Hopin Review: Pricing, Features & Alternative

What is Hopin?

Launched in 2019, Hopin is a virtual event management platform. Hopin describes itself as a platform that has been created to give the feel of an in-person event, with meaningful interactions and engagement, but all online. However, it does offer physical event management tools as well.

Whether your event is a physical, virtual, or hybrid one, Hopin offers options for limited groups. These groups would largely include big corporations who have time to set up an event on their own. Or users with some level of tech-savviness. These limited options make Hopin less accessible to a larger number of customers. 

Let’s take a deep dive into a Hopin review.

Hopin Products

Hopin offers a few major products. These are:

1. Virtual Venues

Hopin offers a virtual experience that feels like the user is navigating a website. This includes a reception page, event stages, and breakout sessions. These can be presented through videos that are pre-recorded or live. The platform offers some engagement tools as well, including polls and quizzes, one-to-one chats, and group video networking sessions. 

However, vFairs offers much more as it curates an immersive 3D virtual environment for you. This can be replicated to look like your office or event venue space. Exhibition halls with exhibition booths and a separate auditorium are additional virtual spaces offered by vFairs. 

According to a Hopin review on G2:

“As an end user the virtual venue made it easy to move between different conference rooms/stages and booths.” – User in Information Technology and Services

2. Studio

Hopin offers integration with Streamyard Studio, whereby hosts can easily share live or pre-recorded videos of any length directly into a Hopin event. According to Hopin reviews, clients can add their logos, banners, or any other layers of branding. Speakers are offered a virtual green-room which they can sit in and wait before the event starts. 

Up to 10 speakers can partake in a panel in order to make the discussions more dynamic. It also offers seven different video layout template options where speakers can be repositioned according to the host. vFairs, however, allows you to have as many speakers as you wish at a time, and as many attendees per session.

This is what a user a has to say about this feature on G2:

“I like the Streamyard studio, but I wish it allowed easy virtual backgrounds.” –

User in Non-Profit Organization Management

3. Event Marketing

Hopin Canvas enables you to create your own content through customizable templates. You have to move blocks around on your landing page or event pages. You can also make live changes within minutes from the Hopin dashboard. 

Let’s see what users have to say about this feature on G2:

  • “I wish all the branding and marketing elements were located together on the platform as you need to click in and out of several locations to brand the front end of the event and to create & send emails.” – Elizabeth S – Digital Marketing & Design
  • “The documentation and marketing material needs to keep pace with the active development within the platform.” – Chris N – Head of Digital

vFairs doesn’t limit you to drag-and-drop templates. The team provides you with the option to customize your event as per your requirements. Thus you have access to the backend to move features around or you can ask your dedicated project manager to do this for you. vFairs is flexible in this capacity as it provides clients with an entire team to their behest. 

4. Integrations

Hopin reviews say that the Hopin App store offers various integrations with its platforms for its clients. This includes CRM tools such as Hubspot or email tools such as MailChimp. You can integrate a GoFund me campaign, Miro Whiteboard or Kahoot for more engagement. According to G2 reviews:

According to a Hopin review on G2:

“We are having issues with the Marketo integration and Hopin support was unable to figure that out.” –

Maria H – Event Marketing Associate

It’s important to note that custom integrations may be difficult without the help of a dedicated IT person. Since vFairs offers you a dedicated project manager, you can do custom integrations without people having to chase down a customer support rep, that’s a big win.

Hopin Pros & Cons

Hopin offers great features for all of its products among other things. Let’s delve into a few of the pros and cons.


  • “Our Hopin event team was very helpful and encouraging.”
  • “Breakout rooms have nice features such as setting the number of people in each room and the amount of time you want the breakout to last.”
  • “Hopin was easy to learn and execute events.”


  • “One of the downsides is the fact you are limited to your attendee numbers.”
  • “They currently only support STRIPE payment for paid tickets.”
  • “Adding graphics and images that size correctly and don’t get mushed to the Hopin email system is tricky and I generally have to give it several tries.”
  • “The calendar function does not really exist for the platform, they need to work on duplicating events – which has a broken journey for now and really need to improve on how to further customize the platform.”
  • “Login and registration are too confusing for a lot of delegates they think they have registered when they have only logged in. The User Experience in this area could be simplified.”

*All reviews are from G2

As you can see, the cons outweigh the pros. Therefore, platforms like vFairs is a better alternative as it provides the option to integrate any of the video conferencing tools your company is used to. These options can be embedded into the platform for easy access and efficiency. vFairs supports tools such as:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • MS Teams
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • And more! 

vFairs: A Better Hopin Competitor and Alternative 

What is vFairs?

vFairs is a one stop solution for all your virtual, hybrid and in-person event needs. It is an entire virtual environment that replicates a physical one. Apart from a landing page and a lobby, vFairs offers you a virtual exterior building that can be replicated to look like any event venue of your choice. It is more than a flat website-like video and chat platform. 

You have features like a virtual auditorium, exhibition halls, poster halls, and networking lounges. The platform provides integrations with various software such as Miro Whiteboard, Zoom and Kahoot. You can even add new ones as per your needs. vFairs is always adapting with its clients.

Switch to vFairs from Hopin Today – Here Are 5 Reasons Why 

Versatile Features

Having hosted virtual events since 2016, vFairs has some incredible features such as auto matchmaking for efficiency and time saving. For very big events, with multiple speaker sessions, the platform even allows attendees to customize their schedules. This helps them manage their time efficiently and not miss out on sessions they truly wish to be part of. 

Many new engagement features keep attendees fully immersed in the virtual environment. vFairs offers a range of languages and various accessibility features as well, including captioning, text readability adjustments and more!

Dedicated Project Management

Every client is assigned a dedicated project manager and team. The team manages all pre, during and post event planning, organizing and troubleshooting. Customers need not worry about their event being a success as it is ensured with the support of the vFairs team. 

A technical support team is also always guaranteed and available at the ready on the day of your event. Depending on the plan you sign up for, Hopin only offers 1 organizer per event with an additional cost to add more. 

All Features Are Part and Parcel

At vFairs features, all features and tools are available to clients. They simply have to pick and choose which features they wish to keep or let go of. The project manager will also best guide the customer on which features would best suit their event. 

Easy Event Management

With a dedicated team, and access to your event dashboard, you can manage your event seamlessly. Instead of having to import data from sponsors and speakers such as with Hopin, through vFairs you can give access to the dashboard for your sponsors and speakers to tweak their information as they please. All of this with constant back end security for privacy and protection. 

One Time Payment

Unlike Hopin, vFairs offers a one time payment plan without additional costs. There is no monthly plan, and all features are available to you to pick and choose from. 

A Snapshot Comparison of Hopin vs vFairs. 

Here is a snapshot comparison of the three tools, based on user ratings and experiences. (All ratings out of 10) 

hopin competitors and alternatives g2 snapshot

** as of Q2 2022

Final Verdict

Hopin can be used as a platform if you have enough resources on hand to set up a small event with video conferencing tools, a virtual lobby and chat features, when choosing a monthly plan. Custom features, which make or break your event’s success, are only available for those who have a budget that allows it. 

However, if you’re looking for a platform that helps you host unique, results-driven specialty events such as trade shows, conferences, recruitment fairs or the like, vFairs is one of the best Hopin competitors and alternatives. 


Hopin Review: Pricing, Features & Alternative

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