Get More Value From Your Online Event With vFairs Integrations

The vFairs platform integrates with all your favourite apps, so you can easily migrate
virtual event data across your tech stack.

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Move Attendee Data Seamlessly Across Apps With zapier

Automatically migrate data between vFairs and over 2000 apps with Zapier including ATS, CRM, Payment apps & more. Connect your accounts, setup the triggers & let the Zap magic happen.

CRM Integrations

hubspot and Salesforce integration

Connect vFairs with Salesforce and Hubspot to migrate user data and
capture fields of interest in one place.

Marketing Automation Software


Move vFairs Registration data into Marketo and nurture them through email marketing & workflows.

Lead Automation

Oracle Eloqua Track Leads Through the Buyers Funnel with Oracle Eloqua

Integrate Oracle Eloqua into your vFairs event to track how your existing leads engage with you, and to create new leads from your event.

Live Streaming

Amplify your Webinar Reach with Restream

Broadcast webinars live across your social media channels to amplify your content’s reach. Share important industry news across multiple audiences with Restream.

Event Registration Tool


Capture attendee data using Cvent and then use the integration to pipe that data into vFairs to auto-generate accounts for your event.


Single sign-on

Easily authenticate event attendees with single sign-on. Allow attendees to use existing credentials from your company or organization to sign into your virtual event.


Paypal & stripe

Increase your event revenue with payments. Collect payments upon registration, and easily sell your sponsorship packages online.



Increase webinar engagement and put attendees at ease. With KUDO, live webinars can be translated into any language, or sign language, so participants can listen and speak in their native tongue.

AI Translation

Offer AI-Powered Translation and
Captions with Wordly & SyncWords

Your attendees can experience live webinars in their native language. Offer text or audio translation with Wordly, and live captioning through SyncWords’s AI technology.

Social Media Social Wall

Share user-generated social content within your event platform

Curate and display social media content using an interactive social wall. It’s easy to integrate, automatically updates, and increases engagement across channels.

Webinar Engagement

Increase Webinar Engagement with Slido

Get your attendees excited and interested in your content through Slido. Host live polls, trivia and Q&A right within your webinar, and get engagement metrics afterward.

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