So, you’re hosting a virtual job fair. You’ve got a lot of different roles to fill and a lot of different candidates. Each of them have their own questions about job openings, company culture, the interview process, and so on. 

Virtual job fairs are a great way to recruit, but when not managed properly, it could have a negative impact on your recruiting process. In fact, 80-90% of candidates say that a positive or negative experience will change their opinion of a company.  

Feeling overwhelmed yet? Don’t be, we’re here to help. 

One way you can plan for a positive candidate experience during your virtual job fair, is to take advantage of vFairs’ moderated Q&A feature. It let’s you review user-submitted questions and post answers so that your webinars and chatrooms can foster even more productive conversations.

What is moderated Q&A?

Moderated Q&A works in two areas of our virtual event. Firstly, you can moderate questions that come in during live or semi-live presentations. This let’s you streamline the questions your presenters answer, and keeps the chat open for other conversations. You can also create a moderated Q&A tab within your exhibitor booth. Visitors to your booth can ask questions and you can publish answers.

Here’s how it works

  • Your admins can access the new features through the chat interface.
  • Attendees can submit questions, and admins can choose to post answers to them within the booth or webinar. This helps reduce a lot of repeat questions and streamline your chat conversations. 
  • Admins also have the ability to remove certain comments if they feel they’re not relevant to the conversation or inappropriate. This creates a positive experience for those who are looking to engage with you as a potential employer.

moderated chat Q&A


Streamlined communications. Previously, attendees simply asked their questions within the chat interface, which sometimes made event chatrooms too busy and overwhelming for people to participate in. Moderated Q&A helps you engage with candidates in a more authentic and helpful way. Rather than using chatrooms simply as a place where people go to get answers to questions, you can host icebreakers and get into deeper conversations about your company, roles, or values. 

Helpful directory for FAQs. Including a user-submitted Q&A within your event will help candidates get a lot of the important information they’re looking for, and get it quickly. This helps to create a positive experience for the candidate, and helps you manage the number of questions you receive throughout the event. It also helps you better track and manage what topics people are most interested in learning about.

Improved brand perception. Improving your attendee experience will always reflect well on your brand. By offering helpful Q&As, clean and productive chat, and a space to truly connect with your recruiters will make candidates walk away with a sense of familiarity and connectedness. 

Our moderated Q&A feature is just one of the ways you can offer excellent virtual event experiences to your candidates, and maximize results at your virtual job fair. As we continue to roll out new features, so too will your employer brand perception continue to rise.

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