10 Best Virtual Event Platforms [2024] – TOP Ranking

These days, choosing one of the best virtual event platforms is more than essential. If you want your next event to be more than just a standard Zoom call, you have to put effort into choosing the right event partner.

It is no surprise that virtual event platforms are becoming more popular. With the massive surge in virtually communicating and working remotely, virtual events were bound to rule the events industry.

While virtual events are no longer the only choice for businesses to connect with their audience, still a significant number of people want to continue hosting their events virtually. To help you choose the best platform for virtual events we have created this article. Choose the best online event platforms through our virtual events platform comparison blog.

Best Virtual Event Platforms

Before planning your virtual events, you must contact the best virtual event platforms. Finding the best virtual event platform requires a lot of research. Luckily, we have done the job for you.

Following are the best digital event platforms’ names, along with the features, pricing, and more they offer. Have a look.

1. vFairs

vFairs logo

vFairs is an all-in-one virtual, in-person, and hybrid event platform. The platform offers advanced event management and engagement features that help businesses exceed their event goals. With over 14,000 reviews and a 4.7 out 5 star rating on G2, vFairs is one of the best virtual events platforms.

vFairs offers advanced virtual events services and features in abundance. Apart from helping its client reach a global audience, the platform provides a life-like virtual experience with captivating visuals and an immersive tech stack. There are many reasons vFairs makes it at the top of the best virtual events platforms list. However, what sets the platform apart from its competitors and makes it one of the top virtual event platforms is its customer service. vFairs is rated number one on G2 for its customer support.

vFairs Virtual Event Features

As we said above, vFairs offers a wide range of virtual event services to help you create a one-of-a-kind virtual event experience. The best virtual event software platform provides all the virtual event features to set up your event for success.

Virtual Environment

vFairs offers virtual environment features throigh its best virtual event software

You must pick the right virtual environment for your event to gather a global audience. Partnering with virtual event hosting platforms like vFairs comes with a wide range of virtual environment templates. Apart from offering its customers life-like 3D design templates, one of the best digital event platforms discussed below provides much more. Have a look:

  • Customized venues: When executing a virtual event, you must ensure that your audience gets an experience that closely replicates in-person events. With vFairs, you can strengthen your event branding by replicating your physical venue into a virtual platform to deliver an immersive and life-like experience.
    For instance, if you plan to organize a virtual onboarding event for your new hires, replicating your physical office venue into a virtual forum can help you kick-start your event on the right note. Your audience, the new employees, will not only feel welcomed with an office-looking virtual platform, but they can learn much more from the virtual event through a customized virtual environment.
  • Immersive rooms: Once your attendees are part of the virtual event, you must make them feel at ease. Virtual events can get intimidating, especially for attendees who have not experienced an event like this. Here is when vFairs immersive rooms come into play. vFairs helps you transport your attendees to the venue through visually vibrant lobbies, auditoriums, exhibit halls, and networking lounges.
  • Personalized booths: You can do much more with virtual environment features and virtual event tools by vFairs.  Moreover, personalized booths are yet another way to keep your attendees excited in a virtual event and help them engage. You can brand each one of the customized booths and make it easier for your audience to find the information they are looking for. After all, finding excess relevant information is the number one reason why attendees participate in virtual events, as per the survey.vFairs survey result

Again, suppose you are hosting a virtual event for your new employees. In that case, having a personalized booth for each of your office departments can help attendees visit the booths relevant to them. For example, creating a customized booth for the HR department can allow your attendees to collect information from the department only by virtually visiting the booth.

  • Animated avatars: You can create animated avatars for your virtual event with the help of the vFairs team. Animated avatars can help you create a more immersive event experience. vFairs offers a wide range of avatars with various ethnicities, ages, and apparel.
  • Live help desk: vFairs believes in creating a hassle-free virtual event experience. Therefore, the platform offers live help desks where the host can guide attendees for a trouble-free virtual event experience.

