Splashthat Vs Eventbrite Vs vFairs: The Face-off

It is certainly a difficult task to decide which company offers better event services with all the options out there. Many of these options have some state-of-the-art, exclusive features in their favor.  

Therefore, to narrow down your hunt for the best event platform, we’ve done the research for you. This article will give you a rundown on the important aspects of Splashthat, Eventbrite, and vFairs. Therefore, you’ll be able to make your decision with ease.  

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Splashthat vs Eventbrite

Splashthat is an all-in-one event marketing platform that offers virtual, in person, and hybrid events. With Splashthat, organizations can easily integrate their platforms with other third-party solutions and enjoy the benefits of their mobile application. Splashthat helps businesses set performance benchmarks, synchronize data, manage attendees, configure workflows, and execute events. It does all of this within a centralized platform.

Splashthat offers built-in templates that are fully customizable and provide users with design functionality.


File:Eventbrite logo 2018.png - Wikimedia CommonsEventbrite is an event technology platform that helps businesses organize, plan, and execute events online. Eventbrite offers a ticketing platform where hosts can sell tickets online. Be it workshops, conferences, concerts, or film and music festivals, Eventbrite offers the ultimate event technology solutions.

It offers basic registration, ticketing, email invitation creation, RSVP tracking, ticket selling, and more. Their ticket sales can be easily managed at the ticketing website or through social media sites such as Facebook.


vFairs is an award-winning virtual, hybrid and mobile events platform. We help companies worldwide host immersive, seamless events that help organizations worldwide achieve incredible results. The platform features immersive and lifelike 3D virtual venues, world-renowned customer service and a vast array of features that help you host unforgettable virtual or local events.




Splashthat is easy to navigate and work with. Many users have used Splashthat to promote all their events. The platform helps create landing pages, send reminder emails for each event, and gather personal information from the attendees.

With full customization available for landing pages, URLs, emails, and booths, Splashthat makes each event unique.

However, some users feel that it is difficult to change things with Splashthat’s interface. Things cannot be easily moved around and therefore, there is very little freedom on the usage of tools.

“Sometimes, with Splash, it is difficult to change things, easily move things around splash. I wish there was a tad more freedom on the use of tools and their capabilities.”

Olivia S – Senior Recruitment Marketing Specialist


Eventbrite is a user-friendly platform. Even new users can get the hang of the interface in no time. Eventbrite offers features that  non-technical organizers can easily use as well. These features include event agenda, photos, reminders, and registration.

Eventbrite’s platform integrates well with other platforms, which makes the data collection and organizing process efficient and seamless.

However, many users feel that their built-in apps need an upgrade.

“The Organizer app could use some work. Too many bugs.”

Isaac A – Project Officer


vFairs is a reputable ands easy-to- use platform that provides the feeling of a live conference. The platform is very straightforward and requires no training to be able to work through. Non- technical users can easily operate it. However, our customer success team makes sure to assist the new clients till they’re familiar with the interface.

Many users prefer vFairs over other platforms because of its usability. The platform offers numerous features that are extremely easy to interpret, manage, and use. 

“vFairs was a simple and easy-to-use solution. The team offered lots of great training and was fantastic at walking us through each area of the platform. Our users found that the platform differentiated our conference from other similar conferences on the market, and really enjoyed the various opportunities for interaction.

Agency in Events Services

Winner: vFairs 



Splashthat pricing is simple. They offer four packages with different prices to suit your needs: Free, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. The prices can go up to more than $21,500/ year. These packages offer  basic features, with additional features depending upon each package.

The basic features offer  registration, analytics, and integrations. However, the advanced features include complete customizations, access to the design studio, and more.  

Resultantly, many users feel that their price for user licenses keeps increasing. This gets quite expensive for small to medium sized organizations. 

“While the cost of the yearly license isn’t very expensive, the cost of the user licenses keep increasing, and when you have a team of 5+ people who need designer level access, it can get expensive.”

Administrator in Marketing and Advertising


Eventbrite offers three different packages for different types of clients. They offer the Essential, Professional, and Premium package. The essentials and professional packages are free to start with, but then  charge for  addons. The essential package covers everything basic such as a single type of ticket, organizer mobile app, listing on Eventbrite web page and social media, and other basics.

The Professional package is a step higher. It comes with the customization option that helps clients brand their event. It includes everything from the Essential package plus customizable check forms, detailed sales analytics, scheduled payouts, unlimited ticket types, and more.

