[Webcast Recap] Event Mobile Apps: A Must-Have For In-Person Events

We’re back with yet another one of our Epic Events webcast series to keep your regular dose of event updates in check! 

This time we’ve focused on discussing and enlightening you about the importance of event mobile apps for in-person events. 

Moderated by our very talented sales and product teams, the webcast was delivered by some of our very knowledgeable team members. These included Katy Simkiss, Senior Account Executive, Carlos Herrera, Sales manager, and Salman Saeed, Director of Product Management. 

They gave us some valuable insights on the tools needed to deliver an in-person event, the need for event technology, and how vFairs plays an important role in providing you the right set of tools for your in-person event. 

If you’ve missed the opportunity to attend it, you can always click the video link below to watch it and gain all the remarkable insights. You’re welcome! 

Why Have Mobile Apps Become a Must-have for In-person Events?

In-person events have made a comeback at the end of 2021 after being closed down for at least two years. The years 2020 and 2021 were entirely dominated by virtual events. However, we’d have to agree that these pandemic years have really expanded the horizon for the event professionals and have made them reach global audiences. 

After the 2021 vaccine rollout all over the world, we have started getting back to in-person events. The question is, are these the same on-site events we knew back in 2020? Absolutely not! 

In-person events are much more tech-savvy and experimental now. They are focused on improving the accessibility and convenience to their attendees. 

Here are the 4 big wins for Event Mobile apps specifically for in-person events:

  1. Boost event reach makes you go global 
  2. Clearer and in-depth event insights
  3. Enhanced networking and engagement 
  4. Lower environmental impact 


vFairs Event Mobile App Demo 

mobile apps

Carlos gave an extensive overview of the vFairs event mobile app and talked about the features that vFairs recommend each event mobile app should have. The vFairs mobile event app can easily be downloaded from the Google App Store or Apple store. 

It offers two way entry, one through two step verification, second through email verification. The home screen consists of rotating banners, menu, different sections, content display, and sponsorship ads. 

Here are a few things vFairs event mobile app offers, but is not limited to:

  1. Streaming sessions for remote audiences 
  2. Digital event collateral 
  3. Contactless check-ins 
  4. Attendee tracking 
  5. QR codes at multiple checkpoints 
  6. Badge printing 
  7. Networking
  8. Exhibitor booths and photo booths 
  9. Unlimited content upload 
  10. Meeting booking system for the attendees 
  11. Attendee profiles 
  12. Gamification features including polls, leaderboards, and social wall
  13. Native Live Feed  
  14. Attendee engagement

To make things clearer, Carlos also showed some real life mobile event examples, one of which was that of the London Calling 2022 event to show what an actual mobile event would look like. 

Q&A Session

We had an extensive Q&A session at the end of the webcast. The questions were answered by Salman Saeed who is the Director of Product Management here at vFairs. Here are some of the important questions asked by the attendees:

Q1. Can we create the floor map in the vFairs app or do we need to use another software and import the image?

Yes, you can create the exhibition halls, and floor plans on the vFairs platform. You can also arrange the order of the tabs with our platform. If you’d want, you may also share any of your own images.  

Q2. What sets the vFairs Event Mobile app apart?

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding which event mobile app functions better than others. First and the foremost factor is the extent of customizations you’re allowed. With our admin panel, you will be able to make complete changes to your event just the way you like. 

Secondly, vFairs event mobile app is one single app for all the users. The app is smart enough to understand who is using it and therefore, it adapts. Exhibitors, sponsors, hosts, attendees can all use it.   

Last but not the least, our customer support is the same. Spot-on! 

Q3. After the event ends, how long do the attendees have to sign back into the app for the on-demand period?

It is all configurable from the back-end. It completely depends upon the host or the organizer as to how long they would let the attendees have access to the on-demand content. 

Q4. How much lead time does the project manager need to build the app for the event?

So if we’re talking about a white label mobile application, that may take up to two months depending upon the requirements. If we talk about the vFairs mobile app, it will be within a month or less. 

Q5. How can we broadcast the in-person event to the mobile app so the attendees can watch it online?

You can broadcast your in-person event very easily by accessing vFairs studio, and anything captured from the camera can be broadcasted at a later time. With the mobile app, users can go to the auditorium to watch the session. 


[Webcast Recap] Event Mobile Apps: A Must-Have For In-Person Events

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