Event Reporting

Get In-Depth Reports with vFairs Virtual Events

vFairs offers detailed custom metrics with every event, so you can determine ROI and accurately track event performance

Event Report Features

Real-Time Metrics Dashboard

That’s right, you can track logins, attendance rates and user activity in real time during your event. Apply these insights to enhance your attendees experience, and squeeze every bit of value out of your event.

Individual User Journeys

Individual user journeys let you track how any user navigated through your event, and how long they spent in each virtual area. Want to see whether that announcement popup was effective, or if your sponsored webinar led users to an exhibit booth? Track user journeys.

Exhibitor Statistics

Exhibitors, see exactly how your booth is performing by tracking booth visits, clicks, content downloads and chat activity. Your personal dashboard is updated in real time so you can maximize your sponsorship ROI.

Post-Event Report

Gear up for your most productive event debrief yet. Filter event data based on your team’s KPIs, or export all the event stats available. Then, export your report to a CSV or PDF to share with your team and your sponsors.

Migrate Data to CRM and Marketing Platforms

We integrate with the world’s top CRM and marketing platforms, including Hubspot, Salesforce, and Marketo. We also help you connect vFairs to thousands of applications through our Zapier integration. That means you can migrate data to and from the vFairs platform quickly and easily.

Our Customers Love the vFairs Reporting Feature

“vFairs also offers a ton of post-show report options that we can use to measure engagement. I like how detailed they are.”

Danielle D

Marketing Specialist

“vFairs has extensive reporting analytics we were able to access in real time and we easily gave vendors reports post event.”

Margery S.

Board Secretary, Conference Planning Committee Member

“Another benefit was all the data that was collected based on user interactions as they navigated the platform. Data that will better help us determine future content and needs for our members.”

James D.

“The post-event analytics are fantastic!! I was able to quickly access everything I needed and send out post-event reports to my exhibitors with no issues.”

Hailey K.

Director of Marketing and Communications

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