10 Best Hybrid Event Platforms for 2024

Hybrid events combine the greatest features of in-person and virtual events and offer extended reach through social experience and virtual audience. Due to the increased flexibility of the best hybrid event platforms for exhibitors, sponsors, and visitors, they are the talk of the town. 

However, it’s pretty challenging to figure out which hybrid event platform to choose for your event. When people look across software for hybrid events, it’s hard to understand precisely what these hybrid event platforms offer and how valuable they can be.

Features to Look for in Hybrid Event Platforms

There are a few key features that are a must in the best hybrid event platforms. Here is the list of features that you need to look for 

1. Onsite Tech

The best hybrid event platforms go beyond virtual capabilities, extending their reach to onsite technology for a smooth event flow. Look for platforms that support RFID technology for streamlined onsite check-ins, badge printing, and session tracking. Integration with onsite AV equipment, such as live streaming capabilities and interactive displays, enhances the overall event experience for in-person attendees, making the hybrid event truly cohesive and inclusive.

2. Connect Onsite and Online Attendees 

A successful hybrid event should provide networking opportunities to connect virtual and onsite attendees using the mobile event app. Features like one-on-one meetings, group discussions, and spatial networking lounges offer a chance to connect all your attendees. 

3. Event Mobile App

A hybrid event platform should include a feature-rich mobile app to enhance the attendee experience. The app should provide seamless access to event schedules, speaker profiles, and interactive maps, facilitating easy navigation for both virtual and onsite participants. Features like personalized agendas, push notifications for upcoming sessions, and in-app networking tools contribute to a cohesive and engaging event experience.

4. Versatile Content Delivery

The best hybrid event software should support various content formats, including live streaming, pre-recorded sessions, and on-demand access. This flexibility allows organizers to tailor the content delivery to different audience preferences and time zones.

5. Audience Analytics and Reporting

Comprehensive analytics and reporting tools are essential for all the best hybrid event software to gather insights into attendee behavior, participation levels, and content engagement. These analytics empower organizers to make informed decisions and refine future events based on data-driven insights.

6. Engagement Tools

Robust engagement tools such as live polls, Q&A sessions, chat functionality, and virtual networking capabilities enhance attendee interaction. These features in the best hybrid event platforms contribute to a dynamic atmosphere, replicating in-person gatherings’ interactive aspects.

7. Tech Support and Training

Reliable hybrid event platforms should provide comprehensive technical support for both organizers and attendees. Look for hybrid event platforms that offer training sessions, documentation, and responsive customer support to address any technical issues that may arise during the event.

8. Accessibility Features

Ensure that the hybrid event platforms you choose are designed with accessibility, offering features that cater to individuals with diverse needs. This includes features like closed captioning, screen reader compatibility, and other accessibility enhancements.

9. Sponsorship Opportunities

Look for hybrid event platforms that seamlessly integrate sponsorship opportunities, offering dedicated spaces for sponsors to showcase their products or services. This can include branded banners, sponsored sessions, and interactive elements to maximize sponsor visibility and engagement.

How do Hybrid Event Platforms Guarantee Success

Here is why you need to consider going hybrid and choosing one of the best hybrid event platforms for your next event: 

  • Increased Reach and Accessibility: The best hybrid event platforms enable organizers to extend their reach beyond physical boundaries, attracting a global audience, and expanding the event’s impact.
  • Cost Savings: Using a hybrid conference platform or a hybrid trade show platform reduces the expenses on venue logistics, travel, accommodation, and catering.
  • Enhanced Data Analytics: The best hybrid event platforms offer robust data analytics capabilities, providing insights into attendee behavior, preferences, and engagement levels. 
  • Extended Event Lifespan: On-demand access to recorded sessions within the hybrid event conference platform enhances the event’s lifespan, providing ongoing value to participants and potential leads.
  • Richer Engagement Opportunities: The best hybrid event platforms facilitate diverse engagement tools, including live polls, Q&A sessions, virtual networking, and interactive exhibits.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: The hybrid conference platforms open up new avenues for sponsorships, with virtual spaces for sponsors to showcase products, and services, and engage with attendees. 

Best Hybrid Event Platforms for 2024

Here we have rounded up the 10 best hybrid event platforms with in-depth analysis to help you make the best choice for your next event.

