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In 2021, virtual & hybrid events made a mark in every industry around the world. Virtual platforms saw record turnouts and people around the world eagerly sought them out. But one problem quickly arose. 

How do event organizers get the word out?

People struggled to find useful virtual events to attend whereas event hosts struggled to find new target audiences. If virtual events were meant to bring people together, sentiment was sometimes just not enough to achieve results. 

At vFairs, we know the true importance of targeted marketing. That’s why we’ve built our new Discover platform to bring people together – in the true sense.

What’s vFairs Discover?

vFairs Discover is a dedicated event marketplace for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. It provides a platform for people who want to attend events to easily search for event topics and categories that are of interest to them. It also provides event organizers the opportunity to market their events on a dedicated event platform within their niche.

How Does this Help Event Organizers?

Email marketing, press releases, and social media posts are great for event promotion. But they’re not always enough to help you hit your event registration goals. 

vFairs Discover offers a dedicated event marketplace where event organizers can pitch their events to people who are already seeking them out. Here’s how this changes the game for event organizers:

  • Find prospects simply by adding event details to vFairs Discover and uploading to the right category.
  • Maximize your organic reach as attendees share the event via the social share buttons. 
  • Increase value for sponsors and exhibitors by offering brand visibility on the Discover page. 
  • Make it easier for in-person attendees to find the venue by adding a map to the event location.
  • Build brand awareness and find new leads.

How Does this Help Event Attendees?

Emails are simply not enough to catch the attention of potential attendees these days. There is so much happening around all of us and we’re bound to miss out on key events without a dedicated event marketplace. 

The vFairs Discover platform provides an event directory where people can easily look up events by their interests and objectives. They can filter by dates, topics and goals and instantly register for the event. For example, if you’re looking for remote jobs to apply to, you can simply browse through the virtual hiring fairs taking place on vFairs Discover.

Here’s all the information that Discover users will be able to find on the platform:

  • Event Name
  • Organizer
  • Live Dates
  • About the Event
  • Ticket Price
  • Sponsors & Exhibitors
  • Location (for hybrid or in-person events)

How Does This Help Event Sponsors & Exhibitors?

Newsletters and emails are a good way to market your events to sponsors and exhibitors. But you can take another step forward that makes it easier for them in order to find the events they are interested in.

vFairs Discover is a platform where you can find all the information on events happening around the world with different goals, categories, and topics. Sponsors and Exhibitors can look up all these events and learn more about how they can take advantage by sponsoring any of the upcoming events.

Why list events at a marketplace?

Event sites are the best way to find what’s in there for you to participate. However, the event page might not turn up at the top of the search results. That’s why listing your event at a marketplace makes it easier to be found by potential sponsors & exhibitors.

Being a sponsor/exhibitor at vFairs Discover means value addition. Hosts of the event will add you to the event listing page at vFairs Discover.

Here is how a sponsor/exhibitor gets listed on vFairs Discover.

For Sponsors:

  • Sponsor’s Logo
  • Sponsor’s Name
  • Website Link
  • Sponsorship type

For Exhibitors:

  • Exhibitor’s Logo
  • Exhibitor’s Name
  • Exhibitor’s Description

How to Get Started

If you’re ready to search for events to participate in, whether as an attendee, sponsor, or exhibitor, visit vFairs Discover and start browsing now! If you’re an event host working with vFairs, talk to your project manager today about how you can list your event on the Discover platform. It’s easy and free!

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vFairs Discover: The Easiest Way to Market Events

Momina Ayaz

Momina is a Content Marketer and an Email Marketing Specialist at vFairs. She has been helping SaaS businesses build traffic, domain authority, and leads for four years now. When she’s taking a break from all things virtual events, you'll find her either dancing to Rhye or crying over a self-help book that's telling her something she already knew.

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