Winners of Eventeer Awards 2023

Welcome to our recap of the 2nd annual Eventeer Awards! On February 7th, 2023, we hosted this highly anticipated event which celebrated and recognized the most outstanding events from the past year. The response was nothing short of amazing. We are proud to have played a role in honoring the hard work, creativity, and exceptionalism of event professionals from all over the world.

In this blog, we’ll be sharing with you all the winners who aced a tough competition and won their relevant category among 25 different categories. So, keep reading to relive the magic of the Eventeer Awards of 2023!

The 25 categories for which hundreds of nominations were received were divided into 4 groups: Solution Focused, Industry Focused, Feature Focused, and Topic Focused. The winners were determined through your voting.


The solution-focused categories are created to highlight the innovative and impactful solutions offered by vFairs. These categories provide a platform to showcase the effectiveness and versatility of the solutions and recognize the organizations and individuals who have made significant contributions to make them noticeable.

Best Virtual Conference: Chemileys2022 

By: Haley’s Fabrics

Chemileys 2022 offered a truly unique virtual conference experience that stood out from other virtual events. The purpose of this virtual event is to inform chemical providers about the chemical compliance standards and effective methods used in the textile industry.

The combination of technology, creativity, and purpose created an immersive virtual experience that was both engaging and informative. 

3D-design of the lobby of Chemileys 2022

Best Virtual Trade Show: Fijatec Virtual

By: Fijatec

Fijatec Virtual showcased “The Screw and its tools,” a basic but essential product in both the industry and daily life. Fijatec created an immersive virtual experience where consumers and retailers could find various threaded solutions for screws and learn about their line of trade systems. Products were displayed prominently through various graphics and exhibit booths, allowing users to access technician information, plans, and 3D renderings. Fijatec’s virtual event provided a valuable resource for attendees, offering both a visually appealing and informative experience.

3D-designed lobby of Fijatec Virtual by vFairs

Best Virtual Open Day: University of Bedfordshire’s Open Days 

By: University of Bedfordshire

The 2022 University of Bedfordshire Online Open Day provided students considering the university an opportunity to explore the campus and learn about course offerings, accommodation, student life, and more. It also offered a chance to network with other students and university professors. This open day helped prospective students gain valuable information about their areas of interest, and available support services, and get a sense of student life at the university. 

3D-designed lobby of University of Bedfordshire Open Day

Best Virtual Education Fair: Gender and Health: Impacts of Structural Sexism, Gender Norms, Relational Power Dynamics, and Gender Inequities 


This virtual education fair brought together members of the scientific community to discuss techniques and best practices for biomedical and socio-behavioral research on gender roles, gender norms, and gender inequity. Participants, including NIH staff members, extramural community members, and other stakeholders, reviewed definitions and frameworks commonly used in this field, examined issues in measurement, identified modifiable factors to mitigate health disparities based on gender, highlighted interventions and practices, and explored opportunities for advancing research and fostering collaborations. 

3D-designed lobby of Gender and Health Impacts of Structural Sexism, Gender Norms, Relational Power Dynamics, and Gender Inequities

Best Virtual Job Fair: The virtual Student and NRN Careers Fair 


The virtual Student and NRN Careers Fair won the best job fair of the year as it offered a unique opportunity for students and newly registered nurses to enter the healthcare labor market. Attendees had the chance to meet leading nursing employers in the UK and conduct interviews with them through text, audio, or video chat. They also attended online and on-demand virtual seminars to earn CPD hours and a certificate, participated in live Q&A sessions, and accessed a virtual goody bag of exhibitor information. The event was accessible to everyone with just a device and an internet connection and offered a convenient way for attendees to expand their professional network and further their careers in the healthcare industry.

3D-designed lobby of The virtual Student and NRN Careers Fair

Best Virtual Career Fair: West Yorkshire Mental Health NHS Collaborative Recruitment Day 


The NHS collaboratively held a one-of-a-kind virtual career fair for people living across Yorkshire, which was considered the best job fair of the year. The collective Trusts aimed to provide career enthusiasts with all the information necessary to start a meaningful career in an organization where mental health, learning disability, and social care services are a top priority. The fair offered a wide range of roles that make a real difference in NHS communities. Attendees had the opportunity to find exciting career opportunities offered by NHS and partner organizations, speak to recruitment managers and current staff about roles and benefits, connect and network for advice on courses and career pathways, listen to speakers on various topics in the virtual auditorium, and take advantage of the opportunities at their own convenience through the virtual platform.

