How NetNumber Increased Registration of its NEXUS21 Conference By 320% Over Their In-Person Event

What is NetNumber?

NetNumber, Inc. brings more than two decades of experience delivering core network signaling control platforms that power global telecom and enterprise networks.  Our industry-leading TITAN Centralized Signaling and Routing Control (CSRC) platform has been deployed by operators across the globe to simplify core networks in order to deliver new services and reduce operating costs.  TITAN.IUM, the latest evolution for NetNumber, is an innovative, intergenerational framework for 5G that bridges legacy 2G, 3G and 4G technology to the new cloud-native era. TITAN.IUM enables our customers to migrate multiple generations of services, to a common, secure, simplified modern ecosystem—thus enabling legacy applications to benefit from the technology of next-generation networks that are containerized, scalable and ultra-low latency.

What is NEXUS21?

NEXUS21 was a three-day virtual customer conference. NEXUS refers to the intersection of NetNumber customers, its solutions and industry direction.  NetNumber invited their extensive global customer base to network with fellow professionals, and learn more about the products and solutions they have to offer. It was a great opportunity for them to connect their customers, offer information on their latest innovations and gather feedback from them. Not just that, it was also a fantastic way to establish thought leadership in the IT community, by bringing together professionals from the industry. 

NEXUS21 builds on prior customer conferences hosted by NetNumber in Europe to which telecommunications operators from across the globe would travel. People would fly in for two to three days, learn first hand about NetNumber solutions, and engage with and learn from other operators. 

virtual lobby

Why vFairs?

With the pandemic, NetNumber had to pivot their NEXUS customer event. They were unable to hold one in 2020 but at the start of 2021 when they realized the world still was not ready to meet in-person, they opted for virtual events. Previously, NetNumber had hosted a number of webinars, but they knew they needed something more than that. 

They did a lot of research before choosing the platform. Plus they even had to rethink and plan their content extensively. NetNumber wanted to create an event that would draw focus rather than just taking a live event and repackaging it poorly as an online experience. They understood that people wouldn’t want to spend hours at the event. Thus, they created bite-sized content pieces plus offered their content in a variety of ways to keep people engaged. 

They not only wanted to deliver their own content but their customer’s content as well, plus wanted to make sure the event had engagement opportunities for their customers. For instance, they added in a masterclass on coffee. It was all about selecting, brewing and tasting coffee. Not only was this a great experience, it was an opportunity to learn something new. vFairs was the perfect platform to help them set up an event they had envisioned. 

NEXUS21 Objectives

NetNumber had some clear objectives for NEXUS21. These were: 

  • Informing customers about new and existing solutions
  • Creating networking opportunities with other customers 
  • Engaging customers during the event 

vFairs and NetNumber together set up the perfect virtual events platform that achieved all of their objectives plus allowed them to actively engage customers with various activities and gather feedback from them. 

NEXUS21 Event Details

Virtual Lobby

NEXUS21 was a beautifully set up virtual event, with a life-like 3D lobby. A welcome video was placed right in the middle of the virtual lobby which gave attendees a preview of the event. This video changed every day, based on what was on the agenda for the day. For instance, the first day it featured useful information on getting around the event, then the following days covered what the day had in store. 

virtual lobby

The virtual environment resembled that of a hotel instead of a convention center since that is where NetNumber usually hosts its events. The coolest feature of the lobby was the individual customized interactive avatars of the NetNumber sales team. Clicking on any one of the avatars gave attendees the option to book an appointment or instantly chat with them. 

Virtual Auditorium 

The virtual auditorium, labeled as the main stage hosted all the webinar sessions. All through the three days of the event, the sessions were available in the regional time zones from where customers were joining. They were available on demand to ensure no one missed out on them due to time constraints. 

“We went by the follow the sun approach, so it felt like it was live for people in their time zones,”  said Kim, Chief Marketing Officer at NetNumber. Speakers participated on chat as the pre-recorded session went on. They took this semi-live approach to avoid any technical glitches. 

NetNumber also provided content according to the region people were in.  Customer panels were quite popular since each session featured panelists from that specific region. This flexibility allowed NetNumber to target specific audiences. 

Virtual Auditorium

“We added images of Rome around the main stage and other areas of the platform since our event was [previously] scheduled for Rome. Plus, we also placed a map of Italy in the networking lounge. We loved that we could get really creative with the virtual environment with vFairs.”

Virtual Exhibit Hall

The virtual exhibit hall, or the innovations hall hosted eight virtual stands that were aligned to the key technological areas offered by NetNumber. From Fraud and Cybersecurity to Global Data Services, and many other solutions. Each of these individual booths hosted several videos and documents for the attendees. These individual stands featured a mini commercial per technology area, a short presentation, in addition to the written material. Attendees could download or email these to themselves. Attendees could also reserve a chat slot in case they wanted to speak to a representative. 

