We’re upgrading our virtual event features to make your experience as a host even more customized. That’s why we’re introducing our moderated Q&A features.

How it works

There are two places within the event platform you can use moderated Q&A. You can use this during webinars, or within your exhibit booth.

During live or semi-live webinars, attendees can submit questions to you which you can then publish answers to right within the chat function. As you answer, a Q&A is built within the presentation interface that users can then scroll through.

As a booth admin, you can share a moderated Q&A tab and publish questions you receive from booth visitors. Attendees can submit a question to you, you can review the question and choose to approve the question and post an answer to it that others can access through your booth. This can all be done live from within the event platform on the day of the event. 

Benefits of moderated Q&A

  • Curate a list of FAQs for your booth visitors
  • Manage unwanted or irrelevant comments
  • Use your chatroom to create connections through ice breakers, brainstorms, and meaningful conversations.

How to use the moderated Q&A feature

Hosts and exhibitors can access the new features from right within the chat interface. If you’re designated as an ‘admin’, you’ll be able to manage the following:

  1. Q&A: Users submit questions, and admin can choose whether to publish them with an answer. This creates a repository of FAQs.
  2. Remove comments: If you see a comment you’d like to remove from the chat, you’ll have an option to remove it from the thread.

moderated chat QnA

This is just one of the ways we’re giving you more control over your virtual event and helping your attendees have the best virtual event experience possible. 

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