3D-designed lobby of West Yorkshire Mental Health NHS Collaborative Recruitment Day

Best Virtual Food Show: Harbor Wholesale Foods 2022 

By: Harbor Foods Group

The Harbor Wholesale Food 2022 won the best tradeshow of the year 2022 as it offered a dynamic experience to see the latest product and program innovations and easy ordering opportunities. Attendees were able to enjoy a virtual environment that provided a life-like experience to plug and play, order products, and take advantage of amazing deals. They had the chance to take advantage of big saving opportunities, bundled deals, winning vendors, new item showcases, and new cool vendors, and earn points for visiting booths. Attendees were also able to search by vendor or product to easily visit show booths and virtually walk the tradeshow floor to visit booths.

3d-designed lobby of Harbor Foodshow

Best Virtual Benefits Fair: 2022 International Congress of Human Resources 


The 57th Edition International Conference on Human Resources with the motto “People at the Center in a Digital World” was held with the belief that being more digital demands being more humanistic. The conference brought together HR professionals to discuss, share, and communicate research on important topics regarding human resources in a hybrid, more digital world. The conference emphasized the need to embrace common health and wellness as strongly as technology and innovation and encouraged attendees to be the protagonists of change and reach better destinations in a more united fashion. The conference provided a platform for attendees to explore new visions, challenges, and solutions for HR in a digital world where people and organizations are at the center.

3d-designed lobby of 2022 International Congress of Human Resources

Best Virtual Onboarding Fair: Welcome to Cleveland Clinic 

By: Cleveland Clinic 

The Cleveland Clinic’s onboarding of its new team of caregivers was celebrated as the best onboarding event of the year. The organization, known for its mission to care for life, research for health, and educate those who serve, welcomed its new team members who were recognized as caregivers regardless of their roles. The event was an opportunity for the new team members to understand the culture, explore, connect, and learn what it means to be a caregiver at Cleveland Clinic. The event emphasized the importance of the team’s mission to make a difference in people’s lives and to embrace their role as caregivers.

3D design of main entrance of Cleveland Clinic


Industry-focused events showcase the ‘best of’ events in some of our most popular market segments. This year, each of these events brought together professionals, experts, and stakeholders from within the industry to discuss current trends, share best practices, and network with one another. The goal of these events is to provide a platform for industry professionals to learn, grow, and connect with one another in order to drive the growth and success of the industry.

Best Healthcare Event: Retail Leadership Experience 2022 

By: CVS Health 

The Retail Leadership Experience 2022 was a unique one-day experience that provided an opportunity for attendees to interact with leaders and peers on various topics related to well-being, inclusion and belonging, and professional growth. The event was focused on the company’s strategy to put people first and how retail plays a critical role in bringing this strategy to life. Attendees had the chance to win prizes, including an Apple Watch, by participating in sessions, a Scavenger Hunt, and interacting with the virtual platform. The event also provided a platform for attendees to provide feedback and ask questions through the chat feature, which was actively encouraged throughout the conference.

3D-designed lobby of Retail Leadership Conference

Best Nonprofit Event: Practice OpportUnity `22 

By: Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

The Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA) kicked off its conference with a live stream of the Practice Realities Panel, followed by the Keynote Address, sponsored by the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA). Practice OpportUnity’ was the ideal venue for chiropractors, chiropractic associations, vendors, and sponsors to connect with a valuable demographic of the next generation of chiropractors. Those in attendance included 200 students from the Year IV Class, graduating in June 2022, as well as students from Years I- III who had the opportunity to create bonds and build knowledge of their chosen profession.

3D-designed lobby of Practice OpportUnity

Best University Event: UC Benefits Professionals Symposium 

By: University of California

The UC Benefits Professionals Symposium in 2023 is awarded the best university event of the year for its comprehensive approach to educating faculty and staff University of California on their health and welfare benefits. The event brought together participants for presentations, vendor exhibits, and networking opportunities, and offered entertaining surprises and chances to win prizes. Attendees were able to learn about Open Enrollment and its impact on their benefits, as well as engage with plan representatives and access helpful resources. The Symposium was a valuable experience for university benefits professionals, providing them with the information and tools needed to support faculty and staff during Open Enrollment.

