VCAPAX Conference To Be Held on April 22, 2024, with vFairs as Technology Partners

Chicago, Illinois, USA – VCAPAX, the highly anticipated 4-day conference, has been officially announced, promising an enriching experience for innovators worldwide. Scheduled to commence on April 22, 2024, at 8:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time (Los Angeles Time), the event invites participants to register FOR FREE and join from the comfort of their homes or flexible workspaces.

VCAPAX is specifically designed for women and minority entrepreneurs, offering a unique opportunity to prepare presentations, refine pitches, and connect with angel investors. This event is structured around four key pillars: Education, Training, Coaching, and Community.

According to Deb Dietz, Conference Chair and organizer of VCAPAX, “Futures Television and SMB Digital Education are pleased to host our third free, 4-day conference for entrepreneurs. This event in April 2024 focuses on the Asia Pacific region of the world, bringing together women and minority entrepreneurs who will learn from over 80 experts in business, health and wellness topics. We recognize that often, women and minorities do not have access to the education they need to launch, grow and scale their businesses. We also recognize that the primary reason why many of these small or emerging businesses will fail is because of the lack of funding. We want to raise the playing field, enabling these entrepreneurs to get the education they need while also providing access to both VC and Angel Investors. Our conferences bring together these communities of business owners, and those who can support their fundraising efforts.”

What sets VCAPAX apart is its comprehensive program, offering a wide range of sessions covering topics such as leadership, fundraising, neurodiversity, branding, and more. Attendees can expect to engage with 80+ speakers on business, health and wellness topics. We address the educational needs of business owners while also providing education about their health and wellness. Speakers are the best in their fields – leadership, strategy, marketing, sales, process, operations, technology, new media, Competitive intelligence, AI, VR, Risk Management, Change Management, Strategic Planning, Scenario Planning, Storytelling, Lessons from the C-Suite (a full morning of C-level speakers), futurists, best selling book authors – these speakers are practitioners in their field. They have years of practical knowledge to share with a global audience, for free. 

With vFairs’ easy-to-use platform, VCAPAX ensures a seamless experience for attendees, providing access to live sessions, networking opportunities, and an exhibition hall featuring industry partners. The conference also offers Continuing Education Credits, allowing participants to fulfill their educational requirements while gaining valuable insights.

“We are excited to bring together a global community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about driving positive change through entrepreneurship with our all-in-one platform,” says vFairs CEO, Muhammad Younas.

VCAPAX has around 34,000 members across its Facebook communities (VC LatinX, VC EuropeX, VC Asia Pacific X). With a focus on inclusivity, the conference will be attended by people from over 50 countries. Each conference is attended by over 1000 attendees. Moreover, the event hosts four online, free conferences annually, with upcoming editions including VC MEAX (Middle East and Africa) in the summer, followed by VC LatinX in the fall, and VC EuropeX in winter 2024.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect, learn, and grow at VCAPAX – the ultimate event for entrepreneurs worldwide.


VCAPAX is a 4-day conference designed to empower women and minority entrepreneurs worldwide. Held online, the event offers a diverse program featuring VCAPAX is a 4 day conference – we bring together people from North America and from the Asia-Pacific Islands region, to attend a free online conference designed to help innovators prepare their presentations, build top-notch speakers, roundtable discussions, and networking opportunities. Join us to prepare your presentations, refine your pitches, and connect with angel investors. 

Inclusion is at the heart of what we do. We serve the venture capital community as we focus on women and minority entrepreneurs – our goal is to provide education and support to a diverse group of people. 

The conference is a 4-day online event held in English, though round tables are collateral provided in other languages as well. Days are split into “Morning” sessions that last from 8 AM until 12 Noon and “Afternoon” sessions that last from 1 PM until 5 PM. During the “Lunch” hour we attend live networking tables, visit the Exhibitors Hall to meet our institutional partners, and participate in themed round tables covering a variety of topics of interest to entrepreneurs.

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VCAPAX Conference To Be Held on April 22, 2024, with vFairs as Technology Partners

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