13 Exciting Virtual Event Engagement Features at vFairs


It’s criminal to host virtual events packed with back-to-back sessions that don’t offer attendees a moment to relax. But while icebreakers and games are common at traditional events, uplifting a virtual event takes a bit more creativity. 

As we’ve been hosting virtual events for the past few years now, we know the value of a collaborative breakout session or a fun trivia that cuts the monotony of a conference. That’s why vFairs has a large variety of virtual event engagement features that make every event fun, collaborative, and exciting. 

1. Q&As

webinar Q&A sessions at a virtual event

Virtual events often feature webinars. But long information sessions can quickly get boring. An easy way to turn them into a two-way conversation is to use Q&As. By providing attendees to ask questions and weigh in on the session, Q&As turn any webinar into an engaging conversation. They encourage attendees to tune in more attentively and contribute.

vFairs offers highly-interactive webinars that feature both Q&As and polls. You can also moderate the Q&A section to make sure only relevant queries make it to the platform.

2. Networking Lounge

networking lounge at a vfairs virtual event

Next, we have a branded networking lounge. This feature truly makes vFairs stand out from other event platforms by providing a dedicated place to join chatrooms, meet new people, and take a break from the event. You can also create chatrooms based on popular topics or common areas of interest.

3. Photobooth

photo booth at a vfairs event

Who doesn’t like event memorabilia to take home? Taking fun photos at a photobooth is an easy way to do this. Attendees also enjoy adding their pages to the event photo wall as it gives them a sense of being part of the community. With the vFairs photobooth, your attendees can take pictures or record gifs. They can also play around with filters and background to make their photos truly stand out. Other attendees can come and even add likes to their favorites!

4. Trivias & Polls


Polls during webinars let you take a pulse check on your attendees to see how they feel about the sessions, what are their preferences, and what they’d like to learn more about. There’s a lot of attendee information that polls can help you extract. You can use that to optimize your speaker sessions as well. And attendees appreciate every opportunity to offer their input.

5. Kahoot!


vFairs also has an integration with the highly interactive trivia game, Kahoot! Kahoot brings people with similar interests together at a game of trivia to see who comes out at the top. This game is integrated with a lot of vFairs events to add an element of friendly competition. It’s very popular amongst educators as a teaching tool as well.

6. Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt at a vfairs virtual event

Send attendees on a quest for clues! The vFairs scavenger hunt hides items around an event and shares a list of clues to find them. Each hidden item has a score attached to it. The more items you find, the more points you win. At the end of the event, the highest scorers can win prizes!

Scavenger hunts are also a great way to place clues at strategic spots at the event. Perhaps you can send more attendee traffic to a gold sponsor’s booth by placing a hidden item there. You could also place them at the auditorium so more people end up attending a keynote session. This is why the scavenger hunt is one of our most popular virtual event engagement features.

7. Spin the Wheel

vfairs spin the wheel

Looking for more ways to give away prizes? Use the customizable vFairs Spin the Wheel. Attach different values to each segment and choose what happens when the pointer lands on each of them.

8. Social Media Wall

social media wall at a vfairs event

The social media wall at vFairs is an integration with Walls.io. It collects all social media posts related to your event and adds them to a real-time branded feed on your event. Attendees can see what people are talking about and how they’re engaging with the event. So, when attendees view the wall, they wonder what activities are others partaking in and what are they missing out on. Social media walls are great at triggering the fear of missing out.

9. vFairs Spatial Connect

As of June 2022, vFairs has launched its native 3D networking solution: vFairs spatial connect. This feature uses 3D simulation rooms to bring the physical networking experience to the virtual realm. Attendees can use their avatars to walk through various rooms, meet new people, and start exciting conversations. They can also enjoy concerts and speaker sessions together while chatting away with one another.

Features of Spatial Connect

  • Users move their avatars with their keyboards.
  • Close quarter audio allows attendees to enjoy private conversations with users proximal to them.
  • Video support makes these interactions more interactive.
  • Multiple rooms let you cater to different areas of interest.
  • Native reporting lets you gauge the time users spent interacting through spatial connect.

Available Designs

  • Offices
  • Park
  • Beach

10. Breakout Rooms

breakout rooms at a vfairs virtual event

Breakout sessions are small workshops at events. They split attendees into smaller groups and ask them to solve problems as a team. As they’re highly collaborative in nature, they make sure that most attendees at the event find the opportunity to contribute and network.

11. Miro Canvas

miro at a virtual event

The Miro integration lets attendees collaborate on an interactive whiteboard to share their ideas, workshop projects, and plan activities together. The great thing is that it all happens on a video call so you can simulate in-person group work.

12. Matchmaking

The matchmaking feature automatically pairs up similar people together at an event. Once paired up, they’re brought together on a video call where they can get to know one another and start insightful discussions. This is great at events that have a big focus on networking, such as alumni reunions or corporate events. They also shine at job fairs where recruiters can find candidates that fit their criteria automatically. And vice versa.

13. Leaderboard

The leaderboard is the perfect feature to conclude this list with. With any feature that you integrate with your virtual event, you can also attach points with it. These can be a way to incentivize certain actions and award attendees that performed most of them. So, for instance, if you wanted attendees to visit a specific booth, watch a certain webinar, or download a resource, you could attach points to them.

You could also attach points to the engagement activities that we listed above. This helps encourage networking and also breaks the ice for attendees.

Be sure to award the winners, though! A giveaway at the end will have everyone waiting anxiously and extend the time they engage with your event as well.

Try These Virtual Event Engagement Features

vFairs is packed with engagement features. It’s what we pride ourselves on. When you sign up with vFairs, you can sit back, relax, and let our project management team do all the heavy lifting for you. 


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13 Exciting Virtual Event Engagement Features at vFairs

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