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Webinar Platform

Transform Your Virtual Webinars Into Immersive Events with vFairs

Build an impressive virtual event experience around your webinars and offer more engaging user experiences. Offer more functionality than a simple online session experience for your attendees with the vFairs webinar platform. 

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An Interactive Webinar Solution to Complement Powerful Virtual Event Experiences

Host value-packed webinars in a customized virtual event with an auditorium, exhibit hall, gamification tools, and smart networking features. Wow attendees with webinar features that enhance reach and connectivity with seamless streaming integrations, reporting, polls, and breakout rooms. 

Integrate Popular Webinar Tools & Video Platforms

  • Create fully interactive audience experiences with embedded webinars.
  • Keep audiences engaged by using existing webinar services within the platform.
  • Integrate with popular tools like MS Teams, Zoom, Sequel, Whereby, Vimeo, YouTube, WebEx, and more.

Leverage Multiple Presentation Options

  • Enjoy complete control of your webinars by choosing from live, semi-live, and pre-recorded options.
  • Extend the life of your webinar program by making it available on demand.

Restream Across All Channels

  • Broadcast live or pre-recorded presentations to any number of social media channels directly from the virtual webinar platform.
  • Easily stream on Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and more.

Create 3D & Realistic Auditorium Designs

  • Your webinar event can have the look and feel of an actual auditorium with vFairs.
  • Make your event stand out by customizing your virtual auditorium designs.
  • Welcome your audience to a branded lobby with customizable design templates.

Keep It Fresh with Interactive Features

  • Enjoy interactive sessions through immersive video webinar platform features.
  • Introduce breakout sessions for an engaged discussion or team-building activities.
  • Keep your audience energized throughout the presentation by offering live Q&A, polls, and quizzes.
  • Use popular polling and quizzing integrations like Slido and Kahoot.

Seamlessly Transition Between Sessions

  • Organizers can enhance the attendee experience with automatic webinar transitions.
  • Session hosts can develop a more engaged audience by removing all distractions.

Refine and Repurpose Webinar Content with AI

  • Make it easy for users to find the topics they’re most interested in by breaking the webinar into chapters and summaries.
  • Save time and effort by easily transcribing Vimeo sessions.
  • Repurpose webinar content into diverse formats, from blog posts to social media updates.
  • Identify frequently asked questions and their answers, creating an extensive FAQ document for future reference.

Create Personalized Webinar Agendas

  • Allow attendees to customize their experience by selecting webinars and sessions they are interested in.
  • Make sure attendees don’t miss a beat with the ability to add sessions to Google or Outlook calendars.
  • Let attendees limit notifications to specific agenda items only.
  • Allow hosts to develop a more organized agenda by creating multiple session tracks.

Improve Webinar Accessibility with W3C Compliance

  • Offer assistive technology and web assistance to attendees with visual or hearing impairments.
  • Create inclusive experiences for attendees with deafness through live webinar captioning and video transcriptions.

Enable Support for Multiple Languages

  • Create seamless experiences for attendees with language-switching toggles within the webinar environment.
  • Host multilingual and sign language-interpreted meetings, presentations, and webinar sessions.
  • Integrate with popular and accurate language tools such as KUDO, Interprefy, Wordly, and Syncwords.

Track Webinar Performance with Analytics

  • Get a grip on attendee behavior at your event with advanced webinar analytics.
  • Draw actionable insights from live event statistics like the total number of views per session, replays, link clicks, etc.

Our Customers Love vFairs Webinars

“The platform was a great way to showcase content and provided a central space to organize over 600 live webinar events.”

Jennifer C

Assistant Director of Training Program Assessment

“ VFairs helped us set up Zoom breakout rooms so attendees could see and speak with each other rather than just using text-based chat.”

Anika M. P

Program Coordinator

“Integration of Zoom webinars allowed the live presentations to run smoothly.”

Margery S

Board Secretary, Conference Planning Committee Member

“vFairs is a breath of fresh air to other traditional Zoom/virtual meeting platforms. It gives quite a bit of visual interest and battles the ongoing Zoom Fatigue with interesting graphics and ease of use.”

Christy W

Program Coordinator
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Game Changing Virtual, Hybrid and In-person Events

Whether you’re hosting events online, onsite or both, vFairs offers a customizable event platform and tech solutions to make your events epic.

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What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online session on a specific topic with one or multiple speakers and a virtual audience.

How to host a webinar with vFairs?

You can get in touch with us at or book a demo.

How to design a webinar that is interactive?

To make your webinar more engaging and interactive, you can add features like polls, Q&As, and breakout rooms to get the audience's attention.

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