How vFairs Is Redefining Accessibility For Virtual Events

When weighing the benefits of hosting a virtual event online, there are a few obvious ones that always come to mind, i.e, higher cost savings, incredible reach, ease of set up and of course detailed reporting features to help you measure success. As brilliant as these perks are, it’s time to take a step beyond and see the impact of virtual platforms, mindful design and smart technology on accessibility to deliver unmatched value to attendees and hosts alike. In its endeavours to bridge the digital divide, vFairs has been working diligently to enhance our events to target inclusivity amongst guests with varying abilities and special needs.

Strengthening usability, enabling effortless navigation and promoting participation of attendees to deliver equal opportunities and information has been our priority, and our recent events are proof. With many success stories under our belt such as the Royal Holloway of London Open Day and Nestle Canada, utilizing technology to empower users has significantly improved accessibility and delivered a positive impact to help guests take charge of their day-to-day activities ranging from seeking employment to exploring universities to advance their education. On the other hand, organizations hosting the event also benefit from an expanded talent pool by establishing a connection with highly motivated professionals ready to kick-start their careers, whereas universities can look forward to generating a large volume of leads.

How Does vFairs Improve Your Event Accessibility?

Making your events more user-friendly and inclusive, our focus is on the audience to ensure that they walk away with the right content and messaging without any obstacles. This is why vFairs events can now be set up in compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG ) – a convenience that a physical venue could never rival without a hefty price tag.

  • Event Navigation: All menus are labeled clearly to facilitate straightforward functionality, sequential navigation and visibility in line with best practices – there are no popups or unexpected flashes or sounds to disrupt the user experience.

Event Navigation

  • Color Contrast: Catering to attendees with visual impairment or cognitive disabilities, virtual events can be customized to accommodate changes in color contracts so that all text can be read easily.

  • Text Character Size: Assistive technology allows font size to be changed to zoom-in or out to enable users with low vision to read webpage text without difficulty.

Text Character Size

  • Page Narrations: Audio description (the headphone icon) allows guests with visual impairments to be able to access information via the on-screen text narration to gain a fully immersive event experience.

Page Narration

  • Captioned Webinars: The webinars can be set up with closed captioning to make the virtual experience informative and delightful for all without exception.

Captioned Webinar What’s Next:

It’s time to go the extra mile to overcome the inadequacy of physical or virtual events that don’t take into account special needs of the audience. Our WCAG compliant platform not only ensures a dignified experience for all attendees, but the accessible technology serves as a motivation for guests to register to explore the inclusivity first-hand. Respecting participants’ needs is essential to deliver an event that can change lives- our strategies are tried and tested, get in touch with our team today to make your upcoming event more meaningful and intuitive than ever before.

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At vFairs, we strive to build a top-class online event platform that will help event organizers make memorable connections with their target audience. We’re obsessed with taking out the hassle normally associated with physical events and leaving organizers and exhibitors to focus on what’s most important: engagement with the audience.

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