How to Amplify Leads With a Virtual Event

With a heightening switch from physical to virtual alternatives in the recent years, it has become increasingly convenient and cost-effective to reach a wider audience and land maximum leads simply by hosting virtual events. The increasing value that virtual events have provided to businesses belonging to various industries has caused a huge shift in the global dynamics, absolutely transforming the way the world buys and sells. Generating leads is therefore no longer a terrifying challenge with some of the best features and tools that a virtual event entails. Here’s a comprehensive list to get you started:

  1. Develop a killer registration page
  2. Engage a global audience with live chat tools
  3. Allow users to upload content in real-time
  4. Host stellar webinars
  5. Leverage your resource center
  6. Integrate with eCommerce
  7. Provide accessibility features for all

1) Develop a killer registration page

With a functional landing page, you can capture both your audience’s interest and information if you cast a successful first impression. Incorporate a simple signup form, informative yet concise content and good visuals on your registrations page. You can use this contact information to keep registrants engaged with feedback form and information about upcoming events. landing page royal holloway

2) Engage a global audience with Live Chat Tools

Visitors often engage in live chats with reps from a booth that catches their eye and these chats often cover queries and exchange of business cards. By having someone present at each booth 24/7 when the event is live, you can maximize the contacts exchanged over the booths and follow up with these leads when they’re still warm. You can also redirect visitors to your official website through different touch points on the booth. chat

4) Allow Users to Upload CVs in Real Time

If you’re hosting a virtual career fair or networking fair, you can enable visitors to upload content onto the platform. This is useful if job-seekers want to drop CVs or upload business cards and both for employing companies. This is also a great way of collecting lead information from your virtual event.

5) Host Stellar Webinars

These are the front-running lead generation tool in content marketing which is why you should include live or pre-recorded webinars in your virtual event. Use a scoring model to nurture leads by granting points to visitors who engage with the webinars. For example, a visitor who watches the entire 45-minute webinar earns more points than someone who watched it for 2 minutes. Use these scores to segment on-demand viewers and start populating your lead sheet. webinar

6) Leverage Your Resource Center

When hosting a virtual event, you ought to have prepared a database of e-books, infographics, brochures, and presentations to share with your visitors. Add a sense of exclusivity to your event by either charging for or having visitors sign-up for downloading premium content. These people are seriously invested in your content and are some of your strongest leads.

7) Integrate with e-commerce

With a virtual event, you’re attending visitors, demonstrating products and negotiating prices in real time which makes online transactions a lot easier, quicker and likely. If you’re hosting a virtual trade show, use PayPal or debit/credit card integrations to make sales during the event and maximize the shortened sales cycle. A virtual event boosts engagement and builds a lead nurturing environment from the get-go through its convenient access, easy navigation, on-demand content consumption and real-time interactions. By partnering with a good platform provider, you can use several tools to ensure that your virtual event is a smashing lead generating success. eCommerce platform

8) Cater to a Larger Audience by Providing Accessibility Features

To setup an inclusive event, make sure you ask your virtual event provider for certain accessibility features that can allow you to include individuals with special needs. Features such as colour contrast, text adjustment, page narration and much more can ensure you maximize your leads while your event is live. To learn more about Accessibility Features, click here.


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How to Amplify Leads With a Virtual Event

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