The premium package offers tailored services for event pros with large or complex events. However, if you are interested in going for the premium package, you ‘ll have to talk to their customer representative who will guide you through the process and will share the pricing according to your event requirements.

The issue users face with Eventbrite is that they usually aren’t clear with what the exact cost will be since they do charge a little extra at the end. 

“I dislike that the price for events is not immediately clear. I would like greater transparency about all associated costs (especially hidden fees). Also, if Eventbrite could conduct their own analysis of the cost for events that are not just ticket price (transportation, etc.) that would be great.”

User in Entertainment


VFairs offers unique packages as compared to Eventbrite and Splashthat.. It offers single-event, two-event, and annual licenses. It charges clients for specific feature add-ons. In addition, the company only charges by attendee volume if it goes over the 10,000 attendee limit. 

The single-event license caters to one virtual event per year. Along with its original price, you have the option of going for additional features such as booths, webinars, live days, and on-demand hosting. These  add-ons have additional charges.

Similarly, the two-events license comes with a 15% discount and additional features can be added with additional charges. The annual license comes with a 20% discount on hosting 4 events a year. It comes with 15 booths, 15 sessions, one live day, and 12 months of on-demand hosting.

“Such an AWESOME tool for a great price/value. Easy to put in place. Great designers in the background.  Access to all the analytics in real-time. Really good ROI.”

Charlotte G – Digital Transformation Manager

Users have always commended how good they think our event platform is. What users have liked more is the price we offer. We offer competitive prices with complete clarity of everything that might cost an additional charge. Our Customer Success team makes sure the client is clear with what they want and then the price is quoted. 

Winner: vFairs 



When it comes to integrations, Splashthat is a great platform to rely on. It offers comprehensive API documentation and hands on tech-support that ensures reliable implementations. Splashthat can integrate with Zoom, Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, Greenhouse, and more. 

Splashthat can seamlessly integrate between ATS and CRM which cuts most of the manual work to keep a track of the applicant lifecycle. It can also be very helpful to forecast future performance and set goals. 

However, many users have faced issues with integrations specifically in the case of Salesforce and Zoom. The process of figuring out how to integrate other applications is often misunderstood and not made clear by the Splashthat team. 

“The integration with Salesforce could be better – the field mapping can be a little complicated.”

Carla R – Senior Events Manager


Eventbrite is a user-friendly event platform that works as a one-stop shop for both the hosts and the attendees. It is known to provide a great integration with business websites, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Social media integrations can benefit your event greatly by attracting conversions. 

“The purchase flow is seamless and optimized for a repeat user with saved credit card information. Literally becomes a 1 click purchase. Plus the Facebook integration is another great opportunity for effortless conversion.”

User in Transportation/Trucking/Railroad

Eventbrite can also integrate with platforms such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, YouTube, Survey Monkey, Tixel, and more. 

However, these integrations require a smooth transition that Eventbrite is not great at. 

“I would like to see more customization options. It also needs better integration with other apps and software to easily pass data.”

Administrator in Environmental Services


vFairs offers enhanced event functionality through seamless integrations with numerous platforms such as Salesforce, Marketo, Oracle, Zapier, Slido, Interprefy, and more. These integrations create an enhanced event experience for you, your team, sponsors, and attendees.  

Our Project Managers also make sure to deliver a step-by-step walkthrough of each process to make you familiar with the process. 

“We had timely and quick on-site assistance, with dedicated technical support. The platform could be customized to cater to our needs. Wide range of facilities available within the platform for us to use, including a seamless integration with zoom.” 

Administrator in Accounting

Winner: vFairs

Who is it for?


Splashthat is an all-in-one event platform that can be a good option for small to large organizations, if cost is not an issue. If we talk about who would greatly benefit from such a platform then it’ll have to be the larger business with greater workflows. 

The two basic packages they offer to small and medium businesses are considered expensive keeping in mind the additional features that come with it. 

If you want to completely enjoy this platform, you would have to go for their Pro, and Enterprise plan which is more suitable and affordable to larger organizations.  


Eventbrite is a great ticketing platform that helps you plan, promote, and sell tickets to events. Eventbrite can be a great option for small to medium sized businesses and belong to different industries such as entertainment, healthcare, Education, Information Technology, and more. 