1. vFairs

vFairs is one of the leading in-person, virtual, and hybrid event platforms that offer 3D virtual environments, personalized booths, immersive rooms, networking lounges, integrations, custom venues, live help desk, and much more! It’s a one-stop solution for all your hybrid event needs. vfairs one of the best event badge printing software

vFairs: Key Features

3D Virtual Environment

vFairs’s virtual 3D environment provides a platform for attendees to exchange opinions and network with the right people. It adds value to hybrid events and offers more than just content streaming capability. 

Although nothing can fully replace in-person events, with vFairs you can get pretty close. With customized 3D virtual venues, attendees can network, join breakout sessions, participate in activities, and explore products in a fully immersive environment.

As a hybrid event provider, vFairs helps you design virtual venues that mirror people’s experiences in person, including a custom virtual venue that looks exactly like the physical venue. In addition, you can create spaces that serve the same functions as what people would be doing in-person. 

For example, you can create virtual exhibit halls where they can wander and interact with the booths, virtual auditoriums to interact with the presenters and others in the audience. Lounges are also available for networking and connecting with users onsite and online via the virtual platform or mobile app.

vFairs 3D Virtual Environment
vFairs 3D Virtual Environment
vFairs Mobile App
vFairs Mobile App

Mobile App

An event mobile app is essential when aiming to deliver a seamless event experience. You can use the vFairs mobile app to connect the attendees in virtual and in-person sessions and to form a community. Attendees can share videos, images, thoughts, and experiences.

They can also build profiles with their photos, interests, bio, and thoughts. Profiles can help individuals with similar interests form strong connections. vFairs mobile app also provides features such as questions, polls, and the ability to measure attendee satisfaction, engagement, and return on investment.

In-person Event Management

With vFairs, you can manage your onsite event with ease. Collect event registrations, on-site check-ins, and user management while delivering an unmatchable on-site event experience. vFairs onsite tech offers the perfect set of hybrid event tools and features to help your audience enjoy a real and lasting on-site event. It includes:

  • Easy attendee registration and ticketing
  • Check-in gear
  • Badge printing
  • Event app
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Photo booths
  • Social media wall
  • On-site support
  • Event reporting
vFairs In-person Event Management
vFairs In-person Event Management


vFairs help your exhibitors and attendees develop connections and relationships within your event with its user-friendly networking and chat features. A profile search and filter function is beneficial for on-site and virtual attendees as they can easily find anyone they want to talk to. Networking can be done in numerous ways, including;

  • Smart Matchmaking

Smart Matchmaking connects event attendees with users based on similar responses. You can get these responses with a questionnaire. You can then be automatically matched with other users whose responses match yours through timed video chats. This gives you the quintessential networking experience. 

vFairs Smart Matchmaking Feature
vFairs Smart Matchmaking Feature
  • Spatial Connect

Spatial Connect simulates a physical and social experience. You can move around a virtual space as your avatar, turn your camera & mic on/off, switch between theme-specific rooms, and make private conversations with close-quarter audio. You also get access to native reporting, where you can keep track of the time spent by attendees in the Spatial Connect space.

vFairs Spatial Connect Feature
vFairs Spatial Connect Feature
  • Contact Cards

You can share contact information via contact cards, so future correspondence is possible. In the case of in-person attendees, they can share contact information through QR codes. 

  • Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms are small groups designed to help attendees network with one another or discuss a particular subject matter more in-depth. Attendees can enjoy a more personalized virtual event experience with breakout rooms. 

These rooms help virtual attendees discuss after the session or when a module ends. Each group is assigned a group discussion leader who records conversations, manages the advanced controls, and monitors polls.

  • 1:1 Chat

Attendees can interact with exhibitors, fellow attendees, and admin through 1:1 text chats. These private conversations can bridge the virtual and in-person attendees, as in-person attendees can access the virtual event through their mobile phones while onsite. 1:1 audio and video chats can be great for interviews, sales discovery calls, and more.

  • Group Chat Rooms

Group chat rooms are assigned to each group on the vFairs event. For example, some of you might like a group chat room for all the attendees – in-person and virtual. In addition, visitors at a specific booth can have one for themselves. Hosts can also have themed chat rooms for particular events.

  • Ad-hoc Text/ Audio/ Video Chats

Ad hoc chats, be it through text, audio, or video, can be highly beneficial for attendee networking. These chats let attendees set up their chat rooms and start conversations with whomever they invite. This gives them the liberty to have detailed discussions with whomever they want.

