The fintech industry has witnessed explosive growth in the past year. In addition to numerous fintech companies experiencing unprecedented growth, there are new firms sprouting in the industry. Organizations are looking to hire for multiple roles across departments. 

You don’t always have to have experience in financial services to land a fintech job. Some roles do require some relevant training, however, there is room for a diverse range of backgrounds and skillsets in fintech. 

So, with a wide range of opportunities available, how do you begin your hunt for fintech jobs? 

Hiring is about finding the right fit for the job seeker and the company. When you are looking for fintech jobs, you have to see which role and specifically which company furthers your professional development goals. Once you have zeroed in on a company, start your research for the specific roles they are hiring for. 

In such cases, a company might host a virtual career fair. But how do you get to that virtual career fair? How do you make sure you don’t miss an opportunity? Here are some tips and tricks to look out for. 

Regularly visit the website 

Keep an eye out for virtual career fair announcements on the company’s website. Chances are they will not only post vacancies but if they are hosting a virtual career fair they will advertise it on their website. This is the place where you can register for the virtual event itself. So keep a close eye on the website. 

Follow social media platforms 

The company you are interested in applying for fintech jobs might have a social media presence. See what they are talking about. It is highly likely they will advertise their upcoming career fair on their social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Some companies also post their vacancies on their social media platforms so even before you enter the career fair you will have a good idea of the fintech jobs that they are hiring for. 

Moreover, on LinkedIn, you can turn on alerts for whenever the company posts an update. This way you will be duly notified. A smart organization will try to capture audiences on every social media platform and will try to be where their audience is. Hence, closely follow them and their activity to stay updated. 

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Social media platforms also present the perfect opportunity for job seekers to network with industry professionals. LinkedIn is the ideal platform where looking up people in the organization is easy. Reach out to them and show your interest. No wonder LinkedIn is considered a benchmark professional networking social media platform and can perform miracles for someone looking for work. 

Sign up for emails 

Another way a fintech company will advertise their virtual career fair is via email marketing. Subscribe to their newsletters. When highlighting their virtual career fair and the fintech jobs they are hiring for, the company will engage in multiple email campaigns and send out email invites. Subscribing to their emails will ensure you get notified immediately. You can even send in an email in a ‘contact us’ form to get on the radar or send in your resume. 

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Look for a recruiting chatbot

A recruitment chatbot might be used by the company to spread the word. When you apply for fintech jobs in the organization, you might be contacted with a recruitment chatbot with additional information on virtual career fairs. 

Fintech jobs are in high demand as the industry is booming and there is a rapid pace of evolution. Keep on your toes. Maximize opportunities for a your dream fintech job by

  • Closely following social media channels of the organization and its recruitment professionals 
  • Network on social media platforms, especially LinkedIn
  • Keep a close watch on the organizations website for updates on vacancies and announcements on virtual career fairs 
  • Look out for a recruitment chatbot for notifications on upcoming virtual career fairs. 

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