Client Success Stories – Why Virtual Open Days Are A Game Changer

University Open Days have traditionally been used as an essential part of promotional efforts for campuses to open their doors to prospective students and their families. Allowing them to visit the university premises, ask questions regarding programs, explore financial aid options and more, Virtual Open Days are far more useful than simply using a prospectus to share information with guests. However, there is definitely a hefty price tag attached for the host.

From staffing, orientation planning, refreshments, marketing collateral and a limited time slot to leave an impact on the attendees, there’s also the drawback of limited accessibility restricted to local audience. Due to the hindered lead generation caused by exclusion of potential students from other territories and countries, the institutes undoubtedly suffer.  

This is why a growing volume of universities are now relying on vFair’s Virtual Open Day solution to simplify their event planning and execution to boost enrollment numbers, cut costs, and deliver a convenient online tour of the campus without requiring the target audience to physically visit the campus location. An all-in-one customized solution, we’re happy to share our client’s experiences and success stories so you too can consider going the virtual route to achieve the benefits of global recognition, increased leads, and improved accessibility for all:


1) Mariela Orellana (Associate Director of Admissions) 

University logo
IE Business School

IE Business School (Madrid, Spain)

“All the sessions were engaging and we got a good number of attendees and great feedback on emails/chats.” She added: “You guys gave us amazing support, timely responses and a super professional approach in all our calls/emails/communications. It has been truly a pleasure to work with all of you and we hope that once we share the numerical results with our management we will be able to repeat this type of events again.”

Our Virtual Open Days not only empower clients with the benefits of affordability and ease of setup, but also add value by boosting attendee engagement. By incorporating webinars and immersive content such as 360 degree campus tours, prospects and parents can learn about the facilities in comprehensive detail directly from department and administration heads. Virtual Conference

Main hall
Virtual Information desk

Without any need for staff to reschedule their days and lose out on productivity, the Blend IT! Virtual Open Day ensured that visitors could access their desired content at any hour of the day using their desktop or mobile-friendly device in a distraction-free setting that required zero travel and expenses.

Virtual lobby
Virtual Booths

Providing customized virtual booths to departments equipped with downloadable resources such as curriculum and instructor information, the booths also had pre-announced staffing hours. With vFair’s powerful features of audio, text and video chat features, all guests and university representatives freely discussed and exchanged insights to achieve free flow of communication in a secure environment.

The user-friendly interface with a fully staffed Information Desk ensured that event was seamless to navigate – no need for campus tour guides and maps meant that the virtual setting enabled prospects to get acquainted with their future surroundings without a hitch.

2) Camilla Potter (Student Recruitment Digital Manager)  

University Logo
Royal Holloway University of London

Royal Holloway, University of London

“We were looking for a platform provider who could deliver a bespoke platform which would facilitate one-to-one chats and display information and videos in a visually pleasing way. vFairs offered this, alongside an extremely high level of customer service and the willingness to go above and beyond. We were pleased to see feedback saying that the platform was visually engaging and easy to use.”

Royal Holloway is one of our favorite clients with recurring Virtual Open Day events that they use to keep pushing the bar of inclusivity, accessibility and overall excellence. With a strong commitment to ensuring that no prospective student is left behind, their recent WCAG compliant hosting strategy has made a tremendous impact at improving lead generation for the university.

Virtual Booth Area

Accessibility Features
Fully Customised Design And Colour Themes

Facilitating changes in color schemes for the visually impaired, page text narrations, and the option to change the event’s font size, vFair’s provided a custom event that spearheaded worldwide reach, and delivered measurable ROI and value through a user-friendly and engaging interface.

Virtual Open Day events can be hosted for weeks at a stretch, or just a few hours- all durations can be catered to match the host’s preferences.

Here’s how Royal Holloway, University of London made the best use of their Virtual Open Day:

  • Customized booths equipped with chat tools to help visitors have their questions answered from campus experts
  • Informative on-demand videos to downloadable resources that helped reduce marketing collateral expenses
  • There was value added by the vFairs team at every step of the way

Thus, it was no surprise that the powerful branding efforts attracted a large volume of participants interested in exploring their academic future at the Royal Holloway, University of London.

Virtual Auditorium


Revamp your Open Day events by going virtual. Our tried, tested and superior online event hosting solutions have helped clients amplify lead generation and benefit from cost reduction so that they can make their budgets go the extra mile. Delivering ease of information sharing, hassle-free communication, an immersive real-world like environment, and convenience of participation from any part of the world, Virtual Open Days can help you boost enrollment and outperform your competitors. Have questions?  The vFairs team offers free consultation and guidance so all your hosting challenges can be transformed into brilliant lead generating opportunities.

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