  • Moderated Q&As

Moderated Q&As offer a great deal of clarity. Attendees can submit their questions to a booth and booth representatives can decide whether they would like to share the answer publicly.

Reporting and Analytics

vFairs hybrid events offer in-depth data beyond visitors’ attendance. With detailed, perceptive graphs, virtual event data covers event registration, logins, webinar and exhibit booth traffic, chat metrics, and other engagement data. 

The event data analytics are primarily available within the dashboard of the software for hybrid events and you can easily export them. These analytics allow close monitoring of attendees’ behavior and assist with post-event reporting for the organizers.

In-person components of hybrid events are primarily small since large gatherings are not a possibility. Therefore, organizers often center on collecting attendees’ feedback on-site. This helps establish whether the event was satisfactory or exceeded expectations. 

vFairs Detailed Event Analytics
vFairs Detailed Event Analytics


You can contact us here if you plan to host your next hybrid event with vFairs. A dedicated project management team will be with you at every step to resolve all your queries. Contact us today!

Pros & Cons


  • “vFairs provided a great platform to host a hybrid event with in-person and virtual components. It also bridged the divide so that in-person and virtual attendees could interact.” – Jennifer R. – Communications Consultant.
  • “Every aspect of the vFairs platform impressed me. The sleek graphics, the simple build process, and the round the clock support from a dedicated Project Manager made the entire process easy to navigate and so enjoyable.” – Leeann M. – Training Co-ordinator
  • “vFairs provided us with a hybrid solution that integrated seamlessly with our production team in person. There were no glitches or issues, and our project manager was there every step of the way to address numerous problems that I had.” – Ryan C. – Marketing & Communications Specialist.
  • “We organized a hybrid conference and wanted a visually stunning and user-friendly immersive virtual platform. The final product co-produced with vFairs met our expectations almost completely (80% if you have to put a number on it).” – Thaura G. – Scientific Officer.


  • “Some of the backend interface is a little clunky, mainly in the exhibitor hall set up, but not prohibitively so! Just in the time we’ve used vFairs, it seems like they’re frequently making improvements to the product.” – Alena A. – Graphic Designer and Marketing Specialist

2. Bizzabo

Bizzabo Hybrid Event Platform
Bizzabo Hybrid Event Platform

Bizzabo is a virtual and hybrid event platform. It lets you manage events, connect audiences, engage communities, and generate strong business results. Bizzabo is a software for hybrid events that allows you to combine event data in a single location, analyze reports, and set up integrations with payment processors.

Although Bizzabo is a good virtual event platform, there customer service is not up to the mark. There are sometimes problems that the team isn’t able to fix.

Bizzabo: Key Features

Mobile App

The Bizzabo mobile app, available for Android and iOS, helps you deliver a more personalized event experience. Users can log in from anywhere and at any time. 1:1 meetings, messages, Q&A, chats, polls, etc., are all available with the Bizzabo mobile app. However, users complain about frequent updates, which hinder their experience.


Bizzabo began as a mobile app with significant features such as networking and social media integration, live polls, and audience reaction systems. However, you must set everything up yourself, which can be challenging.

Event Analytics

Bizzabo provides centralized, dashboard-based analytics that highlights event trends. It also gives essential information such as total revenue, ticket sales, conversions, attendee counts, etc. However, according to users, the reporting capabilities can be improved.


Bizzabo doesn’t share its pricing model publicly. You need to contact them for a pricing model.

Pros & Cons



  • “The integration with Kaltura is great for virtual events but it also sometimes causes problems that the Bizzabo team isn’t able to fix.” Jaci F – Vice President
  • “I would love to see more reporting capabilities or dashboards for attendee data by the custom questions we ask at checkout.” – Candace G – Marketing Event Manager
  • “ The interaction between onsite and virtual participants was limited, but I have not found a solution to solve this yet.” – Holly S. – DEI Specialist

3. SpotMe

SpotMe Hybrid Event Platform
SpotMe Hybrid Event Platform

SpotMe combines all of your hybrid event requirements. You can develop branded experiences across the web and app, as well as live and on-demand. This aids in the production of high-quality events. 

SpotMe’s web and mobile apps allow you to connect with virtual and in-person event participants. You can also use interest-based matchmaking to generate networking opportunities, award the most active members, and develop your community. However, a steep learning curve makes it hard for users to navigate through the platform. 