3D-designed lobby of UC Benefits Professionals Symposium

Best Telecom Event: PH Digicon 2022

By: PLDT Enterprise

PH Digicon 2022 was the best telecom event of the year, attracting the attention of prominent thought leaders and technology experts in the Philippines. Hosted by PLDT, the country’s largest integrated telco, the event was held in a hybrid format and aimed to help enterprises reach their unlimited potential. With the theme “Boundless: The Philippine Digital Convention 2022,” the conference provided valuable insights into the latest technological advancements and innovative business operations. The hybrid format allowed attendees to network and participate in thought-provoking discussions both in-person and virtually, making PH Digicon 2022 a resounding success.

3D-designed lobby of PH Digicon

Best Agency Event: National Autism Conference 2022 

By: Proof Experiences

The National Autism Conference 2022 was a virtual event that brought together Canadians with autism, their families and caregivers, the provinces, territories, Indigenous peoples, and other stakeholders to help shape a national autism plan. The conference was a huge success and won the best agency event of the year. The conference covered important topics such as monetary stability, diversity, equity, inclusion in the workplace, housing, human resources, and health. The event provided an opportunity for attendees to learn about profiles of lived experiences and business profiles, as well as the potential for networking contacts.

3D-designed resource center of National Autism Conference 2022


Feature-focused events award event hosts who have used some of vFairs’s most popular features in new and innovative ways, and garnered excellent event outcomes with their help.  With vFairs, attendees can engage with the feature in an interactive and informative way, all from the comfort of their own devices.

Best 3D Virtual Designs: BeWitching Bash 2022

By: ConfettiCon Events

The BeWitching Bash 2022 was recognized as the best event in 3D virtual designs. It was a virtual conference for Halloween enthusiasts that provided an immersive, interactive experience full of excitement. There was a variety of activities, including attending webinars in the auditorium, collecting resources from the swag room, getting information from agents in vampire costumes at the info desk, participating in a costume contest, taking spooky selfies in the photo booth, and playing a scavenger hunt in the haunted halls to win prizes. BeWitching Bash 2022 was a memorable event that brought Halloween fans together in a unique and exciting way.

3D-designed lobby of BeWitching Bash 2022

Best Use of Gamification: Northwell Change Agent Community Virtual Networking Event 

By: Northwell Health

The Northwell Change Agent Community Networking Event won the best use of gamification award for its innovative and interactive virtual format. With features such as virtual roundtable discussions, speed networking sessions, and interactive chatrooms, attendees were able to engage with one another and gain valuable insights into the impact of change. The addition of a games room and leaderboard incentivized participation and added an element of fun to the event, with rewards for the top engagers. The Northwell Change Agent Community Networking Event was a unique opportunity for attendees to recharge and be inspired as Change Agents.

3D-designed lobby of Northwell Change Agent Community Virtual Networking Event

Best Use of Networking Technology: Northwell Change Agent Community Virtual Networking Event 

By: Northwell Health

The Northwell Change Agent Community Networking Event was awarded as the best use of networking technology for its virtual event held in the past. Attendees were welcomed to an immersive platform that offered networking opportunities, innovative features, and interactive sessions. The event featured virtual roundtable discussions, speed networking sessions, chatrooms, and a games room for attendees to participate in. A leaderboard was in place to incentivize participation, with rewards for the top engagers. The event provided attendees with the chance to connect with leaders and other change agents, learn about the impact of change, hear from Executive Sponsors, and engage in interactive activities.

3D-designed lobby of Northwell Change Agent Community Virtual Networking Event

High Volume Event: Harbor Wholesale Foods 2022

By: Harbor Foods Group

The Harbor Wholesale Food 2022 has been recognized as the best high-volume event of the year 2022 due to its innovative virtual platform that offered a dynamic experience to showcase the latest products and programs. Attendees were able to experience a life-like virtual environment where they could easily place orders and take advantage of incredible deals and savings opportunities. The event also featured a variety of exciting vendors and products, along with bundled deals, new item showcases, and the opportunity to earn rewards for visiting virtual booths. 

