How Job Seekers Can Make the Most of Virtual Career Fairs

Virtual events are taking the recruitment industry by a storm in the form of virtual career fairs. They are effectively connecting employers with potential candidates to help both parties find the right fit. With several benefits like an increase in reach of the event, enhanced return on investment (ROI), and eco-friendly nature of virtual events, their popularity is justified.  For job seekers, virtual career fairs are a cost-effective, time -saving and convenient solution for finding the right job. But the question is, how can job seekers make the most of virtual career fairs? Worry no more! We have got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know and do to enhance your online career fairs experience and extract more value out of them.

Research Employers Beforehand

It is recommended that prior to the event, the job seekers should go through the list of employers attending the virtual career fair. This will enable them to shortlist companies they aspire to work for. Additionally, it will enable them to come up with specific queries for the representatives of those companies, enabling them to make sound decisions. Hence, on the day of the fair, job seekers will save a lot of time by focusing on the shortlisted companies.  Also, research the event landing page and check out the jobs if they publish it before the event. Job seekers should study the jargon in the requirements they use and customize their CV accordingly. Make sure to submit a well-formatted and relevant resume to the jobs posted.  In some cases, the virtual career fair will lead to an external site to complete applications. Don’t forget to bookmark these on the browser to return to them at a later time. A virtual career show being shown on a tablet/iPad.

Update Resume Prior to the Virtual Event

Job seekers need to know that an outdated resume will only decrease their chances of landing a good job. Furthermore, if they are interested in multiple roles, a standard resume will not help. A winning strategy would be to align the resume with the job and company requirements.

Set a Reminder

Virtual events often get forgotten because they do not require extensive travel planning. It is very important to set a calendar reminder to attend it on time.

Chat with Company Representatives

During the virtual career fair, job seekers should reach out to the representatives of their shortlisted companies. Asking questions through text, audio, or video chat will enable job seekers to gain clarity for sound decision-making. They can ask questions ranging from company culture to employee benefits and everything in between.  Preparing a list of questions for employers beforehand will save attendees a lot of time in the chatroom. If an interesting piece of information is found in the group chatroom or webinar, job seekers should take a note on another app like Evernote to avoid forgetting it. A vector showing a customer support representative on call for virtual career show.

Attend Webinars

Virtual career fairs also offer webinars. For example, vFairs allows companies to host webinars to reach out to potential candidates, communicate what the company stands for, and conduct Q&A sessions. Job seekers can use webinars as an opportunity to learn more about employers and engage in Q&A to converse with the presenter. 

Explore Resources Provided by Employers

Another benefit of virtual career fairs is the elimination of paper-based documents such as brochures and flyers. For the attendees, it is a hassle to handle so many documents after a physical career fair. This problem is solved by online career fairs through the provision of digital documents that can be downloaded by the job seekers. These documents can be later used by job seekers in a hassle-free manner.

Choose a Calm and Comfortable Place

Distractions can ruin the experience of a job seeker during a virtual career fair. Job seekers need to make sure they are sitting at a quiet place. They also need to make sure that the internet connection is stable and their devices are compatible. 

Thank You Notes

After the event, a good practice would be to send thank you notes to the employers a job seeker interacted with during the event. It will help in reinforcing the relationship and build strong ties while enabling the job seeker to stay on top of the employers’ minds. Virtual career fairs make the life of job seekers easier by connecting them with employers effectively. Hence, it’s time for job seekers to unlock the world of virtual events and benefit from virtual career fairs. 

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