Virtual Exhibit Hallsvirtual exhibit booths by vFairs

To offer a fun and interactive virtual experience, ensure your virtual exhibit halls are easily navigable. Taking the burden from your shoulders, the vFairs virtual event hosting platform offers super-engaging and easy-to-navigate virtual exhibit halls.

From creating branded exhibit booths for exhibit marketing to having meeting schedulers for easily connecting, virtual exhibit halls by vFairs have it all. The platform also offers live chat features for accessible two-way communication.


Your virtual event will undoubtedly be full of webinars. However, what needs to be clarified is how engaging the virtual webinar experience will be for your attendees. We all have been victims of long-lasting and boring webinars. However, with the best platform for virtual events, you can turn the most tedious webinars into a fun-filled experience.

Features like realistic 3D designs, multilingual sessions, personalized webinar plans, multiple presentation options, video platform integration, polls, and quiz gamification can keep your audience excited for the virtual webinars in your virtual event.

Chat & Networking

chat & networking feature by vFairs

As per our survey, networking is the second most significant reason for attendees to participate in virtual events after educational purposes. Suppose you want to set up your event for success. In that case, you must keep offering your attendees plenty of chat and networking opportunities.

vFairs poll shows the importance of networking at a virtual event.

Thanks to vFairs, you can take all the credit for offering your attendees many networking features through top-notch virtual events tools. Look at all the chat and networking options your attendees can take total leverage from to develop and nurture the industry relationships.

  • Embedded live chat for quick communication
  • Meeting schedulers
  • Private chats for individual discussions
  • Breakout rooms to accommodate grouped discussions
  • Profile search capabilities for better matchmaking
  • Chat moderation to keep discussions directed and valuable
  • Conversation context for late joiners to refer to
  • Chat transcripts to refer to later


vFairs has just so much to offer when it comes to virtual events. The digital events platform’s ability to integrate many apps makes vFairs the leader in the best virtual event platforms list.

vFairs keeps customer comfort as its highest priority. With vFairs, you can enhance the event experience by integrating several apps into your virtual events.

Following are the apps that easily integrate with the vFairs virtual event platform.

  • For CRM & Sales Automation: HubSpot, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Salesforce, and Zapier (Zapier can share information to and from any other CRMs of contact databases you use.)
  • For Conferencing & Video Streaming: Zoom, Vimeo, WebEx, YouTube, and ReStream.
  • For Q&A + Polling: Embedded webinar chat (i.e., Zoom chat), Slido, and Kahoot!
  • For Captions & Translations: Interprefy, KUDO, SyncWords, Worldly, and spf.io.
  • For social media: You can unify your social media feed for your audience and see who posts about your virtual events through walls.io.
  • For payment: PayPal and Stripe.

Event ReportingReporting feature by vFairs

Having all the above-advanced features for your virtual event is fantastic, but how about getting hands-on, detailed event reports?

You can get hands-on stats to determine your ROI with virtual event reports. You can also track the attendee journey with the vFairs reporting feature to understand which areas of events were most interesting for your attendees.

Here are some more awesome things you can do with the reporting feature.

  • Real-time metrics dashboards for immediate data reference
  • Individual user journeys to gauge audience behavior
  • Exhibitor statistics to determine their success
  • Post-event reports for later reference
  • Data migration options for cross-platform usage

The features list continues. vFairs offers Event Gamification, Virtual Event Marketing, Event Building, Event Sponsorship, and many more features, making it one of the best virtual event platforms.

vFairs Pricing

Unlike major virtual events platforms for conferences that overcharge customers for increasing attendee count, vFairs offers complete event registration charges for unlimited attendees. Furthermore, vFair’s transparent pricing policies allow customers to get a customized quote for their event. It means that you can adjust the pricing of your event depending on the virtual event services you want.