If you’re a small business looking for an event ticketing platform that will also assist you marketing, Eventbrite is the best option. 


vFairs has something for everyone. With our pricing packages, we leave it entirely upon our clients to decide which package would suit them the best keeping in mind the number of events they would like to host that year. Therefore, whether it’s a small business or a larger one, we assist them all. 

Our customers come from different industries from all over the world. Some of the industries we’ve worked with include, education, hospitality, healthcare, information technology, and more. 

Customer Support

Here Is What Customers Have to Say About Splashthat

Splashthat promises to offer complete customer support to its clients from the inception till the end of the event. Many users have reviewed Splashthat’s customer support team as an extremely supportive one. 

They are very knowledgeable about their product which helps them to respond quicker, get the correct answers, and solve the problem as soon as possible. They also offer some training resources that help you understand a few technical concepts in detail. 

“Wherever I encountered a question or problem, Splash would almost certainly have a training resource to help my query, or their great customer support team would be on hand to help.”

Joshua D – Graphic Designer

Here Is What Customers Have to Say About Eventbrite 

Eventbrite provides complete support to its clients while onboarding to make sure they settle well and become familiar with the platform in case they are new to it. Their customer support is considered very mediocre by many of its users since they take a very long time to respond and can only clarify some base level questions. In most cases, questions aren’t answered clearly. 

Moreover, Eventbrite only offers live support to the professional and premium users. 

“Customer support takes a long time to respond and they didn’t clear up all our questions either. The program is not very intuitive, so you have to have a clear idea of what kind of events you want to do.” 

User in Information Technology and Services

Here Is What Customers Have to Say About vFairs


When it comes to customer support, there is no event management company that does it better. There is always one aspect of vFairs that no client forgets to compliment, and that is the extraordinary customer support. 

The customer support and project management teams are extremely supportive throughout the entire project. They support you with every aspect of your event, from planning to post-event analyses.

The team also has in-depth knowledge of the product, which helps them make informed decisions swiftly. 

“The customer service is top-notch! Our PM, Usama Khan, did not leave a single task lagging behind and supported us through all of the planning, event design, sponsorship, client outreach, attendee outreach, and execution of our event with utmost efficiency.”

Shradha S – Marketing Manager

Winner: Splashthat and vFairs 

Unique Selling Point


Empowers your team to seamlessly launch, promote, and scale sophisticated event programs.


Lets you organize and sell tickets to events online.


Helps you educate and engage global audiences with a virtual, hybrid, or in-person conference.

Other Prominent Features


Some of the unique features of Splashthat include design, marketing, workflow, and analytics. Splashthat offers design customizations that gives you a chance to be creative and to have a completely branded event. 

For marketing, it offers registration forms, smart guest lists, and email communications, all with one platform. For workflow,it keeps data clean and accessible. It does this  with data standardization and accurate reporting.

With Splashthat, you can translate  event data into actionable insights that can directly improve ROI and your marketing strategy.


Eventbrite offers event ticketing, virtual events, organizer app, reporting, and email marketing. What differentiates them from the rest in terms of email marketing is how easily customized the emails can be and the 2,000 email limit per day. The reporting is pretty detailed and covers all the main aspects of the attendee lifecycle. 

It also offers virtual events, which is one of its foremost features. It also has its own organizer app that helps you monitor ticket sales, and assist with attendee check-ins. 


vFairs offers numerous features including networking, gamification, virtual exhibit halls, sponsorships, webinars, and more. Each of these features comes with numerous other features that enhance the  event experience and make you feel like you’re attending an in-person event. 

Our networking features offer breakout rooms, group chats, private chats, embedded live chats for you and your attendees to easily communicate with one another. Gamification features come with exciting activities that will keep your attendees engaged throughout. They include; scavenger hunts, trivia games, live polling, and more. 

Final Verdict

Splashthat and Eventbrite are very competitive when it comes to virtual event management. However, because of Splashthat’s performance and user reviews from G2, it looks like Splashthat is considered a better platform for the services it provides.

However, vFairs won most of the rounds. It undoubtedly has made its mark in the industry and is known to provide extraordinary customer service, economical pricing, and numerous features that make your events worthwhile. 

With the ever changing technology, it is pretty clear that it won’t take much time for the tables to turn. What matters is how well each of these companies adapt to the changing technology. 

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Splashthat Vs Eventbrite Vs vFairs: The Face-off

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