GBDCEI Center For Experiential Learning Announces Virtual College Fair, Powered by vFairs

Boynton Beach, FL – GBDCEI Center For Experiential Learning is thrilled to announce the upcoming GBDCEI Virtual College Fair, set to take place on January 20, 2024. This groundbreaking event will be hosted on vFairs, an innovative interactive platform. Participants from households with children in 9th to 12th grade, colleges/universities, and community service organizations are invited to register and join us for an enriching experience. You can register here.

The event promises invaluable insights into college and university options, making it an essential resource for students at various stages of their academic journey.

Designed to benefit marginalized students, the GBDCEI Virtual College Fair stands out by addressing the needs of those who may face financial constraints preventing them from physically visiting colleges and universities. 

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision, this event also serves as a crucial opportunity for educational institutions to connect with students and provide essential information for informed decision-making about their future. Attendees will have the chance to explore a wide array of schools and programs, with representatives on hand to answer questions and offer valuable guidance.

Annette Gray, spokesperson for GBDCEI, shared, “It has been one of my long-term dreams to put minority and disenfranchised youth in front of the top universities in this county.” This commitment reflects the organization’s dedication to fostering educational opportunities for all, particularly for those traditionally underrepresented in higher education.

What makes the GBDCEI Virtual College Fair truly unique is its focus on inclusivity, starting as early as the 9th grade to ensure students are well-prepared for their academic journey. The event’s partnership with vFairs provides an innovative and cost-effective platform, bringing colleges and potential students together in a virtual space.


GBDCEI is an Interactive Edu-play Center committed to developing, mentoring, empowering, and creating social mobility for tomorrow’s leaders, professionals, and business owners aged 10-24. The organization’s mission centers on assisting the community’s economic development by addressing financial literacy, wealth building, job creation, and homelessness. With a vision to aid every American child in getting ready for college, work, and life, GBDCEI provides essential support in professional development, financial literacy, and overall well-being.

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GBDCEI Center For Experiential Learning Announces Virtual College Fair, Powered by vFairs

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