You can also get a free personalized demo of all vFairs features and choose the best ones for your event. With vFairs, you can access shareable product presentations, industry-specific testimonials, and references.

vFairs Reviews on G2

Here is what customers have to say about vFairs:

“The customer service is top-notch! Our PM did not leave a single task lagging and supported us through all the planning, event design, sponsorship, client outreach, attendee outreach, and execution of our event with utmost efficiency.” – Shradha S.

“The platform provides ample opportunities for attendees to engage with resources, providers, and each other. There are many incentives to keep them interested, and the virtual experience is fully customizable, which lends to a relatable in-person conference feel. We liked the diversity of avatars, the live tech support, and the ability to brand everything.” – Julie S.

“The one-on-one support was amazing. The quick changes, updates, and suggestions were greatly appreciated. The team quickly made updates and met our needs.” –Morgan G.

2. BigMarker

big marker logoBigMarker is another famous name in the list of best virtual event platforms. BigMaker features easy-to-use virtual events services along with integration options. BigMarker is compatible to use with browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

BigMarker features 15+ virtual event solutions, making it easier for the event organizers to choose the virtual experience they want to replicate. Even though the platform provides a customization option, a first-time user can find the interface confusing. The steep learning curve can be a deal-breaker for event organizers who prefer easy-to-use virtual event platforms.

Although the platform poses as a one-stop solution for all hybrid, in-person, and virtual event needs, it is a restricted software tool that is only best suited for webinars. Therefore, if you are looking for one of the best virtual event platforms for your next big event, there may be better options than BigMarker.

BigMarker Virtual Event Features

Although the software tool has plenty of interactive features to offer organizers looking for a webinar solution, it also has some notable virtual event tools.

Virtual Venue

With the help of modules, you can create a virtual venue for your event by BigMarker. The modules help with mixing and matching based on your use cases to develop an online event experience.

Moreover, you can also add some configurable elements to your welcome page. You can tell your attendees what the event is about, who will attend, and more through a customizable landing page.


BigMarker offers easy registration options within the platform. Hosts can choose the type of passes they want to provide and which modules allow the specific key to access.


With a customizable check-in journey, attendees can build event badges, choose agendas to attend, and browse recommended connections based on profile and interest. However, connecting with others in a virtual event is necessary. The virtual event solutions do not offer engagement and interactivity options compared to its competitors.

Main Stage

The main stage is where attendees view each session. With BigMarker, you can configure the interactive panel to define how audience engagement stands for you.


With a leaderboard, you can drive more engagement to your event. The prize packs often feature prizes for the sponsors, which is also an excellent way to generate more audience.

The virtual event tools by your chosen best virtual events platform must offer advanced features to set your event up for success. For instance, the platform does not offer break-out sessions, which can limit event interactivity. While with the features provided by the forum, you can shape an exciting webinar; you must aim for something other than an immersive virtual event experience for your attendees.

BigMarker Pricing

BigMarker does not disclose the pricing and plans for virtual events. You must contact the sales team to access pricing details for its virtual events plans: single event license, multi-event license, and unlimited event license.

However, as per the users of GetApp and other SaaS product review websites, BigMarker is a bit expensive compared to its competitors.

Pros & Cons

Here is what users on G2 have to say about BigMarker.


“There are a good number making it easy to customize for various scenarios – making the tool very versatile! The platform is easy to use and the BigMarker team constantly makes improvements. The fact that you can use the platform for both webinars and meetings is such a convenience!” – Shade O.


“The UI/UX isn’t fabulous on the backend. The front end is good. It cannot be easy to navigate inside the menus as well. Additionally, the price could be better to allow for smaller business to get a larger plan.” – Matthew C.

“The platform isn’t the most economical option on the market (it’s better for companies as opposed to solo creators)” – Sunny T.

3. HeySummit

Virtual Events For Everyone

Before we start defining the features of HeySummit as a virtual event platform, here is a disclaimer: HeySummit is not a self-contained virtual event platform. The platform needs to be integrated with Zoom or BigMarker to deliver content. Therefore, it might appear simple initially, but a lot more setup is happening behind the scenes.

