How Can You Host Accessible Events with vFairs

One of the most vital goals for any event is to ensure that every individual can attend the event easily and therefore benefit from it. This means facilitating every single one of them at all times, based on their respective needs.

Unfortunately, accommodating accessibility is usually an afterthought while planning events. As a result, a lot of the audience is excluded for being specially abled or carrying minor or major impairments. So, vFairs accessibility features promise a platform that reaches the doorstep of every individual, regardless of their natural limitations. 

What Accessible Features Does vFairs Offer?

Events on the vFairs platform can be set up in compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Therefore, the platform can enhance your events to target differently abled attendees and guests with varying needs. Let’s walk you through the accessibility options that vFairs offers to customers hosting their events online:

Color Contrast

Attendees with visual impairments or cognitive disabilities can switch color contrasts to support them in reading the text and navigating through the online event with utmost ease.


color contrast option

Text Size Adjustment

Guests have the option to change the size of the font to zoom in and out in order to support their vision and read through the event without any difficulty.

font size option

Page Narration or Screen Reader

An illustration showing page narration or screen reader on vFairs platform

Guests with visual impairments can access as much information as the ones without them via the on-screen text narration, therefore allowing them to independently access the event.

Live Captioning for Webinars

Illustration for webinar live captioning in the vFairs platform

Webinars can be set up with captions that are generated in real-time to ensure that no information is missed out at any point and for anyone.

Video Transcription

Illustration showing live video transcription in the vFairs event platform so you can host accessible events

vFairs offers transcription for videos so hearing-impaired attendees don’t miss out on any on-demand or recorded video content you have uploaded to your event. The transcriptions are automatically generated and accurate so the message goes across to all audiences. 

Live Translations & Multilingual Webinars

multilingual webinars in the vFairs event platform

You can make your live webinars available to multilingual audience members through live translations using third-party integrations. Moreover, you can also upload the same webinar in multiple languages that users can switch between through a simple toggle. 

Easy Navigation

The user experience is further simplified by a clear and straightforward layout for easy navigation and exploration of the entire virtual or hybrid event. The main event lobby is the hub for your event and will have clearly marked areas for easy navigation. Another way to do this is through the navigation bar which is front and center. Users can click on any element and they will be taken there. It doesn’t get simpler than this.

Why Should You Make Your Events Accessible?

While a routine activity like preparing for an interview can be a nerve-wracking process for anyone, it is an even greater challenge for those suffering from disabilities. vFairs aims to empower users to take charge of their day-to-day activities ranging from seeking employment, attending an informative conference, and exploring universities to advance their education. 

There is so much your organization or business can attain by making your events inclusive and accessible for all. You can benefit from an exceptionally diverse pool of highly talented professionals, which you would otherwise not be able to reach.

Accessible Events with vFairs: Some Examples

Various institutions like the DC Special Education Cooperative, CFO South Africa, and CNIB are incredible examples of what accessible virtual events have successfully achieved with vFairs.

1. DC3C Next Steps Conference

DC3C is a special program under the DC Special Education Cooperative and they hosted an inclusive conference with vFairs. The event offered accessibility features like color contrasts and closed captioning at the event. The attendees particularly praised the screen reading capabilities of the vFairs virtual event platform. 

The Director of Secondary Transition at DC3C, Dr. Rebecca Foster, said that the accessibility features were the biggest success factor of the event. They were able to cater to special needs students as well by offering them an inclusive conference space with equal (and ample) opportunities for career development.

2. CNIB Connecting the Dots Virtual Conference

Canadian National Institute of the Blind (CNIB) hosts an annual conference for the partially sighted and blind community, Connecting the Dots. However, when the pandemic brought in-person attendance to a screeching halt, they had to pivot like the rest of the world.

The event included accessible webinars which were clearly marked for easier access, screen reader, text size adjustment, and color contrasts. The screen voice description was detailed enough that users could even get information about the booth they were visiting or other information on the screen. vFairs produced a thoroughly engaging virtual conference for CNIB that had everything they needed to cater to the special needs of their audience. 

3. CFO South Africa Indabas

CFO South Africa is the leading community-based education, networking, business, and news platform for chief financial officers (CFOs) and finance professionals in South Africa. They host Finance Indaba and HR Indabas for separate communities annually. Being a community-driven organization, they wanted to make sure that their conferences are accessible to a wider audience and that they were able to connect with their communities even during a raging pandemic. 

The easy-to-use vFairs virtual event platform made that possible as they were able to create events that enabled community learning. The inclusive and interactive features facilitated ongoing knowledge sharing through an evergreen platform for the entire year.


Virtual and hybrid events have gained popularity and attained the status of normalcy within the past few years. However, it is time to fill up the gaps that ensure a truly exceptional experience for every individual visiting your event.

If you wish to reach the globe and offer value to people from the comfort of their homes, it is imperative to cater to those who are normally left behind but can offer a lot. Look for accessibility features in your next virtual and hybrid event provider or talk to our representative to understand more about delivering an accessible and inclusive event.

Want to learn more? Read our guide to hosting accessible virtual events.

How Can You Host Accessible Events with vFairs

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