SpotMe: Key Features

Mobile App

SpotMe offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android.  You can brand your mobile event app from the menu to the icons. This will also help you increase your brand footprint. However, users complain about some drawbacks of the mobile app. For example, there is limited optionality to enhance the existing features within the app.


With SpotMe, you can use participant matching to help attendees find people they should get to know. Users can have an unlimited number of direct or group chats with other users or start 1:1 or group video calls on the web with up to 20 users. However, since SpotMe is a bit expensive, users tend to look for cheaper options with the same features. 


You may integrate CRM and registration platforms using its marketplace and Zapier. All event management, video creation, and app development capabilities are available and you can access them simply from your browser. However, users complain about frequent updates that can be frustrating.

Live Captioning

SpotMe interpreting, captioning, and translating tools enable you to communicate with your audience across accessibility and linguistic boundaries. While keeping captioning and interpreting in nearly 20 languages, you can reduce accessibility expenditures for events. Since there’s too much happening, users find it challenging to navigate through this feature. 


SpotMe offers four different pricing models:

  • Starter (Up to 2 virtual, hybrid, or in-person events)
  • Business (Up to 5 virtual, hybrid, or in-person events)
  • Advanced (Up to 25 virtual, hybrid, or in-person events)
  • Enterprise (Custom plan)

You can reach out to them for additional pricing details. 

Pros & Cons



4. RingCentral Events (Formerly Hopin)


RingCentral is among the best hybrid event platforms. Attendees of a RingCentral event can walk freely between different rooms, just like at an actual venue, thanks to the platform’s many interactive zones. In addition, participants can engage with other visitors in its networking area by starting random video conversations with them at predetermined times.

With RingCentral, you don’t have to use separate platforms for registration, live streaming, email, and analytics. Hopin works with pre-recorded content, live broadcasts, and RTMP streams, so you can keep things simple or go all out with your video production. However, such bundles sometimes come at a premium; therefore, RingCentral is on the pricier side. 

RingCentral: Key Features

Networking and Engagement

RingCentral offers 1:1 meeting opportunities between attendees and vendors for networking. Attendees feel more engaged due to interactive content, social media walls, and polls. Although the reporting tools for attendee engagement need improvement.

Virtual Experience

A RingCentral hybrid event offers a virtual experience that includes webcasting, customizable event lobbies, chat rooms, and exhibit halls. But, the visual templates can look dated and don’t offer immersive networking opportunities.

Mobile App

The RingCentral mobile app is available on iOS and Android. It helps streamline video networking, real-time participation, and accessibility. The RingCentral mobile app makes it easy for in-person and virtual attendees to connect and join sessions in real time. However, there is a learning curve for users.


RingCentral offers four different pricing packages that are: 

  • Free 
  • Starter 
  • Growth 
  • Advanced Plan 

You can contact them for their pricing details.

Pros & Cons


  • “I’m fascinated by what Hopin (RingCentral) has to offer and look forward to participating in more (hybrid/virtual) events to take advantage of all its possibilities.” – Alex C. 
  • “The chat feature in the platform is very useful, and the team is quick to respond with informative answers.” – Verified User


  •  “There are certain features that get turned off and on depending on whether an event is a session or a stage. This makes hybrid offerings difficult.” – Verified User
  • “I wish there was a way for hybrid events to do check-ins. This would make the process easier without the complications associated with human interaction, which is missing in nature.” – Alison L.

5. Aventri

Aventri Hybrid Event Platform
Aventri Hybrid Event Platform

With Aventri’s event management platform, hundreds of brands can organize exciting virtual, live, and hybrid events that develop global connections. It has features like attendee registration and is user-friendly for event organizers. The ability to create templates out of mundane happenings is Aventri’s most powerful feature. Therefore, you can relax knowing you won’t have to start from zero while organizing a hybrid event.

Aventri’s technology also integrates with third-party tools such as HubSpot, Marketo, and Salesforce. Aventri employs advanced data processing and analytics to help users improve events. It uses tags and hubs to investigate how attendees react and engage at each stage of the process. However, Aventri pricing is on the higher side, so users tend to look out for other reasonable options. 

Aventri: Key Features

Mobile App

Aventri provides a branded mobile app where users can input their preferred content and services, and Aventri will handle the entire production process. It allows Aventri users to connect effortlessly with all guests and attendees. Unfortunately, Aventri is a little expensive, according to users, and there are extra costs for added features.