Although the summit is an easy-to-use platform, its ease mainly relies on the fact that it has limited virtual event services to offer. The platform provides a few options for customization. For instance, you can access a built-in email system, but you need more than custom emails to create something that promotes your brand.

HeySummit Features

The limited features of the platform can also limit the organizer’s creativity. However, the following are some features that can add value to a virtual event:

Landing Page Builder

You can create customizable landing pages with Hey Summit’s landing page builder. All you have to do is choose a pre-built theme to get started with your landing page. You can then customize a few things in it. Then, you must review and edit the landing pages with a pre-loaded speaker list, countdown timers, and more.

Talk Management

Another key feature of the summit platform is the ability to stream live or pre-recorded sessions. The host can decide whether the speaker will speak live in an event or on-demand content will be displayed.

Dashboard Control

Another feature of HeySummit is the dashboard control for speakers. With this feature, your speakers can review, update, and manage their bios and more information.

Unfortunately, HeySummit does not offer interactive or engaging features for a virtual event. Therefore, if you are looking for one of the best virtual event platforms to host a life-like virtual event, you can not count on HeySummit.

HeySummit Pricing

HeySummit not only imposes restrictions on virtual event features but also has a set limit for attendee counts. Here are the plans and prices of the HeySummit virtual event solution:

  • Starter: This package includes an attendee limit of up to 250. Moreover, it does not offer advanced ticketing, the ability to remove HeySummit branding, or affiliate capabilities. The package is $33/month.
  • Growth: This package has an attendee limit of up to 1,250. Although the package offers affiliate capabilities, it does not provide advanced ticketing or options to remove HeySummit branding. The package is $99/month.
  • Success: This package has an attendee limit of up to 5,000. This package offers options to remove HeySummit, bringing advanced ticketing and affiliate capabilities. This package starts at $299/month.

Pros & Cons

Here is what customers on G2 have to say about HeySummit.


“The interface is pretty intuitive and the help section answered all my questions. I love the ease of setup and the ability to communicate with my speakers and participants directly through the platform.” – Julie K.


“Like with any tool, there’s a learning curve, and it took me a minute to figure out how to navigate. I did have some questions and a few missteps, but testing helped.” –  Julie K.

“I wish there were more of a way to incorporate exhibitors and sponsors. So far, there’s no exhibit area in HeySummit.” – Marlys A.

4. Goldcast

Goldcast raises $10M in seed funding led by Unusual and HubSpot Ventures to help B2B marketers run engaging events and drive revenue

Goldcast is a digital events platform that offers ways to turn online events into revenue-making events. Goldcast was purposely built for enterprises and event marketers to organize, execute, and measure online events.

With Goldcast, marketers can host various events, whether small webinars or significant summits.

Goldcast Features

The following are some key features of Goldcast:


Goldcast offers to customize registration forms. You can design the registration form to display your brand better. Also, these forms are easy to make, and no coding is required.

Live or Pre-recorded Videos

Goldcast features allow you to run single or multiple track events with concurrent sessions. You can also make full use of live and pre-recorded video sessions.

Engagement tools

Compared to vFairs, Goldcast could be better equipped with advanced engagement features, but if you are looking for engagement tools for a small webinar, then 1:1 chat, photo booths, and leaderboards can do the job.

CRM Integrations

Goldcast offers detailed attendee analytics and event insights in real time. It also offers CRM integrations that help with live event hosting.

Goldcast Pricing

Goldcast does not offer transparent pricing policies. However, the pricing information for Goldcast is supplied by the software provider. Also, the final negotiations will be conducted with the seller for Goldcast services.

Pros & Cons

Here is what users on G2 have to say about Goldcast.


“I love the platform experience. Both in the backend but even for our attendees that come. There is a variety of options from just a webinar to a 3-day event.” – Regina B.


“I do wish the library area was a little different. Currently, you put all your assets in one section. It’s in their roadmap to have the library section by event.” – Regina B.

