Bulloch County Alcohol & Drug Council (BADC) to Host their 2nd Annual GA Polysubstance Use Summit Using vFairs Event Technology

The summit will focus on prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery of individuals suffering from polysubstance abuse.

Statesboro, GA – The 2nd Annual GA Polysubstance Use virtual summit has been announced and will take place on the 10th of October 2023 through the vFairs virtual event platform. 

The summit has been brought to you by the Bulloch County Alcohol & Drug Council (BADC) and is the only training of its kind for prevention and treatment providers in Georgia. Interested participants can register for the virtual summit here.

The summit will follow two tracks: Prevention and Treatment and Recovery. The sessions will provide attendees with insights into polysubstance abuse and will be a great introduction to how communities can work to reduce polysubstance abuse.

The training sessions offer tools that will help identify and address the root causes of substance misuse, supporting their mental health, while considering a comprehensive approach to prevention.

Substance abuse is a massive concern for the American population and the adverse effects of drugs become more dangerous by mixing them. More than 250 American lives are lost every day due to drug abuse. 

“Polysubstance use is not new. What is new is the types of substances being used in combination and the potential harms associated with that combination,” said Charlotte Spell, Event Coordinator for BADC.

“Events like the BADC’s virtual summit training is one step towards an addiction-free future. I’m glad to be a part of this partnership,” said Muhammad Younas, CEO of vFairs.

Join us for the virtual summit to better understand the underlying issues and remove the stigma around substance addiction. Register now at the official event website.

About Bulloch County Alcohol & Drug Council (BADC)

Bulloch County Alcohol & Drug Council has served Bulloch County since 1974. Our staff are grounded in the Strategic Prevention Framework and provide evidence-based prevention programming at both the individual and environmental levels. 

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Bulloch County Alcohol & Drug Council (BADC) to Host their 2nd Annual GA Polysubstance Use Summit Using vFairs Event Technology

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