Features to Use at a Virtual Medical Equipment Trade Show

Generating qualified leads doesn’t require an expensive infrastructure or months of rigorous planning and strategizing – at least, not any more.

With a virtual medical equipment trade show, you can replicate much of what happens in an in-person trade show, without having to spend as much money or time.

Virtual trades shows offer a far greater reach and accessibility which translates to more leads. Additionally, lower entry barriers attract diverse exhibitors and attendees.

Virtual trade shows are all fine and dandy, but how do you make your next virtual medical equipment trade show a big success?

Let’s talk about that.

Features to Have at Your Next Virtual Medical Equipment Trade Show

1. Customizable Booths

Virtual trade shows should be everything an in-person trade show is, and more. Achieving that requires some serious planning and dedication. You’ll need to empower your exhibitors with all the tools and support they’ll need.

Customizable booths are a great way of doing that.

In-person trade shows required exhibitors to spend a serious amount of time and resources into building booths that would stand out. Doing that is not much of a hassle now that everything is easily customizable. All you need is a bit of creativity and a little direction.

Here’s what exhibitors should think of when designing their virtual booths:

Branding – Booths represent your company and provide you the perfect opportunity for branding. Think of ways you could set up company logos so that your booth stands out.

Live Demos – In a virtual setting, you don’t have to worry about noise pollution which is a great concern at in-person events. To make the most of it, ensure that your booth attendants are equipped with a fast internet connect and a high-end audio/video gear and host live 1:1 meetings with attendees. You can use this time to demo your products and build new connections and leads. 

Virtual Docs – For long-term lead generation, booths provide documents to visitors. In-person trade shows usually provide physical sheets that, more often than not, are lost or thrown away. Allowing exhibitors to share digital assets at their booths (in the form of PDFs, videos, links, etc.) solves this issue.

Avatars – Exhibitors can choose booth avatars according to what best represents their respective companies. This includes defining their age, gender, ethnicity, and style of clothing.

To further facilitate the process, you can offer a self-service booth setup form for exhibitors. It allows them to build custom booths according to their requirements.

2. Live Chat Tools

The success of your virtual medical equipment trade show depends on the amount and quality of interaction between visitors and exhibitors.

To facilitate smooth and productive interaction, your virtual trade show must feature live chat tools such as video conferencing.

Featuring 1:1 text chat with optional audio & video chat saves you from the pressure of long queues in front of your booths at an in-person trade show. Additionally, it allows for dedicated chats with individual visitors, increasing chances of conversion.

To further streamline the process, exhibitors can create a group chats where they answer frequently asked questions and target multiple leads simultaneously.

3. Live Webinars within Your Medical Equipment Trade Show

Virtual events are great in terms of their accessibility. Pharmaceutical and medical experts that wouldn’t be able to travel to an in-person trade show, could log on to their computers and educate the masses through live webinars at your virtual trade show.

To facilitate a two-way interaction, Q&A sessions should be scheduled further priming and educating potential leads.

After the event, you could upload recordings of both the live webinars and Q&A sessions on the trade show website for long-term lead generation.

4. Virtual Shopping Carts

Your online trade show should have a virtual shopping cart that allows visitors to add various products that interest them. They can either make purchases on the spot or save the products for later.

Exhibitors will get prompts of the purchases in real-time. So they can fulfill the orders during or after the show has ended.

5. Online Games

It might seem like an unimportant addition but virtual games play an essential role in virtual trade shows.

One of the major concerns of visitors with virtual trade shows and other virtual events is the lack of engagement. Adding activities like trivia quizzes, leader boards, and scavenger hunts allow attendees to have a bit of fun and immerse in the virtual experience.

The more engaged your audience is, the more likely it is to stay and the longer your audience stays at your event the higher are your chances of converting them.

6. Event Analytics

There’s a limit to the amount of useful data you’ll receive at the end of a physical trade show. A basic report of who attended the conference is (mostly) your best shot.

Conducting virtual trade shows open doors to data and analytics that was unthinkable just a few years ago.

You can allow exhibitors to track every move of their visitors. From what webinars they attended and what digital content they viewed and/or downloaded to how much time they spent at a particular place – you know it all.

This allows for a more segmented and personalized lead nurturing approach. Such data tells you what kind of content interests a certain demographic. Using that information, companies can devise more effective follow-up strategies by providing personalized content.

Such data can be compiled and presented to all exhibitors in real-time, granted that you’re using the right platform for your virtual trade show.

The point is…

In-person medical equipment trade shows have their own strong points, and they’re here to say. But the kind of convenience, reach, and ROI virtual trade shows provide is something the pharmaceutical industry needs to take notice of.

Hosting a medical equipment trade show in a digital setting will open your pharmaceutical business to new horizons, transcending all spatial barriers. Don’t wait, cash in on this unprecedented tool of virtual trade shows now!


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Features to Use at a Virtual Medical Equipment Trade Show

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