“The creation of branding for the organization during virtual event setup is a little bit tricky. The overall functions and tools available with Goldcast are impressive and work perfectly for me.” – Kamran A.

5. Hubilo

Hubilo to Launch New Hybrid Events Platform to Capture and Drive Audience Engagement

Hubilo is a virtual and hybrid event platform. Hubilo is built with a focus on audience engagement. Although Hubilo offers a user-friendly layout, there are better platforms for running a simple webinar. This is because Hubilo needs to provide AV production assistance in-house. Planners need to add these capabilities through third-party services.

Hubilo Features

Here are some of the critical features of the event platform:

Event registration: Even though the platform does not offer in-depth customization options like vFairs, users can build an event registration page within the app.

The event registration page helps associate tickets and accept payments. Hubilo handles the payment process through Stripe and Chargebee payment systems. Further invoicing and accounting of costs are done through the platform as well.

Live and pre-recorded streaming sessions: Like many other virtual event platforms, Hubilo provides options to host both live and pre-recorded videos. Videos can be streamed through Hubilo Streaming, Vimeo, YouTube, and Zoom. The Hubilo Streaming series offers playback sessions with minimal latency.

In-session audience engagement: The basic engagement options available to attendees, such as Q&A, live polls, and chat, are part of the engagement features offered by Hubilo. Session hosts and speakers can encourage engagement by creating polls, participating in moderated questions and answers, and highlighting essential items.

Analytics: Hubilo provides a range of analyses to help organizers understand the number behind their events. The analytics reports are available on the dashboard. Reports include event engagement statistics and attendee information. These analytics can be viewed across multiple events to identify the pattern.

Hubilo Pricing

Although Hubilo does not offer transparent pricing plans and policies on its official website, it has set the attendee limit for the customers.

  • The Advanced Package has an attendee limit set of 1000.
  • The Pro Package has an attendee limit set of 2000.
  • The Enterprise package has a limit set of 4000.

Pros & Cons

Look at what customers have to say about Hubilo on G2.


“The solution is flexible and can be configured based on the requirements of your events. ” – Bryan S.


“The quoting process can be a bit complicated to know exactly what features are needed until you begin to further construct the event. It would be great to simply add onto the duration of the features longer than the set event days as it could get costly to leave the platform open beyond the event days due to bandwidth costs that are needed for the Rooms and Lounge.” – Kyle K.

“Like any system, we can only customize within the given framework of the system. For example, in order to create a one-page agenda with speaker photos and titles, we had to embed a third-party app.” – Verified User

6. CventCvent logo

Cvent offers cloud-based virtual event solutions. The platform offers registration, event management, venue selection, and other digital event platform features.

Even though Cvent is a leading virtual event services provider, it still needs some basic yet core features for a successful virtual event. It is important to note that Cvent customer support is often subjected to negative customer reviews. Several clients have reported needing to improve the customer support offered by the platform.

Another objection that has often been associated with Cvent is its hidden charges. Hidden charges can be a significant turn-off for virtual event organizers. Unlike one of the best virtual events platforms, vFairs, Cvent can impose additional charges for more features.

Cvent Features

Here are some of the critical features of the virtual event platform that you should not miss:

Registration: Easy registration may not be the most advanced feature for a successful virtual event, but it is still essential. The event registration feature makes it easy for the organizers to monitor registrations. Irrespective of the size of your event, you can tailor this feature at your convenience.

Event promotion: Cvent’s event promotion feature helps organizers market their events. The feature allows social media tools, event websites, and event calendars.

Reporting and Insights: The reporting features provide contact history details and come with unlimited custom reports. You can get an in-depth analysis of your event’s performance with just a few simple clicks.

Engagement: Some virtual event platforms have their limits. Cvent has limited options when it comes to attendee engagement. The live Q&A feature, chat, and upvoting features within the platform work fine but are determined by the absence of a networking feed on the homepage. Features availability can hamper audience engagement rate. And we all know successful attendee engagement features are crucial for virtual events.

