Product Update: Drive Business Through vFairs’ Chat Widget

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Good news! With vFairs’ chat widget and meeting scheduler now you can redefine your virtual events into highly memorable experiences for everyone involved.

What Is a Chat Widget?

The vFairs chat widget enables attendees to interact with each other from right within the virtual event platform.  Sponsors, potential investors, organizers, and fellow attendees can easily start discussions with each other. It allows them to broaden their network, have instant responses, connect and build potential business partnerships. Virtual career fairs, trade shows, open days, education fairs, product launches, and every type of event can benefit from chat widgets. 

Benefits of Vfairs’ Chat Widget

Vet Who You Want to Speak To

Throughout the virtual event, attendees may have queries and questions that call for an immediate response. This is where live chat can come in handy. With the vFairs chat feature, attendees can click on any of the names with a live status and go directly into a meeting room with the concerned person. Now, how to identify the right person? Simply click on the person’s name to see their profile. You can also search through user profiles, and filter by different criteria such as job title, industry, or even interests. This will help you narrow down the list of attendees, exhibitors or sponsors you’d like to reach out to through chat. Both attendees and organizers can set up their profiles for easy access. 

Live chat is a great way to add value to your virtual event. It can help generate potential leads in the process without integrating third-party chat widgets. Also, as an organizer, you can view all the chats that took place within your event in order to collect valuable feedback from your attendees. This is amazing qualitative feedback to help improve your services and events in the future. 

Initiate Virtual Product Demos Through Video Chat

video chatAttendees always want face-to-face interactions because making eye contact not only builds trust but also stronger connections. Plus when you are communicating with people one-on-one it becomes easier to convince them. Therefore, it should not be ignored in virtual meetings as well. Through video chats, business owners can initiate sales pitches and virtual product demos. Moreover, potential customers can readily understand the product or service which as a result will help them in making informed buying decisions in the future.

Share Meaningful Content in Real-time

File sharing is one great way of familiarizing new contacts with your offerings. In addition, when a customer comes to you with a query that requires a comprehensive response, you can simply share a file or a document in support of your answers. Instant file sharing not only saves time, but also eliminates the need of typing long-winded and overwhelming replies. Not only this, you can share your product details, brochures, catalogs, ebooks, videos, presentations during the webinar to initiate dialogue, conversation, or even for clarity. 

Create Chat Rooms for Mutual Collaboration

Chat rooms offer an immersive social experience, and vFairs offers an intuitive user interface for chat rooms. A chat room is basically a group chat through which participants can converse with multiple people at the same time. It allows them to engage and collaborate with fellow attendees for networking opportunities. The best part is chat rooms are embedded in the chat widget itself meaning rather than clicking out to another chat room, attendees can start a chat within the live chat widget. 

Schedule on the Spot Meetings Through an Online Scheduler

Now, what’s better than having the power to schedule one-on-one meetings with the key stakeholders during the event? If you click on the chat widget, it lets attendees pick a slot for arranging on-the-spot meetings. Moreover, it also helps show you scheduled meetings for the day with any attendees.

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Seamlessly Measure Chat Analytics

As an event host, you would want to see how your interactions had performed, right? You can access chat metrics from the backend through public and private chat logs and get downloadable reports. These reports will tell which booth representative has chatted with whom, including complete chat history, start and end time, chat invitations, listings and reserved chat spots and a total number of chat interactions throughout the event with attendee details. Such metrics can be super helpful for hosts. This is because they can use them for the improvement of future virtual events, fairs, trade shows and exhibitions.

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Product Update: Drive Business Through vFairs’ Chat Widget

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