vFairs Virtual Trade Shows – 2020 Success Stories (So Far)

Picture this – a fantastic online trade show experience that allows you to reach out to a global audience, cut costs, generate leads, improve sales, promote your brand, and well…we could go on but we’ll give you a breather here.

vFairs has been turning this picture into a reality for many of our clients with 2020 already on to an action packed start. Our virtual trade shows have been a hit amongst clients and attendees alike with their usual innovative functionalities paired with the best customer service that you’ll find in the business.

Don’t just take our word for it though, we’re sharing client testimonials today to show how our virtual technology makes event hosting an absolute delight. Get ready to leave expensive, complex and geographically restricted trade shows in the past- it’s time to propel your business the virtual way.


Client: Centennial Extravaganza

“Through the support team, we were able to customize our site to what we wanted to see. Since this is our first time using this, I am seeing no cons.”Angie D Seafood (Sales Purchaser/ Marketing)

Hosting an all-in-one virtual food show was the challenge provided by our client Centennial Foodservice, a leading foodservice interested in expanding their food distribution network and overall sales performance. With this goal of delivering an event that was engaging, facilitated online shopping, and built a connection between the prospects and the brand- we had our work truly cut out for us.

The vFairs team worked to customize a strategy to ensure seamless event execution, an exciting visitor experience, and of course impressive ROI. Powering the virtual food show with embedded live chat, webinar, and lead generation tools backed by dedicated tech support, the immersive event environment drummed up leads to drive new business.

The virtual platform’s feature-set was designed to dazzle visitors, and facilitate buying with utmost ease, thus capturing the true essence of a trade show in a convenient online setting. Allowing guests to place orders at desired vendor booths, customers could skip the travel, lodging or other costly expenses. Enjoying the convenience of being able to track their order history and take charge of their shopping carts, over 4000 attendees registrations secured prior to the event even going live.

The widespread interest in the virtual food show was undeniable, and an Info Desk was also a staple part of the event to ensure tech support for any guests or exhibitors in need of assistance. The custom sea themed event was set up with an Exhibit Hall serving home to 8 distinct virtual booths equipped with rich interactive tools and exciting content. From product catalogues, marketing collateral, to hassle free communications with exhibitors- the Centennial Extravaganza sets the bar high for its competition to keep up with.

virtual food show lobby

Client: Jake’s Finer Foods 2020 Virtual Food Show

“The team is always friendly and very helpful. They are quick to respond, and always willing to try new ways to accommodate our show. We are grateful for this talented group of people, and we can’t wait to work with them on our next show!”Brittany S. (Marketing Coordinator)

Jake’s Finer Foods (JFF) is a leading foodservice distributor, and one of our favourite clients that pioneered smart selling using the vFairs platform. After their successful virtual trade show experience in 2019, they once again wanted to amp up lead generation, sales performance and marketing efforts by providing the right content and value to their clients – both existing and potential.  Helping them overcome the constraints of poor audience engagement, lacklustre client servicing, and loss of crucial revenue generating opportunities, vFairs used its virtual platform to provide unlimited geographical reach and tremendous cost savings.

Prioritizing attracting and retaining audience attention, the fully virtual food show used an exclusively designed environment to ensure an exceptional shopping experience. Helping Jake’s Finer Foods (JFF) strike a connection with guests, customer confidence was achieved using an exciting Exhibit Hall serving home to the best vendors in the business. The user-friendly navigation led visitors from the lobby to the hall with one click to make buying the  buying process as seamless as possible.

Providing all vendors with fully customized booths, the virtual stalls were designed to share and promote rich brand stories by showcasing featured items, new products, detailed catalogues, etc. Shoppers could place orders, and communicate with sales representatives using the audio/video/textual tools to ensure stress-free information sharing for all.

Targeting customers became easier for Jake’s Finer Foods (JFF) and exhibitors using the Video Vault, Resources, Auditorium and Swag Bag options- marketing collateral could be instantly viewed, downloaded and shared for maximum impact. The “Search Products” option allowed guests to search for desired items using product name, ID or even booth names. Moreover, the “Order History” tab provided a quick summary of all purchases, and promotions enabled buyers to earn Casino points to use towards winning more than $30,000 in valuable prizes.

From gamification, reinforced branding, easy selling and personal communication with target customers – Jake’s Finer Foods 2019 virtual food show was once again a solid win for the host to win new customers, and engage with their existing ones.

Ready to hit a home-run with next trade show? Our virtual trade show solutions are tried, tested and a sure shot way to get your sales numbers exceeding their targets. With so many customer success stories in our vault to see,  it’s time to transform your challenges into lead generating powerhouses.

Food show auditorium

About vFairs

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vFairs Virtual Trade Shows – 2020 Success Stories (So Far)

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