Aventri employs cutting-edge data processing and analytics to assist users in improving current and future events. You can track metrics that will assist you in demonstrating effect to key stakeholders such as sponsors, exhibitors, management, and others. However, users require technical support to navigate through the reporting tools. 

In-person Event Management

With the help of Aventri’s integrated on-site hardware technology, you can design a secure on-site or hybrid event environment. Using Aventri’s selection of hardware techniques, such as tap n’ go pods, tabletop readers, or mobile devices, you may control and manage attendee flow with guest access to ensure event efficiency.

With the selection of badges available in either plastic or paper card stock that are scannable using NFC or UHF technology, you can also boost guest check-in efficiency and expedite processing. But unfortunately, many features come with an additional price.


Aventri pricing is not disclosed publicly. You will have to contact them for a demo and a specific quote for your event. 

Pros & Cons



  • “The reporting system is complex. It would be pretty much impossible to maneuver successfully without dedicated support.” – Clayton B. – Associate Digital Marketing Specialist.
  • “The price is rather high and there were some extra fees. We had difficulties with payment processing. It was not easy to use with the other systems we already have well established for our business.” – Kaitlyn V. – Partner and sales associate.
  • “I feel their website / e-registration module could be improved in both looks and functionality, and I think it’s disappointing a mobile app feature is no longer included with their desktop plan pricing.” – Stephen M. – Communications

6. Cvent

Cvent Hybrid Event Platform
Cvent Hybrid Event Platform

Cvent is well-known for its hybrid conference platform, allowing easy event registration and management. Custom websites, email marketing, a check-in app, virtual and hybrid event solutions, payment tracking, and data analytics are all part of Cvent’s Event Management Platform. 

Cvent assists you in managing each stage of the event lifecycle while offering the data and insights required to maximize your value. You will have a single platform with everything you need.

However, one major drawback is the learning curve and hourly training charges, making it hard for new users to navigate the hybrid event software. There isn’t a dedicated project manager for help either. They are acquiring their tech, hence it’s not a seamless experience using multiple solutions for a single event. Also, Cvent offers configuration, but not truly customization as other hybrid platforms such as vFairs do. 

Cvent: Key Features

Event Management

Cvent allows you to automate event management duties. To manage invitees and registrations, you can use the built-in address. You can also give stakeholders over 100 standard reports developed on the platform. However, there’s little room for creativity. 

Reporting and Analytics

Cvent generates a report on the entire events’ activity, providing significant information. You can better understand the impact of events, audience engagement, and costs, resulting in improved marketing ROI. But, it can be challenging to navigate through Cvent due to the learning curve.

Cvent Attendee Hub

With Cvent, you can add online and app-based technologies to any event to increase and extend participation. With access to essential event information, participants, and sponsors, Attendee Hub enables in-person and online attendees to construct unique event journeys and keeps them engaged.


You need to contact Cvent for a detailed pricing model, as it is not available publicly. 

Pros & Cons


  • “I love that all of our event registration information can be stored in one place that anyone in our team can access.” – Justina H. – Events Director.
  • “The intuitive platform gives out-of-the-box solutions that can be customized to fit your business needs and set you up for success.” – Verified User in Real Estate


  • “As virtual events are gaining more popularity, the software should only enable the workflows based on the event type selected like virtual, physical, or hybrid.” – Jetender V. – Program Manager.
  • “If you are a new user, learning how to navigate Cvent and get the most out of it can be an adjustment.” – User in Computer Software.
  • “There is a lack of customisation in the tool, which can be improved; the system also faces many outages issues.” – Bharat B. – Assistant Manager

7. EventMobi

EventMobi Hybrid Event Platform
EventMobi Hybrid Event Platform

EventMobi is a well-known hybrid event platform that provides polls, Q&A sessions, and gamification features. The adaptability of the platform makes it stand out from other options. It also simplifies integrating with well-known platforms like Marketo and Salesforce.

Using the specific solution, event planners may create websites and email invitations, as well as collect registrations and supervise the full online check-in process. EventMobi’s virtual space is a configurable online sector for different conferences, including video-on-demand and live feeds.

EventMobi: Key Features

Mobile App 

With EventMobi, you can give your visitors a customized mobile event app experience that puts content, networking, interaction, and navigation right at their fingertips. With the flexible event application from EventMobi, you can create the ideal atmosphere for events of any scale. However, there is some room for improvement with the attendees’ user interface.

Event Registration

The registration feature of EventMobi gives you access to a robust and integrated backend that allows you to create any registration experience you want. However, the platform is not intuitive on the admin side, according to EventMobi reviews. 

