Awesome New Features in the vFairs Mobile App

vFairs is always striving to become the better version of itself. That is why our team works tirelessly to make the platform more efficient and user-friendly. With the change in trends back to in-person events and increased usage of mobile phones, our mobile app is becoming more user friendly as well. Here are some of the new features that are recently added to the mobile app.

Q&A Features for Posters

Posters are an important feature when it comes to engaging with the attendees in virtual conference. It is also an easier version of a speaker presenting, since in this the speaker only presents a poster. These poster sessions contain a “Questions and Answers” feature as well. This feature helps increase more engagement of attendees with the poster presenter. Now this Q&A feature is present in mobile app as well. These kinds of features will help in the in-person/hybrid event as well as it will make the attendees more interactive towards the event. This will also allow you to access and engage in posters through your mobile as well. The graphics below show how this works with the app.

Live Feed Arena

This is a new feature which includes integration with the third party. This feature is for the mobile app and web platform as well. It gives you the ability to post live streams, GIFs, pictures and polls in the event. Only those who have access to the backend can post content on the arena and the rest of the audience will be able to engage in posts by liking and commenting. This feature will make attendees feel that they are able to engage within the live updates of the event. The graphic below shows how this feature is presented in the mobile app.

Booth Content Links (Embedded Link/HTML Content)

This feature enhancement allows you to add embedded link and HTML content within the booth  links as well. This graphic reflects how an embedded link and HTML content will look like on the mobile app.

Business Card on the App

This feature allows users to add their business card within the mobile app. Contact card pulls information from the registration form and allows other users to see it. It includes their contact information which is easier to see once you pull out the contact card. In the app you go to the contacts and click on a particular name to see the contact card of different people. The graphic shows how the option will appear.

Scavenger Hunt and Reports

Our original version of scavenger hunt is now found on mobile app. It will allow you to engage in the hunt through your phones as well. It will also allow you to attain gifts by completing the hunt. The graphic attached reflects how you can see your scavenger hunt on the app.

Our mobile app is becoming more efficient and creative every coming day. We are working on bringing more updates to it to make it more attendee friendly. Subscribe to our newsletter so you would not be able to miss the latest updates!

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