Feeding Matters has Announced the Annual International Pediatric Feeding Disorder Conference to be Held Virtually from April 24-26, 2024 with vFairs

Phoenix, AZ – Feeding Matters has announced the Annual International Pediatric Feeding Disorder Conference (IPFDC), to be held virtually from April 24-26, 2024. Families with children facing pediatric feeding disorder, healthcare professionals, educators, and community partners are invited to this event to increase awareness and gain access to valuable resources. Interested participants can register here.

This conference serves as a lifeline for families with children grappling with pediatric feeding disorder. It is a crucial educational platform for healthcare professionals, educators, and community partners. Attendees can expect to gain insights into the signs and symptoms of pediatric feeding disorder, and its associated comorbidities. They can learn about the latest research and best practices from leading experts in the field and use the amazing vFairs platform to network with people from all over the world. 

As Feeding Matters CEO Jaclyn Pederson emphasizes, “This is an important issue to learn about. We called it feeding struggles, feeding problems, and feeding disorder, and it was hard for people to understand how impactful and devastating this was for families. We felt like we needed to name this and put a stake in the ground to say, ‘No, this is a standalone condition that’s worth paying attention to.’” #CallitPFD

“We are proud to be the virtual event platform of choice for Feeding Matters and hope their annual conference is a success,” commented Muhammad Younas, CEO of vFairs.

Feeding Matters is the first and only organization globally focusing on pediatric feeding disorder. Over the past three years, the conference has attracted nearly 4,000 attendees from 65 countries, highlighting the pressing need for a functional system of care for pediatric feeding disorder on a global scale.

About Feeding Matters For kids with pediatric feeding disorder (PFD), every bite of food can be painful, scary, or simply impossible to swallow, potentially impeding nutrition, development, growth, and overall well-being. Yet, there is no functional system of care for PFD locally, nationally, or internationally. That’s why Feeding Matters is dedicated to creating a world where children with pediatric feeding disorder will thrive. Established in 2006, Feeding Matters is the first organization in the world to unite the concerns of families with the field’s leading advocates, experts, and allied healthcare professionals to ignite unprecedented change to the system of care through advocacy, education, support, and research – including a stand-alone diagnosis, the International Pediatric Feeding Disorder Conference, and the Infant and Child Feeding Questionnaire. In 2022, Feeding Matters reached over 240,000 individuals in 50 states and 153 countries through their programs and website. To learn more about pediatric feeding disorder, visit feedingmatters.org or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube at @FeedingMatters.

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Feeding Matters has Announced the Annual International Pediatric Feeding Disorder Conference to be Held Virtually from April 24-26, 2024 with vFairs

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