Email Marketing

You may use EventMobi to create invitation lists to segment your email list and invite certain persons. You may also develop unique templates for denied invites and RSVPs and send automatic emails, notifications, and event reminders. But it can be tiring to do everything on your own. 


EventMobi offers a custom pricing model for each event. You can contact them through their website for additional pricing details.

Pros & Cons


  • “They have wonderful support to help you each step of the way. We are now able to offer hybrid meetings to all of our members” – User in Transportation/Trucking/Railroad.
  • “I had a few custom changes that needed to be made and the EventMobi support team took the time to understand the changes needed and had them completed within a few minutes.” – Robert H. – IT Manager


8. Hubilo

Hubilo Hybrid Event Platform
Hubilo Hybrid Event Platform

Hubilo is a hybrid events platform that provides engaging experiences for attendees and assists you in reaching business objectives. Hubilo reviews emphasize the gamification and engagement components that enable event planners to raise audience participation.

Furthermore, Hubilo integrates with prominent payment systems such as Stripe, as well as marketing automation and sales tools such as Salesforce and HubSpot. Attendees can watch and engage in real-time using Hubilo’s event app (available for both iOS and Android). Although the platform is amazing, users cannot altogether avoid feature glitches.

Hubilo: Key Features


With the help of interactive chats, reactions, polls, surveys, social media integrations, and other features, Hubilo helps you boost involvement and give your audiences a chance to express their opinions. 

You can also encourage attendees to network and attend sessions by encouraging friendly competition and rewarding healthy play. One drawback is that users can only customize within the given framework of the system.

Custom Branding

Using Hubilo’s custom branding feature, event organizers may build an event that matches the appearance and tone of their organization. Sponsor, partner, and exhibitor areas can all have their branding.

Event Registration

Users can create an event registration page to sell various tickets and receive money. Free, normal, VIP, and reduced tickets are among the tickets that users can sell. Hubilo accepts payments through payment systems such as Stripe and Chargebee. However, users complain that tickets lack customization options. 


Hubilo offers three pricing plans;

  • Advanced:  Ideal for small-scale virtual events with limited attendees.
  • Pro: Suitable for mid-sized virtual events or small to mid-sized hybrid events.
  • Enterprise: Ideal for mid to large-scale virtual and hybrid events hosted by corporations and event management companies.

You can get in touch with them through their website for detailed pricing. 

Pros & Cons



9. BigMarker

BigMarker Hybrid Event Platform
BigMarker Hybrid Event Platform

BigMarker’s hybrid events platform allows you to create all of your sessions, presenters, and exhibitors in one location while automatically developing the digital touchpoints required to engage in-person and virtual visitors. 

BigMarker offers 15+ virtual modules, which are essentially independent customizable web pages. They enable you to create your landing page, tickets, main stage, expo booth, and other hybrid meeting platforms, making designing your hybrid event enjoyable and easy. Event hosts are invited to combine several modules with building their dream event. However, there are too many additional costs involved.

BigMarker: Key Features

Mobile Event App

Through the event app, participants can participate in live Q&A sessions, Ask-Me-Anythings (AMAs), and upvote questions, providing moderators with a live list of the most popular queries in real-time. 

However, there is still room for improvement as competitors like vFairs offer much more in terms of event apps. 

Virtual Event

You can share up to 9 webcams and exhibit content inside your virtual events, such as presentations, films, or your entire screen. Attendees can talk, raise their hands, and ask questions. 

Unfortunately, BigMarker is still commonly recognized as a webinar tool, which means it is somewhat limited compared to other best hybrid event platforms.  

Event Management

BigMarker is web-based, so there are no downloads or installations required. You receive your room in the hybrid conference platform that you may brand with your company’s logo or theme. You can embed your events on your website to host them directly. However, there are too many options so users might get overwhelmed.


BigMarker offers monthly and annual subscriptions. There are three pricing models, including

  • Basic: Up to 1,000 Live Attendees
  • Enterprise: Up to 10,000 Live Attendees
  • Enterprise+: Up to 500,000 Live Attendees

You can contact them on their website for additional pricing details. 