Cvent has a long way to go. It still needs to catch up on vFairs regarding virtual event features and customer satisfaction rates. G2 has given Cvent 4.3 out of 5.

Cvent Pricing

Cvent has yet to make its pricing policies and plans available. However, per customer reviews on event management software websites – the platform could be more affordable. A lot of customers have complained about the pricing structure of the forum.

Pros & Cons

Have a look at what customers have to say about Cvent:


“The ease in registration and user-friendliness. I love that all of our event registration information can be stored in one place that anyone in our team can access.” – Justina H.


“Lack of flexibility in certain areas of the site specifically reports and other backend admin tasks.” – Justina H.

“Needing to upload pre-recorded sessions for someone else to process, instead of being able to do that ourselves.” – John V.

7. WebEx Events

Video Conferencing, Cloud Calling & Screen Sharing | Webex by Cisco

Webex Events is an end-to-end event management platform. The platform helps organizers and marketers with customizable event platforms for their events.

Although Webex is appreciated for its security features, the platform is less feature-rich than its alternatives.

However, if you are looking for the best virtual event platforms for conducting an immersive and life-like virtual event, you should choose a better feature-rich platform like vFairs.

WebEx Events Features

Here are some of the primary virtual event solutions offered by WebEx Events:

Live Streaming and Video: WebEx Events offers native streaming options, WebEx Events Streaming, RTMP, and integration options with YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Streamable, and Facebook.

Organizers can also upload pre-recorded content, which is helpful for simulive sessions or videos used on sponsor pages and resource lists.

Content pages: WebExEvents supports multiple document types within the event schedule, and planners can link supportive records for the sessions. These documents include videos, PDFs, and images.

Session chat: As mentioned above, WebEx Events lacks event features. Similarly, the platform needs to provide advanced engagement features for its customers.

However, with session chat, future admins can set chat at a session level. The live stream feature can directly add and make a session available. If you have 15 sessions in your event, you can enable the chat across all 15 sessions to keep them enabled for some and not for others. Besides this feature, the platform offers Q&A and polling quality for event engagement.

Networking: Networking features are limited on the WebEx Events platform as well. Video chat rooms, 1:1 video chat, direct 1:1 chat, meeting booking, and third-party integrations are available to promote networking in your virtual event.

However, one feature that we found interesting in the platform is the Shake and Connect. The Shake and Connect feature allows attendees to shake their phones and discover people around them. However, this feature is only applicable in a live event setting.

Suppose you want something this interesting in a virtual event. In that case, you must connect to vFairs, which offers intelligent matchmaking, spatial connect, and many more unique networking features for virtual event attendees.

WebEx Events Pricing

WebEx Events does not offer public pricing. However, the best way to get pricing plans and details is to request a custom quote on their website.

Pros & Cons

Have a look at what customers on G2 have to say about the platform:


“Webex meetings have helped make it easy for teams to connect. Whether it is a big meeting or a small chat, Webex meetings can handle the task.” – Chris Q.


“There are times when our company hosts large meetings intended to be attended or viewed by the whole company. In these instances, we find that Webex meetings take up a considerable amount of bandwidth and cause site performance issues, and the meeting suffers.” – Chris Q.

“With every piece of software, there come quirks and bugs. so far, the bugs have been minimal. Had to go down for an Organization transfer/change to put all under one Organization. But as of now, we are good!” – Jeremy S.

 8. Zuddl


Another name on our list of best virtual events platforms is Zuddl. Zuddl is a customizable virtual event platform that offers drag-and-drop features. When compared to its alternative, Zuddl is a new virtual event and webinar management software. Zuddl was founded in 2020 and has served over 100 customers.

Although the digital events platform is in its early development stage, and customers have shown concerns over the lack of customization and virtual event features, it is still worth making the list.