3d-designed lobby of Harbor Foodshow

Best Use of Mobile App: ISA Automation & Leadership Conference 

By: International Society of Automation

The ISA’s Automation Leadership Conference (ALC) won the award for its best use of the mobile app. This three-day conference provided attendees with a unique opportunity to learn from the best technical presentations, meet a global audience of automation professionals and stay updated on the latest industry topics and trends, including digital transformation, cyber security, IIoT, smart manufacturing, and process automation. The mobile app offered an immersive and interactive environment, showcasing subject matter experts from around the world, an exhibition, and an array of networking opportunities. The free virtual attendance gave attendees an in-person experience, making the ISA’s Automation Leadership Conference (ALC) a must-attend event.

3D lobby of ISA Automation & Leadership Conference

Best Out of the Box Event: T-Mobile’s CareerFest

By: T-Mobile

T-Mobile Career Fest 2022 won the category of Best Out of the Box Event for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it was a unique virtual event that provided an opportunity for attendees to learn and showcase their talent at T-Mobile. The event was designed to help individuals kickstart their careers and become a part of an unstoppable team that was revolutionizing the wireless industry. The event consisted of various components including career journeys of executive speakers, insightful career and organizational sessions, CareerFest Arena, Career Connection Lounge, and an Executive Lounge.

3D lobby of T-Mobile CareerFest

Best In-Class Hybrid Event: ISA Automation & Leadership Conference 

By: International Society of Automation

The ISA’s Automation Leadership Conference (ALC) was awarded for the best-in-class hybrid event, delivering an unparalleled conference experience for attendees. Over the course of three days, attendees had the chance to learn from top technical presentations and connect with a diverse global audience of automation managers, engineers, and technicians. The conference covered industry-leading topics such as digital transformation, cyber security, IIoT, smart manufacturing, and process automation. The hybrid environment played a key role in providing an immersive and interactive experience, featuring subject matter experts from various countries and an exhibition area. Attendees were able to benefit from extensive content and valuable networking opportunities in a hybrid environment.

3D lobby of ISA Automation & Leadership Conference


Topic-focused events are centered around a specific topic or theme. This type of event provides attendees with in-depth information and knowledge on the topic of interest. There are a variety of topics that can be covered in a topic-focused event, including diversity, research, emerging technologies, personal health and wellness, and more.

Best Diversity & Inclusion Event: Black Enterprise Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Summit

By: Black Enterprise

The BLACK ENTERPRISE Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Summit 2022 brought together high-powered executives and top thought leaders to discuss the representation and participation of African Americans in the corporate industry of America and won the category of Best Diversity & Inclusion Event in the Eventeer Award 2023. The event was praised for its discussions and sharing of annual reports on how major companies have made DEI one of their leading business priorities and how developing strategies have helped companies to progress and accelerate the recruitment, retention, and elevation of Black talent and the expansion of business diversity.

3D lobby of Black Enterprise Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Summit

Best Research Event: NNLM Virtual Symposium 

By: University of Maryland Baltimore

The NNLM Virtual Symposium was a successful two-day research event that was held virtually, attracting a diverse group of attendees including researchers, students, health professionals, community scientists, and others. The event provided a platform for attendees to engage in high-level panel discussions and learn about library services related to the research lifecycle, as well as current and future trends in biomedical research. 

3D lobby of NNLM Virtual Symposium

Best Personal Health, Wellness & Fitness Event: BHM Fall 2022 Health Summit 

By: Black Health Matters 

The BHM Fall Summit was a hybrid personal health and wellness event that took place on a hybrid platform. The event offered high-level panel discussions, performances by black celebrities, free health screenings, and opportunities to network with industry experts and celebrities. The BHM Fall Summit was a well-rounded and successful event that provided attendees with a unique and valuable experience.

3D lobby of BHM Fall 2022 Symposium

Best Emerging Tech Event: Canon Robotics Whiz Expo 2022 

By: Canon

The Canon Robotics Virtual WHIZ EXPO 2022 won the best-emerging tech event organized by Canon to showcase the capabilities of the commercial robot vacuum, WHIZ by SoftBank Robotics. The event highlighted how WHIZ benefits specific markets and solves challenges across industries. Attendees were able to watch videos and understand how automating cleaning processes with WHIZ can benefit commercial properties. The expo was a great opportunity for attendees to connect with industry professionals and learn about the benefits of implementing WHIZ.

3D lobby of Canon Robotics Whiz Expo

In conclusion, the Eventeer Award 2023 was a huge success, with many talented individuals and organizations being recognized for their contributions. 

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Winners of Eventeer Awards 2023

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