Pros & Cons


  • “BigMarker is very responsive to user feedback and continually offers new features.” – Patrick F. – Information Technology Manager.
  • “What we like most about the platform is that it’s all inclusive and it also makes automated processes such as webinars more customizable without the difficulty of trying to figure out how to use it.” – Eddie C. – CEO


  • “Creating hybrid/virtual events is not in the base license but rather an add-on (that’s too bad), it would be much better for customers to have everything included in a single license without a “buy-up”.” – Ross S. – Owner / Partner.
  • “The options are sometimes confusing as you have too many and it might be hard finding the setting that you are looking for.” – Manuel G. – Founder.
  • “Could use more native integrations (you need to use Zapier for any other integrations)” – Sunny T. – Founder

10. WebEx (Socio)

WebEx Hybrid Event Platform
WebEx Hybrid Event Platform

Webex Events is a full-service event management platform designed to power virtual, in-person, and hybrid events that improve attendee experiences. Webex Events provides the resources you need to create a successful event, whether it’s a conference, a trade fair, or an internal event. 

However, Webex hybrid conference platform users complain about a difficult-to-use interface and in-event polling issues.

WebEx: Key Features

Mobile App

The mobile app is configurable and enables on-the-go access. Mobile attendance can increase participation, but the mobile app leaves much to be desired. Users complain that the experience isn’t as immersive as the web platform and that not all capabilities are available on iOS devices.

Event Customization

Webex allows event organizers to customize their event colors, branding, and layout. The platform offers a few templates and options screens, but the aesthetics have some room for improvement. 


Your audience may connect with your brand, your sponsors, and each other at WebEx hybrid events thanks to engagement options like session chat, moderated Q&A, polls, gamification, and video rooms. These, however, are only generic aspects; in terms of engagement, competitors in the market, like vFairs, offer much more.

Check-in and Badge Printing

Webex Events, formerly Socio, streamlines your check-in and badge printing process by offering a comprehensive solution for your hybrid event software, hardware, and on-site support needs. An on-demand or distributed check-in experience is an option. 

Attendees can check and confirm the information on their badge or use Fast Track Check-in to expedite the process. However, there is much room for improvement as there are very few customization options. 


The WebEx pricing is not available publicly. You can request the pricing by contacting them through their website. 

Pros & Cons




A hybrid event is one event, but it can provide two experiences for two distinct audiences. Therefore, you must choose the ideal event platform to make the most of it. vFairs is an all-in-one platform for hybrid events. It lets you create a fun and attractive hybrid event for your audience, complete with polls, live Q&As, live streams, on-demand content, registration pages, and more.

vFairs is an excellent choice for people who want efficient hybrid event tools to help them build their hybrid event from start to finish. Contact us right away to schedule a demo.


What are the best hybrid event platforms and features?

The best hybrid event platforms encompass a range of features to create seamless virtual and onsite experiences. These platforms include vFairs, Hopin, WebEx, Hubilo and more.

What is the difference between in-person, virtual, and hybrid events?

In-person events require all the attendees to be present in a physical location at the time of the event, virtual events are those in which everyone attends online, and hybrid events combine the two, where some people participate in person and others attend online.

How do hybrid events work?

Hybrid events are, quite simply, a mix of live and virtual events. You take your live event, complete with an audience, content, and more, and add a virtual component so your audience can participate and engage with your event, no matter where they are.

Are hybrid events cheaper?

While they are typically more expensive than in-person events, there are also many ways event planners can save money with a hybrid event and see a higher event ROI. Let the audience and event goals be your guide when it comes to hybrid event budgets. Choose one of the best hybrid event platforms that aligns with your budget.

Which is the best hybrid events platform?

Although there are several best hybrid event platforms in the market, vFairs is a leading all-in-one solution with a 4.7/5 rating on G2. vFairs offers an integrated and seamless event experience for your in-person, remote, and on-the-go attendees with a powerful hybrid events platform. So whether you want to host a hybrid conference, workshop, or meeting, you can deliver a positive user experience for all your attendees by choosing one of the best hybrid event platforms.

What are the top challenges of hybrid events?

One of the main challenges of even the best hybrid events is to keep both the attendees, virtual and in-person, equally engaged and have them enjoy a similar experience. Therefore, choosing the right on-site venue and deciding upon a high-value virtual events platform is a great challenge.

What technology is needed for a hybrid meeting?

Hybrid meeting platforms are the first need where you can host the feed live. Other than the hybrid meeting platforms, there is production that involves high-quality cameras, lighting, and microphones are essential. The production team directs a live feed through the control room or A/V equipment for live streaming.

10 Best Hybrid Event Platforms for 2024

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