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Event Builder Features

Build a Fully Customized Event In a Few Steps

You can take charge of your event from start to finish with vFairs event builder. Handpick features you need to build customized events for your attendees.

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A Variety of Features to Choose From

Build a fully customized virtual, hybrid, or on-site event with fantastic features like ticketing, registration, badge printing, on-site check-in, webinars, networking, virtual environments, and more.

Virtual Event Setup

  • Engage users by creating immersive virtual environments like the lobby, auditorium, and exhibit hall to engage users.

  • Easily set up booths for exhibitors or provide access to them.

  • Set up live and pre-recorded speaker sessions for attendees.

  • Prompt inclusion by selecting from a diverse range of avatars for your virtual environment.

  • Easily upload content, documents, presentations, videos, or pre-recorded webinars, for your event.

  • Increase brand awareness and reach by hosting the event on a custom event URL.

  • Keep your content alive by extending your hosting domain annually.

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Mobile App Setup

  • Create a fully branded & white-labeled mobile app setup for your event.

  • Set up event agendas with multiple tracks & speaker bios.

  • Create exhibit booths to extend reach for onsite exhibitors.

  • Create sponsorship opportunities through splash ads/banner ads

  • Organize widgets and highlight essential spaces within the app.

  • Upload all brochures and documents to the app.

  • Design a floor map to help attendees navigate onsite.

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Badge Printing & Check-ins

  • Save time by bulk printing badges before the event by connecting the app to a badge printer

  • Set up onsite badge printing using iPads, tablets, or smartphones as check-in kiosks.

  • Promote sponsors by including their logs on the badges.

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Pre-event Marketing Setup

  • Design beautiful, fully branded, customized landing pages to promote your event.

  • Cut down your time to market by crafting press releases, landing page copy, and social media posts using vFairs AI assistant.

  • Craft custom emails through drag-and-drop email builder.

  • Pick action-optimized email templates for email marketing, or use an accessible email template builder to design your template.

  • Promote accessibility and inclusivity by letting your visitors view content in multiple languages.

  • Integrate with social media platforms like LinkedIn and host social media walls.

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Attendee Management, Custom Registration & Ticketing

  • Create registration forms with custom fields and questions.

  • Quickly register, manage, filter, and edit attendees’ information.

  • Access and manage registration through a custom form via a fully customized event builder.

  • Import attendees from a CSV or integrations.

  • Capture attendee & exhibitor data through fully customized registration forms.

  • Offer access to content based on user types, such as VIPs and general admissions.

  • Integrate with popular payment providers to collect ticket payments.

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  • Power event marketing; automate & personalize communication, provide instant support, and more with ChatGPT.

  • Migrate data between virtual events and any online tool with Zapier.

  • Build attendee list from existing contacts, migrate new registrants, and enrich user data with Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce & Oracle Eloquoa.

  • Directly collect payments through secure payment options like PayPal & Stripe.

  • Enrich attendee experience with fully embedded live or pre-recorded webinars via Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo & WebEx.

  • Live stream your events and access social media through ReStream.

  • Host live polls, trivia, and Q&A within your webinar with Slido.

  • Increase accessibility by offering translation and inscription at live webinars through KUDO, Interprefy, Worldly, and SyncWords.

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Our Customers Love vFairs Event Builder Features

“vFairs platform is the best out there for virtual events. The capabilities of the platform are excellent and the flexibility you are given allows full customisation of any event. All of our participants were impressed with the event and had only positive things to say.”

Zofia C

“vFairs continue to push the boundaries on what you can achieve with a virtual platform.”

Daniel E

Small Business Owner

“The site that we put together had many features, including custom pages that we requested, giving attendees a multi-faceted experience with varying levels of engagement possible.”

David M

Local Arrangements Chair

“The platform was both easy and visually appealing for both users and admins. From an admin point of view, the platform was very user friendly and intuitive.”

Hailey K

Director Marketing and Communications
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Virtual Event Platform

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Registration & Ticketing

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Registration & Ticketing

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Event Mobile App

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Badge Printing App

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Badge Printing App

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Game Changing Virtual, Hybrid and In-person Events

Whether you’re hosting events online, onsite or both, vFairs offers a customizable event platform and tech solutions to make your events epic.

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Explore Our Other Features

Event marketing

Get the word out with a customized event landing page and email marketing campaigns.

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Chat and Networking

Promote engagement with our 1:1 or group chat, audio, and video features.

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Virtual Environment

Transfix your audience with 3D animated lobbies, grand auditoriums and exhibit halls.

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Hook attendees and increase event engagement with the leaderboard and scavenger hunt.

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Extract event insights with real-time metrics, attendance data, and post-event reports.

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What does an event builder do?

Event Builder helps event organizers, and marketers build their events through customizable event features and intuitive marketing tools. Event Builder lets you create, manage and execute your event from start to finish with super-easy event setup features.

What features does vFairs Event Builder offer?

vFairs is an all-in-one event management platform that offers event builders for all types of events. vFair’s event builder offers customizable features such as virtual event setup, mobile app setup, attendee management, registration forms & ticketing, landing pages, email campaign builder, and more.

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