Zuddl Features

Here are some Zuddl features:

Tech stack: Customers can streamline their events with landing pages, video production, registration, and on-demand content. For attendee boost, the platform offers timely reminders and automated calendar blocks.

Designing: The drag-and-drop features by Zuddl help with creating spectacular events. As we said, the platform is in its early development stages, so the customization options are limited.

Networking: Networking features are also minimal on the platform. The platform offers 1:1 chat and video features and gamification.

Zuddl Pricing

Zuddl offers the following packages for its virtual event services and webinars.

  • Webinar: The package starts at $1,000, wh 1000 attendees and three organizers limit.
  • Virtual: The package starts from $2,000 with 1500 attendees and ten organizers limit.
  • Enterprise: Pricing details are not disclosed about the package, but it includes hosting significant events like webinars and virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

Pros & Cons

Customers’ verdict on G2 about the platform.


“The tool allows a superb level of customization. It starts right from the lobby area to the start of the session as well as being able to customize the first preview video.” – Vishnu T.


“Could add more colour themes to match the brand themes, otherwise the UI is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Additional nudges/chatbot functionality could be added to make it more user-friendly.” Manish B.

“Need to make reminders more customized. It requires a really good connection to work properly, which isn’t possible at every moment. It responds slowly at times. Besides these, it has no cons.” – Chitrang S.

9. Accelevents

accelevents logoAccelevents is an all-in-one event management platform. Accelevents is an event platform that helps organizers with virtual, in-person, or hybrid events. Accelevents helps with event hosting with customizable and engaging features.

But before we jump to features, it is essential to acknowledge that Accelevents limits customization. At the same time, the customization features of the platform are helpful for personalized attendee journeys in a virtual event. Still, more is needed to provide an immersive virtual event experience.

Accelevents Features

Here are some of the virtual events services of another name in the list of best virtual event platforms:

Event customization: The platform offers customization options with event landing pages, an event hub, and tailored registration. Event landing page customization allows organizers to select text, colors, images, labels, and buttons.

Event Hub customization will enable organizers to customize session areas, engagement features, lobby, etc. Lastly, with tailored registration, organizers can customize the registration process.

Integrated Live Streaming: An integrated live-streaming feature can help attendees enjoy videos. Accelevents can be integrated with tools like Zoom, Facebook Live, YouTube, RTMP, and more.

Attendee Engagement: Although Accelevents does not offer a wide range of attendee engagement features like vFairs, it provides some basic features such as gamification like badges and rewards.

In-depth Analysis: The in-depth analysis features allow the host to download activity data. The data helps recognize whether attendees are engaged during the event or not. The analysis features include dashboard and session reports, engagement insights, and exhibitors’ lead reports.

Accelevents Pricing

Following are the Accelevents pricing plans:

  • Starter Package: Starting at $500 per event, the starter package offers 20 sessions for a 1-2 day event.
  • Professional Package: Starting at $5000 per event, the package includes unlimited event days and sessions.
  • Scale Package: Starting at $125 per month, the package includes 20 sessions with a 1-2 day event and a 250-attendee limit.
  • Enterprise Package: Starting at $1250 per month, the package is similar to the scale plan. However, the package charges additional fees for third-party integrations, attendee personalization, branding opportunities, and much more.

Pros & Cons

Here is what customers on G2 think about Accelevents.


“The absolute best thing about this platform is the people behind it. The staff who work on the Chat section are such helpful people!” – Andrea D.


“I’m afraid the platform has a very steep learning curve. I’m pretty confident that I will be able to work with it again next year, but other users have to rely on me to work with the system.” Andrea D.

“The gamification aspect could be improved in the platform. It’s not bad, but it could be better by incorporating the entire event instead of just sections of the event.” – Andrew E.

10. RingCentral Events

Hopin logo

Ring Central Events (formerly known as Hopin Events) is another addition to our list of best platforms for virtual events.

