Useful tools you can integrate with your virtual trade show platform

Since its inception, vFairs has consistently worked to offer clients the best virtual events experiences. We are always looking for ways to create convenience, facilitate customization and inclusivity and make the experience seamless right from the get-go. 

This is the secret ingredient for our long-lasting partnerships. Now you know! 

Helping our clients feel comfortable as they step into unknown territory is our top priority. With this ethos driving us forward, we are adding in new tools you can integrate with your online trade show platform. 

Virtual trade shows present the perfect opportunity for your business to generate buzz and attract prospective customers. Live demos, chatting with buyers, and to top it all off, generating orders right within the platform. However, these are just a few features that set virtual trade shows apart from on-site trade shows. 

To maximize the value you derive from your virtual trade show platform, vFairs offers a variety of tools that can multiply your success manifold. Let us take a look at each. 

Enrich Existing Data With Data From Virtual Trade Show Platform

According to Hubspot, one piece of technology here to stay is customer relationship management (CRM) software, and using it has proven to increase sales by 29%. vFairs integrates with a number of software applications that automate the entire process of data transfer. Thereby, eliminating tedious manual processes of importing data from these CRM software applications onto your virtual trade show platform. 

Let’s take you through each of these. 

Hubspot and Cvent

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Both Hubspot and Cvent are popular choices with a large number of companies for data management. For this reason, vFairs integrated both to deliver a seamless experience for their customers with platforms they are already comfortable with. 

Data is transported in real-time. With webhook functionality, as soon as a user registers on either one of the platforms, the webhook captures the data and brings it to vFairs within 15 seconds. 


In addition to Hubspot and Cvent, vFairs is also integrated with Salesforce. Another powerful tool to help you manage data and connect with your customers seamlessly. The world’s number one CRM platform allows you to take a 360-degree view of your customers.

We know your customers are your top priority. Understanding their needs and creating frictionless processes for them takes center stage for you. And we want to ensure you achieve that objective. With this tool, you can simply manage marketing, IT, sales, commerce all from one platform. 

Single sign-on

We know you want to keep everything simple and easy. This is why we have also integrated single sign-on with vFairs. It is an authentication method that enables users to securely verify with multiple applications and websites by using just one set of credentials. The attendee can simply register using credentials of the same company they are working at when registering for the virtual trade show. Thus, delivering utmost convenience for them. 

Additionally, vFairs has also integrated data import, a .CSV file that you can use to import your data if you want to use your own registration form. This creates ease for the client in terms of data collection and management right from the start. 

The virtual trade show platform is a prime spot for you to generate powerful leads, maximize conversions, chat with prospective buyers, and generate orders. 

Hence, with detailed data on your customers, vFairs will also be able to provide in-depth analysis on how visitors came to your site, where they spent the most time, what content they downloaded, and where they showed the most interest. It even breaks down event performance and attendee participation, thus providing a holistic insight into your customers’ movements, beginning from the number of registrations to post-event analytics. 

Enhance Attendee Experience


Aiming to be an inclusive platform, where participants from all languages can comfortably participate, vFairs integrated Kudo. This allows hosts to conduct multilingual webinars and presentations. Attendees can listen and participate in their native language. The live Q&A session that follows webinars and presentations is also facilitated by this integration. As a result, attendees are not held back by any language barriers. 

This integration also makes way for translations in sign language thereby facilitating the deaf community. 

It makes your virtual trade show platform accessible to more attendees, previously restricted due to gaps in translations.  

Paypal and Stripe

We have also integrated with Paypal and Stripe. This is to facilitate our clients as they invite attendees to register for their virtual trade show platform. These two are popular choices to collect payments by companies. So when attendees want to register for the event, they simply make the transaction to get on the vFairs platform and the payment is automatically transferred to the client’s bank account in Paypal or Stripe

Sponsorships are a key component of any virtual trade show platform. It allows organizers to offer companies increased exposure and visibility to the incoming audience. This is in exchange for financial benefit or access to products/services. Paypal and Stripe help collect payments for these sponsorships. 

Providing convenience to our clients has always been a top-of-mind priority for us. Thus we chose the platforms that our clients are most comfortable using. 

Not tech-savvy? That is not a problem. Each one of these integrations ensures seamless processes. They will make your virtual trade show platform accessible, convenient, and effective. vFairs also has a dedicated project team supporting you every step of the way. Rest assured, you will host virtual trade shows that leave a mark on your target audience. 

To perfect your virtual trade show, here is The Ultimate Guide To A Virtual Trade Show.


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Useful tools you can integrate with your virtual trade show platform

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