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Virtual Job Fair Platform

Help Organizations Find Top Talent With a Virtual Job Fair

Provide recruiters with the perfect platform to post job boards, collect resumes and interact with top candidates.

Why Host a Virtual Job Fair?

vFairs offers employers access to a larger candidate pool. Recruiters can search and filter resumes and conduct screening interviews right from within the platform.

Host Virtual Job Fair

Virtual Job Fair Feature Set

All the right tools to engage with and screen top candidates in your virtual hiring event.

Top Features of the vFairs Virtual Job Fair Platform

Here are our most sought after vFairs features that can help you deliver an impactful online job fair.

Promote Employer Brands with Customized Booths

Help your employers brand their booths with their own logos, marketing collateral, and standees. Build eye-catching booths that attract attention and boost brand awareness.

Explore all Features

Explore All Features

Advertise Job Postings

Let employers post job openings and job descriptions on their booths. Help attendees browse through information at their own pace and save it for later with our virtual swag bag.

Explore all Features

Explore All Features

Search for Your Perfect Candidate

Encourage attendees to submit their resumes on sign up. Help your recruiters search and filter candidate profiles, and schedule interviews with audio/video meetings.

Explore all Features

Explore All Features

Have Specialized Discussions at Roundtables

Cross paths with other candidates and recruiters. Share thoughts and ideas and have meaningful discussions.


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Extend Your Reach with Marketing Features

Advertise your hiring event with customized landing pages and email marketing campaigns. Get your virtual job fair in front of thousands across the globe.

Publish your job fairs at vFairs Discover to attract more job seekers.

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Match with Potential Candidates

Engage in conversation with recruiters and applicants who share your interests. Chat and exchange ideas by text, audio, or video!


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Interact Freely with Spatial Networking

Connect with other candidates and talk to them in a flexible, virtual setting. Network more effectively while moving around freely.


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Program Timed-Chats with Chat Queuing

Give candidates clear information about how long they will have to wait. Assist recruiters in keeping track of ongoing and upcoming conversations.


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Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Job Fair with vFairs

Higher Attendance

Access a larger candidate pool by making your job fair highly accessible

Partner Visibility

Maximize visibility with virtual advertising space and custom exhibits

Connect with Candidates

Use multiple networking features to chat, book meetings, and pitch your brand

Build Database

Collect resumes and easily migrate applicant data to your ATS

Stellar Support

Enjoy end-to-end event support with the help of a dedicated project team

Are You Interested In a Single Employer Virtual Job Fair?

Checkout our virtual career fair platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to set up a virtual job fair?

    We recommend giving your team at least four weeks to set up a vFairs virtual job fair. This includes everything from event planning and software onboarding to event design, content upload, and trial runs.

  • How long can a virtual job fair last?

    Your vFairs virtual job fair can stay live for as long as you like. You can also keep it live for up to a year by purchasing our yearly license.

  • How many employers and attendees can vFairs support?

    vFairs can support unlimited employer booths and attendee registrations.

  • How can I hire faster with a virtual job fair?

    vFairs offers a single platform to meet global talent, share openings with a live job board, conduct interviews, and assess candidate skills with quizzes. This helps reduce time-to-hire

  • Can I conduct interviews within a virtual job fair?

    Yes, you can conduct both 1:1 and panel interviews through the vFairs job fair. You can even search for candidates that meet your job requirements through the candidate search and auto-match making.

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