vFairs Products Updates: June 2022

We’re moving into a new era of events, and our June vFairs product updates are here to support that. Check out all our newest features here!

Desktop App

Hide Reserve Chat Slot Button on Booths

We’ve updated our “Book a Meeting” button within exhibit booths for those who would like to reserve a chat slot with a booth representative. This has now been customized in a way that even if reserve a chat slot option is enabled, booth admins will have the option to hide “Book a Meeting” from each booth separately. So now they will have the option to enable reserve a chat slot on booth individually. This will make interaction more customized. Toggle button on the backend will look like this.

Email Templates & Campaigns – Fields Efficiency

The fields in the email campaigns have become more efficient and user friendly. For example, the “From Email” field has been set fixed and is not changeable in order to avoid any confusion when sending a mass email. It will help in designing email campaigns more easily and efficiently. Other fields have been made more user friendly as well. The illustration shows how “From Email” is fixed.

Delete Webinar Q&A Messages from the Event

There is now an option to delete embedded webinar Q&A messages from the event. Event owner, admins and booth admins will have the option to delete messages. This will help in filtering out unwanted and insignificant messages from the frontend and focus on the important ones. Graphic below shows how the option will be visible.

Send Message as Anonymous User in Chat

This is a feature enhancement of the chat function which gives users the ability to send anonymous message in the chat. This will be helpful for all those introvert attendees who do not want to disclose their names but want to chat with the admins. This will also make communication better as people will be ale to ask questions and queries without hesitating. The illustration attached shows how an anonymous message will be seen in the event.

Mobile App Updates

Booth Admin Listing

There will be a new option available in the platform and that would be booth admin listing. All the booth admins would be listed under one section with their booth names written below their names. This will help attendees differentiate which booth they belong to. Attendees will be able to initiate one on one chat with the reps and also see their public profile. This feature will make interaction among booth admins and attendees easier while they are on the go. Below graphic reflects how the booth admin listing will look.

Reserve a Chat Slot

You now can use the Reserve A Chat Slot feature in the mobile app as well. The process is similar to web where an attendee goes to the booth, finds a slot, sends a request and the booth admin will receive an email to either accept or reject it. The accept or reject notification will then be sent to an attendee via an email.
There is a “My Bookings” widget in the app where a user can see his/her own reservation status i.e. pending or accepted. This will make the mobile app more efficient to use and interaction better than ever. It will be very helpful in events like job fair and career fairs.

The graphics show step by step how reserve a chat slot works within the mobile app.

  • First attendees will have the option to select booth representatives as shown.

  • Then they will be able to select from different time slots as shown.

  • Then they will be able to see their reservation status as pending or accepted as shown.

App Accessible Through Cross Server

This is a feature enhancement causing the mobile app to be accessible on EU and CA servers now as well. This means that you will be able to reach a large number of audiences across the borders. This will make the app more user friendly and attract more attendees from multiple locations to join live or hybrid events through the app.

Adding Webinar Surveys

You can now post surveys with the webinars in the mobile app. The surveys are built similar way in the backend as they are built in a web platform. Each survey will be added per session. This feature will allow you to better analyze a session through a survey from attendees that are on the go as well. The graphic below shows how surveys will be reflected on the app.

These features will not only make your event better, but it will also help in making it more interactive and engaging for attendees. It will increase attendee attendance within the event increasing the ROI even more. Subscribe to our newsletter for more updates!


vFairs Products Updates: June 2022

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