App Features To Elevate Your Next Hybrid or In-Person Event

Since many of us are vaccinated and we can see the end of COVID-era restrictions, we are moving towards physical events again. vFairs not only offers an exceptional in-person event platform and hybrid events platform, we have also come up with some of the features that will change your overall experience of the in-person event. The innovative features of the vFairs mobile event app will help you conduct a fully in-person or hybrid event that makes it easy for you to manage, and enjoyable for attendees to get settled onsite.

Check out the features below, and consider using them at your next event!

Registration Using QR Code

This works by registering online on the platform and then downloading the vFairs app. Once you download the app and login, you will see your own QR code on the app. This QR code will be scanned on the physical site and help you enter. There are two ways through which you can scan the QR code and enter the event:

QR code self-check-in

One way is to go to the app and click on menu. Once you click on the menu, an option of self-check-in will appear. Click on that and it will give you the option to scan the QR code. You scan the code in the scanner and enter the physical site. The graphic below shows the menu page on which self-check-in option will be available.

QR code admin check-in

Another way is that the host would have the scanner and he will allow the people to enter at the physical site by scanning their codes individually. This kind of QR code method is used for the events that are paid or that have security checks. You go to the mobile app and see a QR code option on the top right corner of your screen. You click on that screen and it will give you your QR code. The host will scan that code. Once it is scanned, it will confirm that you are registered in the database. The graphic below shows the way to QR code.

Safety Checks: Covid Screening & Security Checks

Different gates of security checks can be placed on the site or mobile app.  When completed, only then attendees will be able to enter the physical site. For example, to access the mobile app and QR code, you will have to fill out a Covid survey that will ensure that you are vaccinated. Once you fill the survey and clear the check will you be able to access the site and enter.

Badge Printing

Badges can be made of the attendees who have logged in the site. vFairs team can print out the badges of attendees who registered virtually and then provide those badges on the physical site. This will help attendees feel like individual attention is given to them and their presence matters.

Booth Scanning:

Booths can be scanned individually on the physical site. It will allow you to scan the QR code of the booth and then access it virtually as well. This is a very useful feature for tracking activity in event reports, as it will show the host the number of people who visited their booth physically. It will also help keep in check the nature of the people who visited the physical booth.

Host Your Virtual, Hybrid & In-person Event

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