Introducing vFairs VenueGear

In-person events are back but not in the way that we knew them. Event tech has come a long way since 2020 and vFairs has been leading from the front. vFairs VenueGear is our newest offering, and it’s here to make your in-person events easier to manage, more connected and innovative. vFairs VenueGear is our in-person event platform which contains multiple services with an all-encompassing event tech stack.

Let’s take a look at what introducing vFairs VenueGear offers you as an onsite host.

Registration and Ticketing

This service provides a custom designed landing page, pre-event registration, ticketing and payment capture. It will provide all the reports regarding who registered into the event and provide registration confirmation or ticket to the attendees so they will be able to easily check in and enter during the day of the event. You would not have to manage manual registrations on your end because we have got you. The services that are included in this feature are:

★ Custom-designed landing page

★ Custom registration form (attendee)

★ Custom form (exhibitor) – optional

★ Pricing page with tiered packages

★ Payment capture & integrations

★ Pre-event email marketing tools

★ Integration with CRM

★ Attendee Management Interface

The illustration below shows how custom landing page and registration works.

All in One Mobile App

This service helps increase attendee engagement for in-person as well as hybrid events. The mobile app allows attendees to chat, look for other exhibitors, share their business card virtually, and check in during the day of the event. This will help attendees engage in the in-person event from anywhere in the world. Attendees can also personalize their schedule and choose which sessions to add to their agenda, including adding it to their personal calendar so they don’t miss out on any important presentations that day. If for any reason your attendees can’t make a session they wanted to attend, replays are available on-demand in the app to watch later! Some of the services that will be offered in the Venue gear through mobile app are:

★ Branded event screens

★ Exhibitor & attendee search

★ Virtual exhibit booths

★ Touchless content & collateral

★ Exchange contact info via QR code

★ Chat networking, polls, QnA

★ Session video replays

★ Appointment scheduling

★ In-app notifications and newsfeeds

★ Value-adds: Scavenger Hunt, leaderboards, product listings & more

The illustration below shows how mobile app looks like:

Check-in Gear

This service makes check-in very easy during the time of in-person event  by eliminating the need to have to check the registration or payments manually. If payment has already been made through the registration site, attendees will receive a QR code which they can scan at the venue and self check in. Or if you want to check-in the attendee yourself, you will be able to scan a QR code that will confirm their registration. You can also offer a printed badge to each attendee. This will allow a smooth check in during the event. The illustration shows how the option will appear.

Badge Printing and Lanyards

This service is about creating real-time customized badges for attendees for easy tracking and identification. vFairs can get you all set up with the following:

  • badge printer
  • wi-fi router
  • ethernet network switch.

This will save you from the hassle of creating manual badges and having trackers. For lanyards and badges, there will be different levels:

★ Premium/Standard Event Badge

★ Premium/Standard Lanyard

★ Adhesive Label Rolls for Badges

The illustration shows how custom badges and lanyards will look like.

QR Scavenger Hunt

The QR Scavenger Hunt is sure to exhilarate your in-person event attendees with the fun and excitement it brings to the table. Users at the event venue search for objects with a printed QR code, scan the QR code with their scanner on the vFairs mobile app, and gain points for each item they hunt. The QR Scavenger Hunt is easily configurable on the vFairs backend. You can list as many items as you wish on the backend along with points you wish to award for each item.

Users log in to the vFairs mobile app and go to the QR Scavenger Hunt tile, where they can see items they have to hunt for efficient tracking. As soon as a user finds an item and scans the QR code on it, the intuitive scanner identifies the item and marks it as complete on the mobile app and users receive points. The Players tab shows all users in the game with their scores. 

The illustration shows how the QR Scavenger Hunt looks like

Other Specials

Special features that are included in the VenueGear packages include a social media wall, photo booth, and leaderboard station. This will enhance and bring fun and activities to your event. The services that will be included in the specials are:

★ Social Media Wall + LCD

★ Photo Booth (Camera + LCD)

★ Leaderboard Station + LCD

The illustration reflects these specials

Onsite Support

Breathe easy as our on-site technical staff set up your VenueGear ahead of time & configure everything like clockwork for a successful event. The team will be available to help you in setting up the services or if you face any confusion.

A Hybrid Ready Event Stack

Hosting a hybrid event? All the above-mentioned services will be integrated with the renowned vFairs virtual event platform to give you a user friendly, innovative and seamless experience.

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Introducing vFairs VenueGear

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