HRL Laboratories Announces QIS Career Fair, Crafting New Quantum Professional Avenues

Malibu, CA – HRL Laboratories, renowned for its cutting-edge research and innovations, is thrilled to be present at the Quantum Information Science (QIS) Career Fair. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 13, 2023, and join virtually for an immersive experience powered by vFairs.  Secure your spots by registering here.

What sets the Quantum Information Science Career Fair apart is its unique focus on the multidisciplinary and underpopulated field of quantum technology. As the quantum industry continues to expand, the demand for expertise across various QIS domains is becoming increasingly evident. 

HRL Laboratories recognizes the pivotal role that job seekers play in shaping the future of aerospace, automotive, defense, and beyond. This event offers the chance to engage in world-class QIS research without the traditional constraints of academia or commercial product development.

The career fair is tailor-made for grad students, postdocs, and professionals. Whether you’re just embarking on your quantum journey or looking to elevate your existing expertise, the Quantum Information Science Career Fair offers a wealth of opportunities. 

“Growth of HRL, and indeed of the progress on the technologies it pursues, is primarily limited by the quantum workforce, as opposed to any barrier in physics or engineering. HRL Laboratories is hiring at all levels for its quantum science programs. Come work alongside some of the leading experts in quantum information science in our beautiful Malibu, CA laboratory,” says HRL Laboratories’ spokesperson, Thaddeus Ladd.

Discover pathways to fulfilling careers, connect with leading experts, and explore the forefront of quantum advancements that are shaping the future of technology.

About HRL Laboratories

HRL Laboratories is a world leader in developing solid-state technology for quantum computing and networking. They are advancing a variety of technologies including silicon quantum-dot qubits, silicon carbide photonics, superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors, chip-scale atom-optics components, and microwave-dot hybrid systems. These efforts build on their decades of experience in research and development and draw on robust collaborations with academia.

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HRL Laboratories Announces QIS Career Fair, Crafting New Quantum Professional Avenues

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