.


You can’t find information about pricing on Hubilo’s website but their plans do come with an attendee limit. 

  • Advanced Package: 1000 attendees 
  • Pro Package: 2000 attendees
  • Enterprise package: 4000 attendees

Pros & Cons

Before you make your decision, it is important to check what customers have to say about their experience:


“Hubilo is an incredibly user-friendly experience for attendees, and there are many features to leverage on the platform to give clients a comprehensive virtual/hybrid experience.” Verified User.


“The studio is sometimes difficult for presenters to figure out. It is different than Zoom, and more like a broadcast studio than a video call. I wish that was easy to explain to presenters but we just need to give them a couple of walk-throughs to get it right.” – Dee C. – Event Planner.

“Email customization and scheduling could improve. It has a lot of limitations in email customization.” – Akash Y. – Assistant Manager.

Verdict: How to Choose the Best Virtual Career Fair Platform

Choosing the right virtual event platform for your virtual career fair is crucial to ensure the success of your event. We recommend you begin by defining your organization’s goals for the event. This would include the purpose, scale and budget you can allocate for your event. Additionally, plan out your event’s program to determine the activities you want to include to keep the attendees engaged, what swag/resources you want to distribute during the event and what possible outcomes are you expecting. 

Once you have clarity, you will be able to align a suitable virtual events platform that matches your needs. For an all-encompassing experience, it is best to choose a platform that assures an immersive virtual experience coupled with a variety of networking features so that attendees can make the most of the event.


How does a virtual event work?

A virtual event takes place in an immersive environment with the help of virtual event software. Attendees can register for the event and join through a link. Once joined, they can navigate through the venue via a virtual avatar, attend seminars and network with others through chats and video conferencing.

What is a virtual career fair platform?

A virtual career fair software helps companies hire, network and engage with talents from various departments, experience levels, and educational backgrounds in a 3D or virtual setting usually accessible globally.

How do I get the most out of a virtual career fair?

Utilize your online job fair platform by promoting your brand, networking with professionals with varied experience levels, posting jobs, collecting resumes, screening talent and responding to queries using virtual booths and other interactive features available on vFairs.

How do I create an online career fair?

You can start by choosing a virtual events platform and setting up a landing page with details about the event including a registration form. With vFairs, you can book a demo to get an in-depth walkthrough of how the event is visualized in 3D. Get extensive support through a dedicated project manager and customer support teams making the planning and execution simple.

Can I interview job seekers during the virtual career fair?

You can interview candidates attending the virtual fair through 1:1 chats or video conferencing. Our smart matchmaking or resume search features can also help find the right candidates for open roles.

10 Best Virtual Career Fair Platforms [+How to Choose One]

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