Generally speaking, virtual events offer much better insights into user data and attendee behaviour than in-person events can offer. Hosts can export data from their event dashboard and share it with their sponsors and exhibitors. 

But what if it can be easier to track metrics for both the host and exhibitors?

Now, it is easier! We’ve updated our platform to share event metrics with hosts, and booth metrics with exhibitors all within your event dashboard. 

Previously, hosts could manually export event metrics from their backend and share them with exhibitors and sponsors. Now, hosts and exhibitors can review their specific metrics automatically without the need for data export. Exhibitors won’t have to wait for hosts to share metrics either. 

Who benefits from event dashboard metrics?

Hosts: This is a great way to help entice your exhibitors and sponsors to get onboard with virtual events. Many hosts have a hard time sharing the many benefits that sponsors and exhibitors receive when participating in virtual events. This is a good way to help them realize their ROI, adjust their activities during the event to increase potential impact, and ultimately, hit their KPIs. 

Exhibitors: Viewing metrics in real time allows you to understand how your booth is performing, track real-time data against your KPIs, and adjust as needed to maximize your impact at the event.

For example, if your metrics show that you’re getting the number of document clicks you’d expected, but you’re seeing a lot more activity than you’d expected on your booth chat, share a Q&A related to your downloadable documents on your group chat to direct attendees to your event materials.

Attendees: Real-time metrics allow you to optimize your attendees’ experiences. As you track your user journeys, you can understand what features attendees respond best to, and lean in to the features that work best. 

vfairs user Journey metrics interface

How can you use the new event dashboard?

Our metrics are automatically accessible through your event backend. Hosts will have access to all event metrics, while exhibitors will have access to their own booth metrics. Accessing the data is easy, and will help you plan and track your event KPIs with more depth than ever before. Plus, you can still export your event metrics data to share event reports with your team.

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