Features to use At a Virtual Telecommunications Conference

Hosting a virtual telecommunications conference is a new trend being used by many industries and businesses these days. Due to the current pandemic situation, the world is going through several changes; not very common just a few years back, right?

As the world has already become a global village, we wish not to face such circumstances where we have to sacrifice something to keep business or existence up. As time passes, the world is getting equipped with loads of facilities such as telecommunications. No matter where you are currently living, connecting with your loved ones, business partners, clients, and others from within the comfort of your home is a game-changer.

The Actual Concept…

The actual concept behind a telecommunications conference is; as a host, you don’t have to arrange an event physically as you might go through several difficulties, especially when there is a pandemic that has already affected things so badly. Simply use a virtual conference platform to communicate with likeminded professionals worldwide.

Everything is virtual, from the beginning till the end. Not only do you cut major expenses including rental spaces and catering, but also you get to choose some of the best features that are only offered during virtual events. Curious? Keep scrolling. 

Telecommunications Conference Features 

Below we have compiled top-trending features that make any telecommunications conference the best online experience for both the host and the attendees:

1. Customization

One of the best features of hosting a telecommunications conference is; you have customization right in your hand. With a team fully focused on your event and ready to suggest what works best to make your virtual event successful, you don’t need to worry about certain things. 

You can get your personalized brand identity when hosting the conference. To achieve this, you must find the best telecommunications conference platform that allows customizing every aspect of your event just as you want.

Also, you must have access to personalized tools provided by the solution itself. That way, you would have fewer difficulties and more ease to host your online event like a pro. Our team knows exactly what works the best for a certain kind of online event. You can actually build a customs feature together. 

2. Social Media Exposure

Social media has now become the most useful tool to promote anything ranging from daily goods to large conferences. You can get exposure to a vast audience and reach out to millions of active users just through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

While conducting a telecommunications conference, you must look for a solution that has a collaboration with multiple social media platforms. This way, your job will be much easier by getting huge exposure with an option to reach millions of people. The best part is such people are already looking for you on those platforms. 

While working with vFairs you get the opportunity to work with bigger social media connecting firms like walls.io where they integrate social media walls right into your virtual event. As a result, you offer better connectivity to the attendees in the easiest manner. 

3. Broadcast Recorded Content

This feature might sound the most important; indeed it is. You should be hosting your telecommunications conference on a solution where you get the broadcasting pre-recorded content. Why would you need this feature? 

The question is good enough, but the answer is simpler:

Not all of your telecommunications conferences need to be live. As far as you simply want to reach the maximum audience, you should be finding someone that has this particular feature available. So in case you are not able to host a live event, you can just record and publish the content and everyone can access the content at their suitable time. 

vFairs offers this priceless feature knowing that nothing can overcome the hurdle if you are not offering something that has the ultimate value and impact. You can conduct live webinars, semi-live presentations, or even stream recorded sessions even after the event is over. 

4. Feedback and Growth

This is another useful feature you should be seeking while choosing a solution for your online event. Once you organize more telecommunications conferences, you get to know what your attendees want to see. 

You can conduct surveys for your audiences. In this way, they can easily come up with feedback to help you analyze your performances based on your audience’s feedback. When you work with vFairs, you get to avail the Info Desk feature that is available at every event. The attendees are free to chat with the hosts as well as our technical teams to resolve any issue. In short, it is an ideal platform to collect valuable feedback from attendees that ultimately help in the betterment of an upcoming event. 

By using this feature you can schedule a meeting based on a poll. You can in fact survey your sponsors as well. That’s how you can actually grow your online conferences and your audience to the higher extent possible. 

5. Sponsorships

vFairs is also a leader when it comes to having sponsors for your digital events. You can get sponsors who can fund your telecommunications conference. It is a win-win situation for both parties. As a host, you can offer sponsors an exciting deal of brand visibility across the virtual platform. This may include virtual signage in the lobby area as well as exhibit booths in the exhibit hall. 

In short, as a token of appreciation for their sponsorship, you can go on speaking opportunities similar to what it looks like at an in-person conference. 

Due to the pandemic, a number of big names have finally realized that they also need to sponsor virtually. This is the main reason they offer multiple deals and ideas such as setting up a give-a-way or they might bring some celebrities to add more value to your virtual events. In return, their brand visibility is what they seek at the end of the day. 

6. Major Insights and Reporting

Do you know what makes virtual telecommunications conferences different from typical physical conferences?

Yes, these are the insights and reports that one can get after each event organized. It allows you to see information on how your attendees interacted with your online conference and what were actions they performed during the conference.

Insights and reporting allow you to plan your next event more efficiently. At vFairs, you also get to avail of real-time data during your online event. We also offer exhibitors their very own booth activity metrics for better analytics.

7. Timely Customer Support

All the top service-providing companies in the world focus more on better customer support. This helps them reduce the communication gap between the company and its customers. 

Why do you need customer support? The question definitely arises.

The answer is, you host a virtual telecommunications conference which means you might go through several hurdles such as sign-in difficulties, internet disconnections, and many other things that may affect your conference. To avoid these, you should have a customer support team always available to assist you in real-time. When you opt for vFairs as your hosting partner, a team of professionally trained individuals will assist you from start to finish. 

From general to technical support, the team knows how to deal with and offer live support on the event day(s). 


Last but not the least, a virtual telecommunications conference is fun if done the right way. Especially, when you have all the above-mentioned features right under your control. You exactly know when and how to engage with your audience, answering their queries, conduction surveys, offering your attendees valuable give-a-ways, and much more. 

vFairs always strives to gather all the features collectively under one roof.

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Features to use At a Virtual Telecommunications Conference

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