NetNumber found success in the exhibit hall with 100% of all attendees visiting at least one virtual stand.

exhibit hall

Keynote Speaker Session 

Nexus21 chose an unconventional keynote speaker. He was completely outside of their line of business. Erik Weihenmayer is a blind adventurist who was the first to summit Mount Everest and recently kayaked down the Colorado River. 

NetNumber wanted to do something different, away from their usual technology-based speakers. Erik was apt since his story spoke about finding strength when all odds are stacked against you. He turned blind when he was a teenager and has since accomplished so much. The world has had a rough time in the past 18 months on a personal and professional level, so Erik’s story offered that essential dose of inspiration. 

Erik was actually in between commitments but was still able to record a session for Nexus21 thanks to the virtual nature of the event. The need to travel and present live was eliminated. Hence, scheduling wasn’t an issue. They ended up not only recording the main session but an additional Q&A round with Kim herself. She asked questions that made his story even more interesting and relatable to the audience. 

Networking Opportunities 

The networking lounge gave attendees easy access to talk to the representatives of a particular booth from the innovation hall itself. Chat rooms aligned with each technology area. Attendees could view the webinar session, talk to a representative from that stand or view content. This offered different levels of engagement for the attendees. 


Additionally, the attendee AI matchmaking search environment allowed attendees to initiate conversations with others that complemented their criteria. They could search for attendees according to their category and geography, then simply send a message via the platform chat function.  This simplified process heavily encouraged more attendees to connect with one another. 


From various documents in the resources section and videos in the video vault, NEXUS21 was brimming with evergreen content for the attendees. They could save any of these to their swag bags, download them or email it to themselves. This was an easy way for NEXUS21 attendees to ensure they browsed through all content and saved what interested them the most. 

Attendees were offered the NEXUS21 Eventbox. They were even provided items reflective of the coffee session. NetNumber also provided an electronic copy of Erik’s book describing the Colorado River adventure. These items were provided to all attendees and were the perfect way to say thank you for attending.


NetNumber was looking for a clear understanding of how much time their attendees spent in each area of the platform. The event was open for four days. Of these days, the second and third days were crucial for them in terms of the sessions and customer panels they had planned. They were able to see that 90% of the attendees who came for the second day came back for the third. NetNumber hit their attendance targets easily. 

When they analyzed their registration trends, they saw they were able to register more customers who represented many more countries and telecom operators than ever before. They were even able to attract more customer speakers as compared to live events. 

NetNumbers loved that they were able to track customer journeys. They could map it out, see where customers went and were most interested in. This helped their sales team find opportunities and follow up with those specific attendees. Being able to see if a particular attendee came back multiple times to one topic gave them additional insight into what they preferred. 


The NEXUS21 virtual customer conference was a huge success. They received unprecedented registrations and increased their virtual event registrations by 320% when compared to the registrations from their prior in-person event. There was a 4X increase in the number of customer accounts that registered, allowing for 6X individuals per customer account to register. NetNumber also successfully doubled the number of countries represented in their registration count. On top of this, over 90 percent of attendees returned for key content days and 100 percent participated in the Innovation Hall. Additionally, they received great feedback from their customers as well. 

“The platform was a great way to share valuable content and networking opportunities despite the pandemic.”

“Very impressive format in terms of its simplicity and comparison to a live event.”

The customers loved the simplicity of the virtual event platform and thoroughly enjoyed all that it had to offer. Kudos to NetNumber and their entire team! 

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How NetNumber Increased Registration of its NEXUS21 Conference By 320% Over Their In-Person Event

Rehmat Asrar

Rehmat Asrar is a Content Marketer at vFairs. She has been working in Marketing donning many hats from that of a creative and a content specialist & copywriter to working closely with the design team to create visually appealing graphics. She has been writing about virtual and hybrid events for the past year and a half. In her free time, you can find her in the gym doing burpees, watching netflix or playing with her cat, named Prince Edward.


How NetNumber Increased Registration of its NEXUS21 Conference By 320% Over Their In-Person Event

Rehmat Asrar

Rehmat Asrar is a Content Marketer at vFairs. She has been working in Marketing donning many hats from that of a creative and a content specialist & copywriter to working closely with the design team to create visually appealing graphics. She has been writing about virtual and hybrid events for the past year and a half. In her free time, you can find her in the gym doing burpees, watching netflix or playing with her cat, named Prince Edward.
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