RingCentral Events is a virtual event management platform that believes in providing an in-person experience but online. RingCentral Events also offers tools for physical, virtual, and hybrid events.

However, RingCentral Events only offers limited features for events. Therefore, corporates with time to set up events on their own and users familiar with all tech-savviness required for events are suitable for RingCentral Events.

Suppose you want a dedicated team of professionals to take the burden off you and execute top-notch events. In that case, you should count on vFairs, not RingCentral Events.

RingCentral Events Features

Regardless of limited options, here are some major virtual event features by RingCentral Events:

Virtual venue: RingCentral Events offers a virtual venue option to organizers who want to conduct a virtual event on the platform. The feature allows users to create a reception page, event stages, and breakout sessions during the event. Although vFairs offers many more options in virtual settings with immersive 3D virtual environments, RingCentral Events has basic virtual event features.

Studio: RingCentral Events allows the host to share pre-recorded videos of any length directly into evet. RingCentral Events makes it happen by integrating with Streamyard Studio. Up to 10 speakers can participate in a panel to make discussions more interesting.

Event Marketing: RingCentral Events Canvas helps users create their content through customizable templates. All you have to do is move some blocks around on your event and landing pages.

vFairs and other best virtual event platforms offer much more widely-ranging drag-and-drop opinions, which RingCentral Events still needs to provide.

Integrations: RingCentral Events integrates with CRM tools such as HubSpot and email tools such as MailChimp. RingCentral Events also integrates with the GoFundMe campaign, Kahoot, and Miro Whiteboard to boost attendee engagement.

However, one major downfall of the integration feature and platform is that users need the help of a dedicated IT person to use these integration options.

RingCentral Events Pricing

Following are RingCentral Events price plans:

  • Free: With 1 admitted seat and a 100-attendee limit, this package lets users connect with the audience for only 2 hours. The package claims to be free.
  • Starter: This package costs $99 per month with one admin seat and a 100-attendee limit. However, the event can be up to 3 days in length.
  • Growth: For $799 per month, this package offers five admin seats, an attendee limit of up to 100, and events up to 3 days in length.

What is shocking is that all the packages mentioned above only offer email and chat support to users. You should expect something other than dedicated customer support with a dedicated project manager, onboarding training, or similar services.

  • Advanced Plans: While the advanced plan of Hopin offers customer support, onboarding training, and even services, the pricing details for the package are not disabled for the public. The package also includes 10+ admin seats.

Pros & Cons

Here is what customers have to say about RingCentral Events.


“Our event included pre-recorded and live panels, a Careers Fair, and good interactivity through the networking function. We aimed to replicate, as best as possible, the experience from our physical festival, and we were certainly able to achieve this with the opportunities available on Hopin.” – Ollie J.


“It’s less about disliking any features of Hopin, just more so some tweaks to the organiser experience. We would’ve liked analytics on emails sent through the platform, notifications for organisers when exhibitors/speakers have registered and a couple of other minor things which would’ve helped us during our event.” – Ollie J.

“An inconvenience was that we couldn’t upload a long HD video directly to hoping and that the auto-captions couldn’t be edited and adjusted.” Agnes G.


How do I choose a virtual event platform?

When choosing a virtual event platform, look for the following features: virtual environment, chat & networking, user-friendly interface, customizable options, and integrations.

How do you host a fun virtual event?

You can make virtual event fun with online virtual event activities such as trivia, quizzes, virtual scavenger hunts, and virtual leaderboards.

How do I make my virtual event more interactive?

To make your virtual event more interactive, choose the virtual event platform that offers live chat, live Q&A, live polling, virtual booths, and gamification.

What makes a virtual event successful?

If you want to set up your virtual event for success, ensure you provide your attendees with ample networking opportunities.

Which is the best virtual event platform?

The best is a virtual event platform offering networking, engagement, and customization features. vFairs provides a wide range of virtual event features beyond networking, employment, and customization features.


10 Best Virtual Event Platforms [2024] – TOP Ranking


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