Number 1 Once Again: vFairs Becomes The Highest Rated Virtual Event App On G2

We’re so excited to share this piece of news with you! The past year, vFairs delivered hundreds of high engagement events, and gained a lot of traction on the software review website, G2. Thus, it scored the highest rating on the platform with the number one G2 satisfaction score.

Right now, vFairs is recognized as a High Performer for Winter 2021 in the Virtual Events Platform category, and as a user favorite: 

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And that’s not all. We’ve also scored the highest of any product in the Customer Satisfaction category, a true testament to the high quality of the events that vFairs delivers. 

Overall, vFairs scored a 4.7 rating on the platform, with 87% solid 5-star reviews. Our customers have enjoyed the rich functionality and responsive customer support. Here’s a closer look at the reviews.

What made vFairs stand out?

“Currently the best virtual events platform”  
– Administrator, Events Industry

While there are a lot of options in the virtual events category, vFairs is a client favorite. Here are the three things that make the solution stand out:

  • Quality of support: 9.5 out of 10
    vFairs provides prompt support prior, during, and after every event that we host. Our team ensures that we work closely with each client, understanding their requirements and customizing the product for them.

“Fantastic software, backed by exceptional customer service”
– CEO, Small Business

  • Ease of use: 9.1 out of 10.
    vFairs is incredibly easy to use and organizers only require a few minutes to get around and navigate the platform. The application is packed with features that are both powerful and intuitive to use.

“vFairs is incredibly intuitive and easy to use for both the planner and the attendee.
There is nothing to install or download, all you need is an internet connection.”
– Kelly, Small Business

  • Ease of setup: 8.7 out of 10
    The application is extremely easy to set up. We offer a range of learning resources and the support team is there to help every step of the way.

“Their technical support team is top notch and they make the event set-up process learning process, complete with video tutorials, painless for event producers. I highly recommend them for your next virtual event!”
– Dendra, Event Planner

Other reasons for customers preferring vFairs over competitors are its extensive feature set, value for money, and the incredibly short turnaround time. 

More reviews from G2

“Excellent product, excellent service, excellent delivery”
– Kanya, Director of Communications

“I absolutely love vFair’s ability to host simultaneous live and “semi-live” sessions. The semi-live session allows us to pre-record much more engaging webinars that still have a “live” feel to them. Having the option for our webinar speakers to answer text Q and A while their pre-recorded session is playing is fantastic and allows our conference participants to be much more engaged with the speaker.”
– Erik, Small Business

“vFairs was our first foray into virtual events and was an overwhelmingly satisfying experience form the outset”
– Ben, Enterprise

“Attendees felt they were actually walking around the lobby. The help and support team pre, during and post event were also excellent. My sponsors felt supported and their questions were answered promptly. We shopped around with other platforms that were similar and not so similar. We decided to use vFairs due to the prompt answers to quotations and questions during the sales process.”
– Albert, Small Business

You’ll have to see it to believe it

Want to know what all the hype’s about? Get in touch with the vFairs team to learn more or request a demo today.

Number 1 Once Again: vFairs Becomes The Highest Rated Virtual Event App On G2

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