NurseRecruit Announced the Beyond Bedside Nursing Job Fair for May 15th, 2024 with vFairs

NurseRecruit Announced the Beyond Bedside Nursing Job Fair for May 15th, 2024 with vFairs

St. Catharines, ON – NurseRecruit has announced the Beyond Bedside Nursing Job Fair, set to take place on May 15th, 2024. This event will run from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST. All interested parties can register here for this event.

The Beyond Bedside Nursing Job Fair is tailored for nurses from across Canada and the United States who are eager to explore non-traditional nursing roles. Attendees will gain access to unique job opportunities that extend beyond bedside care, offering a chance to diversify their careers and find fulfilling roles in different healthcare sectors.

“NurseRecruit is excited to be partnering with The RN Resume to launch a groundbreaking event that offers nurses the opportunity to connect with employers who are offering unique nursing jobs beyond the bedside. Our mission is to bridge the gap between nurses and employers, fostering meaningful connections and empowering professionals to explore their career options within nursing. We are committed to supporting the growth and success of nursing students, experienced nurses, and healthcare organizations in the global nursing industry,” said Connor Kucharic, Founder of NurseRecruit.

This event stands out as the largest of its kind, hosted in partnership with The RN Resume. It is the first event in Canada dedicated to non-traditional nursing roles, providing new and exciting opportunities for nurses to redefine their career paths. 

Their recent event, the New Grad Spring 2024 Healthcare Job Fair, saw over 500 attendees, and they are expecting even higher participation this time. With over 1,000 nurses registered and interest from more than 2,200 on LinkedIn, this event promises to be a major milestone in the nursing industry. 

About NurseRecruit

NurseRecruit is a pioneering virtual career fair platform dedicated to connecting talented nursing professionals with job opportunities across Canada. Our innovative platform brings together nurses, new graduates, nursing students, and personal support workers with leading healthcare organizations, providing a convenient and efficient way to explore career options. NurseRecruit is committed to reshaping the nursing job market by focusing specifically on the needs of the nursing community. Our mission is to provide a streamlined recruitment process for nursing employers and bridge the gap between employers and nursing professionals, facilitating successful career matches and empowering nursing professionals to thrive in their careers.

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NurseRecruit Announced the Beyond Bedside Nursing Job Fair for May 15th, 2024 with vFairs

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